Diablo III Beta Key Giveaway — Post-Lore Chat Snafu

UPDATE: This giveaway is now ended. Thanks for participating. Winners were announced.

I wanted to post about this on Tuesday morning, but it turns out I have a medical appointment to resolve that inner-ear issue I talked about earlier.

I gave it a thought on how to make it up to the participants of our Diablo III Lore IRC Chat giveaway held on Sunday. Doing another beta key via IRC is definitely out of the question. We might do some local giveaways via IRC in the future, but never again when it comes to beta keys. I don’t wish to make another lore questions giveaway surrounding beta keys in the future either.

I think it’s too important for fans to get a beta key to go through such hurdles as not knowing how to use Mirc (IRC software), the browser IRC app crashing, not knowing lore to respond the questions, or simply me writing the wrong answers or the question itself written inaccurately.

I don’t want to give these two beta keys through the forums either, because there was tons of people already registering for the other giveaway, and some people just don’t like to register. The only way I could think of for this specific make-up giveaway is using the comments section below.

If you already have a google account, Gtalk account, yahoo account, facebook account or twitter account — you can use the login info securely using our comments system (Disqus). After posting, you will be prompted with a popup login system. Choose on the left the account type (google, yahoo, facebook, twitter) then login using the login info you usually enter in those sites. I recommend disabling addons if you find problems login.

1. All I ask you to do is to post a brief comment about Diablo III.
2. After posting a comment, you will notice on the bottom-left the time since you posted the comment (1 minute ago+). Click that and a popup says: Link to this comment. Copy that URL.
3. Email me that link at mdragon (@) blizzplanet (.) com and Type subject: D3 key snafu. Mention the username displayed in your post comment.

Paste that link to your email message. This is the only way we are able to contact the winners.

Note: Only one entry per person. If we find someone attempts to mass-participate with different accounts we reserve the right to disqualify the participant.

We will pick two winners randomly, and they will be emailed the beta keys. I won’t type any links in the email containing the beta keys. The beta keys are entered at your Battle.net account page when you click the ADD GAME button.

This giveaway will only last until Tuesday, February 21 at 11:59pm New York (EST).

Seems like a short and simple giveaway. Hopefully.

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  • I’m excited for Diablo 3 because it’s bringing back one of the first franchises I played. I’m really looking forward to the PVP side of it because of how fast paced it is and you don’t need much skill to do it for fun.

  • im so tired from f5ing everything : / your my last hope

  • hope i get a good chance of winning thank you 🙂

  • Diablo III
    Deckard Cain didn’t actually grew older for this

  • Scott Hale

    I’m already addicted to Diablo 3 and I’ve not played even a second of it yet…

  • Im super excited about diablo 3 and want a beta sooo bad. I really hope i win.

  • Thank you for compromising on the contest terms. I’d love a chance at winning a key.

    A brief comment about Diablo III? Not possible for me, waited for almost a decade now, I’m excited we’re getting close to the release 🙂


  • Im waiting for this game for more than 10 years!

    I want to open the box carefully, be amazed by staring at the cd and take an hour or so to read the manual and every little detail it brings with the box, before playing the actual game, and even then, the 1st thing im gonna do when loading the game is checking the options menu and other stuff, just to see the awesome job they hopefully did!

    Im not gonna beg or anything, in fact i dont mind waiting for the official release, im still playing D2 but if i get a beta key, i will absolutely squeeze the juice out of that thing!

    Sincerely, Vanpresto!

  • I cant wait anymore for Diablo 3. I hope this is my chance for a beta key

  • im as well as everyone excited about D3 and wanting to get in on the action

  • David Briese

    I want to get my hands on the new skill rune system so badly!! It’s simply awesome!!

  • I keep hearing so many great things about this, at work, from media, all around. I really wanna try it, aaahhh! It’s exciting.

  • Anonymous

    I love the Diablo series. I remember when Diablo 1 came out, I used to watch my brother play it but I was too scared to play it myself. Then Diablo II came out, I was a little older and I played the hell out of classic and LoD. I remember bringing the D2 manual to summer school and waking up early to play it before school. Yep, I was hopelessly addicted!

    I’d love a chance to get into the D3 beta!

  • I am happy that Diablo 3 will finally come out (hopefully) this year. I have been playing the game since D1 and it is still one of my all time favourite games. I like all of the new features that they have added.

  • Great way to pick a winner!
    Congratulations for the work you are doing.. I hope that soon you will achieve more and more, to the happiness of all anxiously awaiting Diablo 3 o/

    Well, that’s it.. kay I’m looking for a long time. I hope that my turn will come soon..
    Good luck to all! o/

    GoGo D3! For all… !!!
    Hugs 🙂

  • Diablo 3 looks to be an awesome game and I would love nothing more than to play it. I don’t know what you want from me. I want to play this really badly so I beg of thee, picketh me.

