The search for signs of Diablo Immortal Beta and failing miserably is over. The new Diablo Community Development Lead Adam Fletcher is taking the bull by the horns in his new role and tweeted fans using no hashtags — which means it was meant for a “small” crowd of 22.6K followers: “Who are some of your favorite mobile content creators and why?

With this data in tow, those mobile content creators might be reached out via private message or email (if their profile has it on display) to invite them into the Diablo Immortal Beta — at least this is what the intention of this tweet sounds like. Of course, there is the possibility that this tweet is innocent in nature, and it has nothing to do with Diablo Immortal Beta… (smacks the tiny good guy on self’s shoulder).

When an Alpha or Beta is in the horizon, typically Blizzard CMs or PR will send invites to their list of past testers (which includes press; YouTube/Twitch streamers and content creators; and fansites).

Diablo Immortal is the first mobile-only video game by Blizzard Entertainment.

Therefore, they will also need to reach out to Mobile Content Creators new to Blizzard Entertainment to reach out their audiences, too. Check out the tweet.

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