Blizzplanet: 3 Free BlizzCon Tickets

Wish to win FREE tickets to BlizzCon?  Easy.  You don’t need to own World of Warcraft.  Starcraft, Warcraft III, Diablo players and even if you aren’t a Blizzard player can win one of Three BlizzCon Tickets given to Blizzplanet by Blizzard Entertainment.

Now … you would say, how can I win one of these Three Tickets?  Just answer a Q&A after reading some of my questions.  All you need to do is to read the links provided to gather the answers if you do not know them.  This will encourage you to read some of the Warcraft lore hidden within Blizzplanet’s pages and if your answers are correct you will be added into a drawing.  I will choose randomly three winners from a batch of entries, then I will contact and display the name of the winners.  Email your answers to [email protected]

NOTE: You must provide your full name, and home address.  The winner’s info will be sent to Blizzard to mail your BlizzCon badge.  Your personal info won’t be shared with anyone else and will be destroyed thereafter.

  • Read the 14 questions below and email your answers to participate and win a ticket to BlizzCon.  The deadline for submissions is Thursday, October 6th at 11:59pm EST/-5GMT so HURRY up!
  • Additionally, you can participate at our friendly Contest for 1 more possibility to win a ticket.  Therefore, also try out their contest by reading their simple Contest Rules

Once you participate, since winners no longer have to pay Admission entry, take a look at the following discounts:

  • Travel Discounts for BlizzCon Attendees
    American Airlines and Avis have arranged to provide special discounts for BlizzCon attendees who book flights/car rentals with them. Please visit the BlizzCon Travel Page for details on how you can take advantage of these special offers. Among the discounts are Airplane tickets, many Hotels, and Disney Resort discount tickets.  The page provide Ground Transportation maps to get to Anaheim.

Wow.Stratics Givingaway BlizzCon Tickets

Blizzard Entertainment and World of Warcraft Stratics have teamed up to provide you a chance to win a ticket to the 2005 BlizzCon, held October 28th & 29th at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.  Interested in attending BlizzCon and getting all the goodies? Read on.

Stratics is having a drawing on Thursday October 6th for the most unique WoW character. What makes a unique character you might ask? Your style of course! We will be looking for a character that has the most unique name, dress and pose.

To enter please send a screenshot of your character and character’s name to [email protected] by Thursday 11:59pm est and on Friday our Stratics staff will pick who the most unique character is! When sending in your entries please also include your real name so we are able to match you up with the BlizzCon ticket you will be receiving.  We look forward to seeing all your entries and good luck!

Christie Golden New Book

As a follow up to our interview with Christie Golden, we want to announce that she released a new book—not related to Blizzard – is on sale.  Christie Golden wrote Warcraft: Lord of the Clans.  If you liked her writting style depicting Thrall’s rise to shamanistic ways, you may like her new book series.  IN STONE?S CLASP, the sequel to ON FIRE?S WINGS may be ordered here.  Read the critics reviews and a close up of the book cover here.

Although this is not a Blizzard book, I personally am grateful to all Blizzard book writers, freelancers and employees who give of their time to be interviewed by Blizzplanet, and as a thanks we follow up on their future and current projects.  For more details read the official press release at her What’s New section.

Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor

We have added an excerpt of Chapter One from Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor—a pocketbook written by Chris Metzen few years ago.  This hard to find book is available in Acrobat Reader PDF format and was added to our Warcraft Pocketbooks section at the comfortable price of only $ 4.00.

For those who didn’t know,  the main characters of this book are NPCs in World of Warcraft.  The Paladin is the simple guy outside a cabin near the Thondroril river northwest of Eastern Plaguelands, by the entrance to Terrorweb Tunnel.  Once you complete all his quests, he will reveal to you his true name …  Tirion Fordring and below his name the tag: (Order of the Silver Hand).  The second NPC is named Eitrigg, former member of the Blackrock Clan, now an NPC next to Thrall at the Valley of Wisdom.  Warcraft: Of Blood of Honor is about this Alliance Paladin. This story takes place before Warcraft III Reign of Chaos, and is a backstory for the Knights of the Silver Hand.  After Lordaeron’s Fall and the loss of their leader Uther the Lightbringer, the Knights of the Silver Hand changed their name to Scarlet Crusade, distorting their credo into zealotry.  With Tirion’s son becoming High Lord of the Scarlet Crusade as protege of High General Abbendis.  In the book, Taelan is but a young boy who loved his father Tirion. Enjoy the excerpt, and order the eBook at your leisure.