  • Rohan McLaughlin

    Here is my brief comment about D3, I don’t know exactly you want, but if it helps, I’ve been playing Diablo for over a decade.

  • Diablo 3’s Wizard looks awesome!!!

  • I’ve waited for Diablo 3 for so many years now. I won’t has as much time as I did a few years ago for Diablo 2 but I think Blizzard made it casual and hardcore enough so I can play at my own pace and have fun. Can’t wait!

  • Bradley Torni

    Thanks for letting us get another chance at winning a beta key. I am super pumped for this game, and cannot wait for it to be released.

  • I am looking forward to D3 as I am bored with all other games atm.

  • I love Diablo and desperately need to get in the beta. Please pick me!

  • I’m extremely excited for this game. I played Diablo 1 when I was only 8 years old [12 years ago]. Beat it multiple times with each character; my favorite part of the entire game was of course Wirt and his rare items. I played this game with my father and it was honestly the greatest bonding experience we’ve ever had along with D2 and D2 LOD we would take turns playing and help each other out if we didn’t know how to solve a quest or build a character correctly. We would LAN with each other and play through all the way through HELL. This gaming series has made me happy and given me many great moments with my dad; I couldn’t ask for more from a game and I hope to play in the beta as I did for D2 and D2 LOD.

  • I hope Diablo III will worth the wait cause I’ve been waiting for almost 10 years now. Since it’s Blizzard games so I’m pretty sure it won’t be disappointing (They never did, for me at least) Barbarian ftw! 😀

  • Diablo III is probably one of the most anticipated games to release, and I’m no exception! Definitely would be great to win a BETA key.

  • Ryan Tucci

    Playing D2 after school in high school with my friends was fantastic. One of my favourite (spelled with a u for my Canadian heritage :P) games ever made. Good luck everyone!

  • I’m pretty sure D3 is the most ancitipated game of all time!

  • Colin McIllece

    I’m sorry you guys had such a rough time with IRC, and I don’t envy the pressure you face having to dole out what might as well be the gamer equivalent of a tickle-me elmo. I realized the other day that what I like so much about Diablo is that there are no roles, really. No assigned healer/tank/dps like in wow. Pretty much anyone can be anything, which leaves you free to enjoy killing unbelievably massive amounts of mobs. So here’s me with fingers crossed 😛

  • Diablo I was my very childhood, Diablo II brought me to the professional gaming scene. Would’ve been awesome to enjoy propably most-waited game ever – Diablo III with my fiancee !

  • Diablo III is going to be awesome for another 10 years like D2 was, I can’t wait to play it. My first character will be the Demon Hunter!

    Thanks again Blizzplanet for giving away beta keys, I know how messy it got the other day, but that’s just badluck, ohwell!

  • Damien Clark

    Definately interested to try the Wizard, both Melee and Ranged, and very interested in the new Rune System. Otherwise, looking forward to D3 a great deal, looking to be an awesome game. 🙂

  • been waiting a while for D3… hope to get into the beta and experience it soon 😀

  • ….brief comment about Diablo III…did I do it right?

  • Julian Wilson

    I’m so excited for D3 I have been playing sence D1. I will love playing the barb

  • Diablo III will be an amazing game, no matter how many tears FLOOD the forums with each new beta patch 🙂

  • I love the new rune system in Diablo III, this makes the game even better!

  • What to say about Diablo 3 from what I can tell from videos? Well this games looks to bring as much joy if not more as the other 2 Diablo games have given me throughout the years. I only hope I can get in and help support a great series for the new generation of players to enjoy.

  • Ben Stephens

    Diablo 3 is going to be awesome! I’m going to play Demon Hunter first and shoot some demonic butt…

  • albuixech jérémy

    I am really looking forward playing this game. I had so many great time on my pc when I was younger and now I cannot find a game which keeps me in front of my screen like did Diablo 1 & 2. I just want to have this feeling again, playing a game so great that you are totally stuck into it 🙂 and the sooner the better!

  • Hey! Just saw this update on my facebook and i zoomed strait here to see what’s up with the beta keys… i can’t wait for diablo 3 to come out! I’d like to get a taste of the beta before i ship to camp pendelton for my basic training in the USMC but i’m happy to believe maybe the 3 months of training will make the time pass and D3 will be out by then! I’ve been playing D2 Median Xl and it kicks ass but i’d like to play a new Diablo so i can continue the story of sanctuary and defeat the next prime evil. Cheers!

  • Luís Pacheco Neves


  • I wanna so much have a key. Waiting for this game so longtime. I see so much vids and streamings… NEED :p

  • JJ Chow

    “Not even Death can save you from me!”. Thats been replaying in my mind since the Beta started. I think Im going crazy but a key might just relieve it.

  • Shawn

    I’m hoping to win this beta key since I answered correctly in the IRC chat for the Witch Doctor question 🙁 That and I love Diablo quite a bit and have been a Blizzard fan since The Lost Vikings on my Floppy Disks.

  • I never played diablo I just wanna know what it is hack’n’slash before buy it …

  • Have been waiting for D3 for so long, cant wait for it to go live. But more importantly, can’t wait to get my hands on a beta key. Good luck everyone!

  • D3 by summer hopefully

  • Anonymous

    Been playing Diablo ever since I was a lil’ boy , would be great to check Diablo 3 before it goes live , tired of watching all these streams!


  • I’m looking forward for the release of Diablo 3 because it offers a new style of game play different from D1 and D2. It will also be interesting to try out the auction house and the 4 difficulties offered in the game. The game seems promising so I hope it will be released soon.

  • Cindi Lee

    I’ve followed Diablo since I was six years old. I remember when my older brother would make me play with him and since then I’ve been playing Diablo II. I’ve never won anything in my life and I would REALLY TRULY be thankful if I could win a beta key (finally after 10 years!) to play Diablo III. Make my wishes come true, Blizzplanet!

  • Thank you for giving us another chance to receive a beta key. I have been excited to play Diablo 3 for a long time.

  • Michael Siozos

    I play Diablo games since the beggining, I loved Blizzard North and hope Diablo 3 will follow the same pattern like the previous 2. The feeling while playing Diablo 1 and 2 is indescribable. Good luck to every hardcore fan.

  • I can’t wait for Diablo 3. Wish Diablo 3 was ready, because I am ready for it!

  • Im super stooked for this game. This game gonna rock! The Diablo series has been one of my favorite games to play yet. I still play Diablo 2 LOD until the release of the third. Oh man im super excited!!!

  • This is one of the best game i ever played and i really like how blizzard is working on it

  • I can not wait to give Witch Doctor a try, seems like such a fun class. At the same time though I like the rogue/hunter feel of the Demon Hunter. Really in a toss up oh which to play first.

    Lack of sleep is really getting to me from the other contests I have been entering lol, I really do hope I send the email correctly.

  • Diablo 3 Witch Doctor looks ausome. Gotta try the Wall Of Zombies.

  • I’m super excited for Diablo 3 because I have poured hundreds of hours (literally) into Diablo 2. I am just finishing up with Median XL and I really need something else in the Diablo franchise to play. I am also sick of Starcraft 2 🙂

  • Brendon Ra

    This sounds like an interesting way to give out the keys. Having been a Diablo player + fan for over a decade, having a chance to play this demo as a barb will bring back some funny memories.

  • David Leem

    I’ve been doing everything I can for a beta key. D2 was so much fun and I cannot wait to get my hands on D3 but it is taking way to long for the game to find a release date. I would love to test the game before I get my CE 🙂 Gluck all!

  • Like everyone else just looking forward to a new chapter in this series.

  • I remenber my 2 brothers playing the old versions of Diablo. My oldest one, played Diablo I, and my older one played Diablo II. I was raised playing games, specially Blizzard games. Im really looking forward to be the third brother, playing the DIABLO 3. 😀
    Grant me that luck so i can sneak up the beta! I promise i wont disappointed the fans, and i will surely hardcore it!

    Best wishes, M0nzi3!

  • Ryan Baker

    I am so happy that Diablo 3 is right around the corner. It’s been years! And thanks BlizzPlanet for another opportunity to win a coveted beta key!!

  • MP

    your my last hope im tired

  • at this point ive become excited for diablo 3 because ive put so much work into trying to get a key from any one of the contests. its become less a point of playing the game eventually and more just winning something

  • really looking forward to D3…would love a shot at beta 🙂

  • Cameron Booth

    very excited for the release of Diablo 3. the diablo series was the first game series that i actually got serious about. been waiting for 10 years and super excited that it is finally coming out

  • Louis Speroni

    Hoping for a Diablo 3 beta key! This is one of my most anticipated games of the year and I can’t wait to get my hands on the game!

  • Anonymous

    Doing other contests are just as hectic – reddit is still doing trivia and random generator in the IRC channel still 😛

  • Anonymous

    Diablo was the first RPG game I ever played and it’s been my favorite since. And been playing steadily since D2 came out. Love this game and so excited to play!

  • I can’t wait for Diablo 3 because of the potentially amazing gameplay. Diablo 2 was awesome, this one should be EPIC!!!

  • Nathan Fleiger

    Really cool of you to do this. I have been playing blizzard games ever since I was about 12 years old. I am so excited for Diablo 3 and can’t wait to play it.

  • Nicholas Fowler

    I can’t wait for Diablo 3. I loved both Diablo 1 and 2 growing up and playing with my friends in high school and beyond. I hope to play again with all my friends when D3 comes out.