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JOB: Quest Designer

An incredible opportunity to join the World of Warcraft development team has just been announced! Quest designers pour their creativity and writing skills into creating unique, engaging and entertaining quests within the World of Warcraft. If you?re a gifted storyteller with an outstanding ability to craft adventures and dialogue for quests, the Quest Designer position may very well be your dream job. Please see the Quest Designer job posting for complete information and apply soon ? this position will undoubtedly fill quickly.

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JOB: Next-Gen Engine Programmer

Blizzard Console is looking for a talented and experienced programmer to focus on engine development for next generation consoles.


  • 4+ years of game coding experience
  • 2+ years of hands-on experience writing efficient core engine code (directly to hardware, not through 3rd-party APIs).
  • Strong math skills.
  • Fluent in C/C++
  • A passion for making and playing games.


  • Knowledge of Assembly

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4 Green Dragons Preview

Blizzard released a new preview of the 4 Green Dragons introduced in patch 1.8—now live in US Test Servers.

“Ysera, the great Dreaming dragon Aspect rules over the enigmatic green dragonflight. Her domain is the fantastic, mystical realm of the Emerald Dream – and it is said that from there she guides the evolutionary path of the world itself. She is the protector of nature and imagination, and it is the charge of her flight to guard all of the Great Trees across the world, which only druids use to enter the Dream itself.

In recent times, Ysera’s most trusted lieutenants have been warped by a dark new power within the Emerald Dream. Now these wayward sentinels have passed through the Great Trees into Azeroth, intending to spread madness and terror throughout the mortal kingdoms. Even the mightiest of adventurers would be well advised to give the dragons a wide berth, or suffer the consequences of their misguided wrath”

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BlizzCon Sponsors and Prizes

Blizzard opened a new webpage at the official BlizzCon website showing pictures of many of those prizes, which will include cutting-edge gaming hardware and peripherals, books, posters, and more!  Among the companies sponsoring BlizzCon are Alienware, Western Digital, Intel, Creative Labs, Nvidia, White-Wolf Publishing, Tokyopop, Ideazon, Newegg, Cisco, Logitech, Fantasy Flight, and Video Games Live.

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Patch 1.8 is fun

Something very wrong must be going on in the Emerald Dream.  Ysondre the Green dragon in Feralas yells:  “The strands of LIFE has been severed!  The Dreamers must be avenged!”.  The animation of Green dragon breath is no longer a green steam.  It is now a multiple-spitting of neon-green liquid that looks pretty cool.  If you have the curiosity whether you can enter the Emerald Dream by running past the dragon,  you will be surprised to go through the portal to find nothing on the other side.  A new discovery made, however.  After the green dragon killed me, my ghost form had a buff icon named Mark of Nature—“You have been weakened by death!  Susceptible to Aura of nature for 15 minutes.  In fact, every dragon has a special attack.  It will be fun to experiment each dragon until a strategy can be found for subsequent farming.  Test Server is plagued by debugg error messages on the left side of the screen.  And some people reports the screen is stretched inwards slightly.  NPCs are not targetable.  Both issues are fixed by turning off all shaders and glow effects at the MENU>Video Settings until a permanent fix is implemented.  I will update soon most of Silithus new stuff and some screenshots.

Yojamba Isle: Guardians of Blizzard Unleashed!

Tseric informed that Blizzard unleashed the Guardians of Blizzard to stop player from accessing the turn in of reputation with Zandalar Faction.  It seems there is an exploit in Zul’Gurub.  For those who do not know what a Guardian of Blizzard is, back on Closed Beta, Blizzard would place a massive Infernal of over 20 feet tall with the name Guardian of Blizzard.  As soon as you got near a radius of 20 feet you would insta-die.  Death aura.  This would prevent players from accessing unreleased content like Silithus, Felwood and Winterspring were at one time during Closed Beta.  A sight to behold and fear.

Tonight, we found an exploit that people were using to gain faction with the Zandalar Trolls with little to no effort at all. As such, we unleashed the Guardians of Blizzard from their cages to ensure that people were not getting too friendly with the Zandalar trolls without putting in their proper dues first.

We certainly apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused to our players but we felt it was in the best interest of our newest residents of Azeroth, the Zandalar Trolls, to do so.

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