  • Diablo 3 is a game I’ve been waiting for since I finished D2:LoD back in the day. I’m really hyped about it, and I’m happy to see that it has preserved the authentic dark atmosphere, the lore, and the overall gameplay feeling from the previous parts. What I’m worried about is the oversimplification of the game (compared to the previous parts). I understand that games are meant to be enjoyed in, and not to be tortured over, but a sense of challenge and “elitness” is what bothers me about Diablo 3. All in all, I would really like to be given a chance to play in the beta, get a feeling of the game, and just enjoy the unique social event called beta testing.

  • To me beta patch 13, from what I have read it really fixing up the game and removing the past mistakes from Diablo 1 and 2. It’s really making the game look and sound wonderful. I can not wait to try it. And post as much game info as I can on the blizzplanet forums.

  • I am STOKED for Diablo 3 =P Huge fan of D and D2, and it’s something I played as a kid, would be wild to play something like that as an adult. A LOT of nostalgia involved thats for sure.

  • I have been waiting for Diablo III since it was announced. I got even more interested in it since they announced the Demon Hunter and it will be the first class I will play. Let’s hope I win a beta key through all these giveaways 😛

  • I’m holding off on updating my PC until the release date is announced. The Australian economy is suffering as a result, but a beta key would force an early update and potentially save the country!

  • Andrew Freeberg

    I have been eagerly awaiting Diablo 3 for longer than I can remember. Probably since after I finished my first run through of D2. A beta key now would be amazing!

  • Speaking of snafus, I really hope that Blizzard re-think the Rune System changes. Although I haven’t had an opportunity to play the beta, I was eagerly anticipating hunting around for Runes to augment my skills as I levelled up, and with that absent, I’m worried that some of the soul of D3 will be missing.

    Alas, my faith in Blizzard hasn’t gone unrewarded so far, so hopefully when I finally get to play D3 (in whatever capacity that is), I’ll find that my fears are unfounded.

    Little shout-out to Blizzplanet for giving away so many opportunities to make that time a little shorter, too 🙂

  • I love Diablo games and I am very excited for Diablo 3.

  • Miroslav Konopásek

    Always millisecond too late for q/a 🙁 sadface

  • Really appreciate all your efforts. I will be new to Diablo but looking forward to it as I have just gotten in to gaming at age 60!


  • A comment about Diablo 3 eh?….I have the collectors edition pre ordered and been hoping for a key since i found out about the release of it. 🙂

  • Diablo <3

  • Josh Thorn

    Everything not Diablo 3 is just boring.

  • The host of character options offers so much diverse gameplay and they demand to be played multiple times as they all feel so different. It’s like playing a whole new Diablo game from scratch with each new build and class. The wealth of choice in this universe is so rewarding and addictive. It makes it such a killer game!

  • Nick Mather

    Diablo 3 will be another amazing adventure in Sanctuary. While many people are awaiting the multi-player PvP action I hope the solo campaign will be just as rich and amazing as the previous instalments.

  • I can’t wait for diablo 3 been waiting years for this! from the looks so far it already holds its own against the amazing diablo 1 and 2 series! Not much more that i can say that will express my sheer exitement of diablo 3, only that the day it releases may very well be the best day of the year! 😀

  • Anonymous

    With Diablo 3 being one of the most anticipated sequals in the most epic line of video game genre, I’m hoping it will provide some much needed down time from my twin infant boys.

  • Jonathan Redic

    I am so excited for Diablo 3!!! I’ve been waiting for this game since i finished Diablo 2

  • a little hope want to test D3 thx blizzplanet for give a key

  • Joh Oso

    I love Diablo, because it gives me an excuse to very slowly torture my mouse to death. Muhaha!

  • Randy Wilson

    Woo, I can’t believe how much I’ve done just to get a beta key for a game that will be out shortly. But it’s all worth it!

  • It is good to see that even after all this years, the Diablo franchise is still alive and kicking. Here’s to the success of Diablo 3 and may new players discover the amazing lore and gameplay like I did so many years ago.

  • Ryan Tennant

    Love all the Blizzard games, including Diablo. Looking forward to trying the Monk/Wizard and seeing which I enjoy more. Also, Blizzard at times has some questionable lore but for the most part, it’s pretty well done and a good read/immersion into the games.

  • Chhris Slater

    This game is Just sweet as heck, that is plain and simple. But i would just like to have a game to play were i can still connect with my friends, since out of all of them im the only one that didnt get in. But simply i would just want to expand my knowledge and game play of the Diablo World.

  • Nathan Mueller

    This is my most looked forward game of this year! been wanting this for 3 years now.

  • i preordered CE since day 1 of the announcement with money i earned doing works in the campus so im very happy of getting it and play it

  • Beta key attempt #54 right here, let’s make it the lucky one!

  • Jakob Finnell

    Diablo 3 is defiantly the most anticipated game of 2012 and will undoubtedly keep me busy for years to come just as Diablo 3 LoD did.

  • When i was 23 I first played Diablo and couldnt stop now i am turning 38 in march and can not wait to try or buy Diablo 3 either way i will play the game . This will by far be my answer to beat anything available to play today…

  • Chad Rynders

    Like many here, Diablo has been a childhood game of mine. It was the first computer based game I played back when i was 12. I’ve never put it down and I played Diablo 2 so much I wore out the disc believe it our not. I had to link another Diablo 2 game to my battle.net i’ve had it for so long now haha. I was never lucky enough to get a Diablo 2 beta key and with the announcement of Diablo 3 finally coming I really just want to say I was able help test one of my childhood games. So I thank you for the opportunity to try. 🙂

  • Bret Richter

    I wake up every day to check whats news there is about Diablo III. I sit at work all day long just day dreaming of picking up super rare items. I have a 1/1,000,000 chance to getting into the Beta. Why should I get the Beta Key? Its simple, I shouldn’t, I have just as much reason to get it as any one else should. But it sure would be nice!

  • I can’t decide if I want to play a barbarian or wizard

  • I originally got diablo2 at a thrift store, remembering the trailer for the first one from back in the day. played it, and now i cant wait for diablo 3!

  • I’m fairly new to the Diablo scene, but that makes me no less excited for winning a Diablo 3 key, let alone the Diablo 3 full game release. From watching the videos and seeing streams Diablo 3 looks like one of the funniest games to hit the gaming scene in a while. And I really hope to win a key sometime in the near future. Well, heres to luck!

  • Diablo 3 will be the best of diablo series caus they add the PVP arena and no more Player killer in game 😛

  • Nice to see we get another chance for beta keys. As for Diablo III, I just want to get a feel what the game is like…that’s all I ask~~

  • Jamie Guillemette

    Diablo 3 is the only game coming out in 2012 that I am excited to play. It brings back memories of playing D2 in my college dorm room. The recent changes annouced by blizzard while not popular with many fans, I believe will open the game up in a way that will insure it will be enjoyable the both veterans and new comers to the franchise.

  • Steve Machado

    My love for Diablo goes far back.

    My Grandfather came to Tristam as a lowly farmer, selling whatever he could find to survive. His son -my father- learned the ropes and quickly rose up in the ranks. It is now my turn to continue carrying the torch and honor their legacy.

    My love for Diablo isn’t just a feeling or emotion… it’s in my blood.


  • Super keen to have a crack at the beta before the official game comes out.

    Gonna call my character MonkeyBalls, guess which class he is going to be.

  • I’ve got high hopes for Diablo 3, and all of this page refreshing is getting a bit too tedious for my liking. This’ll be one of my last tries for a key.

  • Pretty Excited about this game

  • Diablo 3 is my #1 game I am looking forward to for 2012, and I doubt any others will top it by 2013.

  • I love diablo. the diablo series is really the only video game i have gotten truly into my whole life so you can understand why i want a beta key, and also why im excited for the diable 3 release.

  • I am happy to see Diablo 3 come out as it will give me a chance to bring back the memories of playing Diablo 1 and 2. I am eager to see the changes that are coming to D3 and hopefully D3 will usher in another wave of fans to this game.

  • Im really looking forward to this game, been waiting for ages, and to the day, i dont think there is a single game out there that can compete against diablo series 🙂

  • Diablo III best game ever cant wait! fingers crossed for beta!

  • Diablo 3 is going to be great – can’t wait to play Monk! Thanks for the chance here!

  • Hey guys thanks for changing things, I appreciate it!

    I’d love be a beta tester for this long-awaited, religiously followed game, and I would like nothing more than to be able to say this in the distant future. The atmosphere and unique progression, combined with the new trading option is everything to me, and I hope I get lucky this time! Good luck everyone!

  • Sol Keiter

    I would rock Diablo 3 for my best friend who died of cancer last year and never got to see it, not even beta. We played side-by-side in Sanctuary for 5 years in D2 and I haven’t played since he left this would be a great release, in a way.

  • Matthew Davis

    I’m writing and hoping I am the lucky random winner. If you DO take the time to read this, I’m excited about D3, I DO plan to spread the news about the game and am always talking to new people about it at school (IUPUI in Indianapolis, IN), and will not take such a precious gift for granted. With WoW, I had to stop playing because I capped and I can’t raid when I have a family to take care of, but Diablo you can play for a couple hours and make some progress. Thanks for keeping us up to date and here’s hoping.

  • I’m playing psx version of diablo with my android phone.Butcher is still scare me 😀 i love this game!

  • I started playing Diablo 2 like 10 years ago in good old 1.09 times 🙂
    hope the wait for D3 will come to an end soon 😉

  • Diablo 3 lookls like the same DIablo gameplay that i grew up loving, with the new slick looks of todays graphics.
    I have been busting out my D2 and D1 (yes also the sierra addon Hellfire) in anticipation.

  • I was so close to winning a Diablo 3 giveaway a few minutes ago, please make me happy? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I am loving KoA:R right now, but I would drop everything for a shot at playing the D3 beta. Really, I would.

  • Im super excited about diablo 3 and want a beta sooo bad. I really hope i win.

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait to experience the rest of the story…kinda wondering if Cain will die. Extremely excited about Inferno difficulty, I pray for a key!

  • i really wan to try out the game but yet still wondering can we Asian try beta key? are we been excluded for the beta test, hope to get 1 try out if we can access 😉

  • Thanks for letting us another chance. I cant wait anymore for Diablo III. I hope this is my chance for a beta key .

  • I want a D3 key so I can get the Overachiever Beta Achievement! I’m excited to play with my friends!

  • Diablo 3 looks like it will be so awesome!!!

  • Well yesterday i lost my tooth, so its the same with diablo you playing from beginning then you are waiting, and then again you are playing. So that’s why we are waiting 4 Diablo III

  • I have been waiting for D3 ever since, well, since Diablo 2, and after watching so much of it I really am looking forward to playing it. It seems so different yet so alike from its predecessor that I simply must try it for myself. So the Beta would be a great way to try it, regardless still can’t wait for release

  • Frank Bonadonna

    Diablo 3 is going to be an incredible game. I’m excited not only for the opportunity to win a beta key, but just for the game to come out in general. It’s been more than a decade since D2’s release, and I’m really looking forward to seeing this game at the forefront once again.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the conciliation

  • Diablo 3 has come far since its announcement. I have noticed many are not very happy with D3 but in the end Blizzard will have a great product that will make 99% of people happy. Within Diablo 3 your immersed in a vast universe that is not for the feign of heart. This world brings out your inner beast and will turn you into a super ego to be reckoned with. In the end D3 has its greatness but will others have their greatness within the D3 universe?

  • I cannot wait to play Diablo 3.. !! I played Diablo 2 for years… and to say I was in the beta for Diablo 3… it would mean so much.

  • Joel Higgins

    Diablo III… the game that has held my attention rapt for nearly four years, and I haven’t even played it yet. One might say that I’m addicted to D3 already, but how can one be addicted when they haven’t tried it? With your help, please grant me the opportunity to feed an addiction that doesn’t yet exist!

  • D3 for me is my longing for the continuation of the Diablo lore/story. I have played Diablo 1 & 2. I want to know what happened after the Worldstone is destroyed. But most importantly experience the horrors unleashed by Diablo himself.

  • Nick Kosanovich

    I’ve been playing Diablo ever since it came out way back when. I am so incredibly stoked for Diablo III my excitement is just overtaking all feelings of emotion I have. I love playing my necromancer in Diablo II and I look forward to playing a Witch Doctor in Diablo III!

  • D2 is a game that myself and my family used to all play together. I’m hoping D3 allows us to continue that tradition.

  • Anonymous

    I have played Diablo since the first, back when hacking and duping was rampant. Even in diablo 2 Duping was nuts. I can’t wait to continue the story and the game. Especially with how well they say they have hacking/duping under control. I love a lot of the new stuff they are bringing out and skeptical on others. I hope to see the game myself soon.

  • Matthew Gianneschi

    I can’t wait for Diablo 3. I basically stare at updates for the beta that I have yet to play, only to watch youtube videos with awe and envy. I want the chance to feel the game for myself, and truly grab that big red bastard by the horns.

  • I’m really excited to see how all these lore plays. I’m sure the twist & turn in the lore would keep D3 fans at the edge of their seats while playing the game. This game has long been over due & i’m sure when its out everyone would forget that they’ve waited a little extra time more just to see the game in its peak. 🙂

  • I’m Excited for Diablo 3, because I had played Diablo 2 and fell in love with it, and really want to experience it all over again!

  • Diablo I and II were two games on the very short list of games that I’ve actually finished, so excited for Diablo III.

  • Kim Willumsen

    Sitting here wondering if I should bother to enter this or just wait for the release.
    Looks like I did enter anyway. 😮

  • Neth

    I could use a beta key so bad 🙁 Trying my luck everywhere in hopes of a beta key but to no avail. T_T

  • I’m very excited to play diablo 3 because it is a franchise that I had used to play with my friends back in the day which had made them close friends till this day. Playing this game will definitely bring back very good memories.

  • Anonymous

    Diablo is a hell of a game, and we all know that.
    Discovered the Lore through Diablo 1 when I was a student,
    Had some days off when Diablo 2 went out,
    Plan to take some days off too when Diablo 3 will reach the stores.
    I know my nights are likely to be reduced, as they once were with previous opus.

    And if I can get a chance to enter the beta… thou shall be praised !

  • Hey there!
    I’m so exited about Diablo 3 that I nearly had no sleep the last couple of days just because of participating in various beta key contests. I am convinced that this is the game I want to play for the next five years minimum because that is at least the amount of time I’m waiting for it. No game in this genre ever could nearly compete with the Diablo series and that is not going to change soon.
    So please give me a beta key. I really need it. I can’t rest without knowing that I will be in that beta.

  • as of right now this game is what can take up some time i have been trying to get into the beta sense it came out but still no luck. maybe here it will be a lil better. the graphics for the game itself look great. the game play that we have all grown to love is still there. no more spread sheets or ur toons sucks cause u don’t have this build and this item. maybe in the future it will be like that again but for now it will be nice not having elitist asshats talking trash to anyone because they don’t like the build they used. This franchise has been played thoroughly way to many time by way to many people. i would just like to be able to add myself to that list of playing the beta it might not be much with the release date hopefully one the horizon, but again as i said it will take up time. thanks for reading cheers to everyone who has already received a key.

  • pete fagan

    I have been following every Diablo game since I was much younger. To date myself, I first discovered video games, playing the first Diablo. Ever since that I was hooked. I can’t wait to try all classes in Diablo 3. It should be a game, worth playing.

  • I’m excited to make a monk when I get a chance to play Diablo III. The fast paced melee style fits my play style. I can’t wait!

  • Diablo has been one of the best games I’ve ever played. I remeber working at software ect in the mall when diablo 1 came out. Thinking to my self (This game is awesome). Diablo 2 just added to the awesomeness, and when 3 was announce I just can’t wait for this game to be released.Blizzard has always made over and above games. I would love the chance to get in to the beta.

  • All my childhood was full of games like Herectic, Doom, Duke Nukem, and others… BUT! then, i meet “Diablo”, and meet the real fear, the real darkness, and my imaginations expanded, and then, when i think i’ve seen all the horrors, poofff! Diablo 2 comes… my mind blow up, and the fear just level up, the darkness transform, and one story, the Diablo Story, was impregned in my brain, loving it, and wanting more, i seek for more, reading, searching… BUT NOW!… Diablo 3 shows up, and my brain and my fears and my chilhood comback, and got wet, and i will love playit, and i will love feedback it, and i will love buy it, when it comes to life… thats all the reasons i got, for love “DIABLO” (saga) =D

  • diablo 3 is so awesome i saw a live play i would love to be part of the d3 beta i have been playing and waiting for 15 years d3 to come out

  • It would be nice to win a beta key, and not have to wait until the release date to get a taste of Diablo 3. The Diablo franchise are my all time favorite games, and I anxiously await the final release of D3!!!

  • Cole Hampson

    Diablo. Hm. Diablo. A brief comment cannot express my love for the Diablo series. All I am going to say is, Diablo has started me with RPG games and seeing the new edition has kept that love burning.

  • Diablo 3 Demon hunter looks badass as will be my main. I hope that D3 will be an early Q2 launch!!!!!! And I am so tired of f5’ing this is my last hope please…… <33333

  • Despite all of the crying on the official D3 forums I’ve seen so far, I’m more excited for this game than anything because it looks great, and I’ve played Diablo 2 for probably 6 or 7 years, since I was about 11. I’m sure Diablo 3 will be a great addition, with many great new features and improvements. =)

  • Christopher Voss

    I am incredibly excited to play Diablo 3, beta or otherwise. I’ve been reading everything I can on it here and on other pages. I would love to be able to play the beta and get into Sanctuary once more.

  • Carter Russell

    Diablo3 for LIFE!!!!!!!

  • Looking forward to playing diablo 3! Really hope I can get into beta at some point 🙂

  • Attempt #4363 for a beta key, let’s see if this one actually pays off. Would love to get to check out D3 during long hours of boredom. >.<

  • zos_la

    From vinilla to now, the game hasn’t grown old but it is us that are getting old… though that doesn’t change the memeories and love we have for DIABLO 🙂
    Hope to enjoy this game with you all in the near future.

  • Been waiting for this game with my mom so we can play it for about six years now. All I can hope for is a beta key so me and her can spend some more time together.

  • Eric Chang

    I’ve been playing diablo since i was 11 years old and now i’m 21! I want to continue !! please hook me up =]

  • Well dear god I hope this one is the beta for me. Diablo III is a game I been waiting for a long time (although not as much as SCII) and will be the death of me and my studies =P. Prolly I’ll avoid PvP and focus on PvE as I usually do with most of the games I get to play.

  • Patrick Beckett

    I am sorry you are having so much trouble with this giveaway. Although I can imagine it would be quite stressful and you have my sympathy. I have been a long time player of Diablo, I would be thrilled to get the chance to experience D3 in the making and give appropriate feedback. I would be in your debt if you gave me a beta key. I’ve never won anything in my life, but I’ll still take the chance so maybe fortune may smile upon me.

  • KEY

  • Anonymous

    What I’ve seen about Diablo 3 the graphics rock and are far beyond any other similar game! Im very excited to play the game myself 🙂

  • Harry Kwon

    iv been waiting for diablo 3 before it was even announce and iv seen my friends playing it and im so jealous. when i play i give in reports for bugs or anything that will make the game better then it already is.

  • michaelc.cheung19

    Real excited for Diablo 3 because its got great cinematics and I’ve been waiting since 2005 (when I started Diablo 2) for this!

  • Been waiting for diablo 3 since 2004 , and I’m tired of waiting so don’t make me wait more!

  • Brandon Kramer

    Help me mdragon your my only hope! 🙂

  • I’ve been playing Diablo games since I was in 4th grade. The diablo universe brings back a sense of nostalgia. It brings back memories like the time my brother punched a hole in the wall because my mom took the game away, or the time I lost my level 70 hardcore druid helping noobs beat diablo in normal mode…

    I hope I’m able to get a beta key to bring back that nostalgia and help test a great game

  • I need some barbaric smashing 😛 hope game releases soon

  • Love, F5, D3, Waiting, Sleep. Thats all.

  • Diablo III is going to consume most of my free time on release(or beta if I am to be so lucky). My wife probably won’t see me except for when I am dreaming in bed about the minions in Diablo 3.

  • The Diablo franchise in general is epically satisfying. It feels the void in PC gaming! I still remember the day I installed the first Diablo on my old bulky p.o.s! All other games became not as fun. 🙂

  • I’ve been excited for it since I was first introduced to diablo 2. Been really hoping to get a beta key but my luck is terrible apparently. I am going insane waiting so long for this game it’s driving me a little insane. haha

  • Back in the day, Diablo II was my game. I played the hell out of it. I have been waiting for Diablo III for 12 years, and I simply cannot wait any longer… I locked myself into playing WoW for a year with no way to cancel my subscription just so I could guarantee a free copy of Diablo III when it comes out… though I might have to upgrade to a collector’s edition! You probably hear this from just about everyone in these comments, but it is with great sincerity that I say if you give me a Diablo III beta key, you will legitimately make my life.

    And if not, thank you for even considering it, and congratulations to whoever gets the keys!

  • Mikko Hoffren

    I myself and my closest irl friends have been waiting for D3 like crazy. For us its the seconds coming of a messiah game known as D2. Can not wait to get to play the game with friends and family. Just like we did with D2. Getting into beta would give me a nice preview of the game`s current state and give me a slight chance to contribute in the beta as a tester to make the game more enjoyable for launch.

  • with the money of my works, I will buy a computer for running DIABLO 3 😀

  • I want to play D3

  • I can’t wait for the release of Diablo 3. I already pre-ordered the collector’s edition. I’ve been waiting for this game to come out since early 2001!!

  • Kegan Onomichi

    My hope is like the waiting for Diablo 3 release… Endless!

  • This game is going to be the be all and end all for PC games as far as I’m concerned and i would be ecstatic to recieve a BETA key!

  • Harry Peter

    It has been too long since my last visit to Tristram. I cannot wait to get back into the story again. I assume it will feel like coming home to be back in the Diablo universe again. Diablo 3 is the most awaited game since a long time, to a certain extend it is even more than a game 🙂

  • Anonymous

    It’s really nice that you’re giving us all a change to win some keys, especially us europeans. I can’t wait for the game just like pretty much everyone else on this site. And really all around the internet.

  • My gf and I recently split up, I willfully slightly unwillfilly unemployed, about to give up drinking, so a welcome distraction like the Diablo 3 beta is obviously the last thing I need.

  • T. K.

    Diablo III The Login Client starts perfectly, but unfortunately I cannot play without an accurate login.
    It’s a shame.

  • Anonymous

    Good thing the voice actor wasn’t some old guy, he could have died before it was released 😀

  • Cory Hammon

    Can’t wait to play Diablo 3

  • Cian Gipson

    Diablo 3 great game or greatest game?

  • D3, you’ll need to wait and grow beard as long as Deckard Cairn just to get the beta keys

  • Drew Conomos

    The amount of hype surrounding this game is unbelievable. And I need it. It’s making me itchy…

  • diablo is an awesome game with great lore and i enjoy playing it 🙂

  • Pierfrancesco Toninato

    the last hope.. for the last giveaway..
    I want the final release of diablo 3

  • Zakaria Sabra

    My girlfriend loves Diablo. She’s too frustrated to enter any beta key contests because she just wants the game to be released. But I know she would love to see the beta, to see what the game is going to be like and to be a part of the process of the game being released. I’d love to hand her a beta key 🙂

  • D3, one of the most awaited games ever. I can’t believe I started with Diablo and now many, many, many years later, I can’t wait to get my hands on this. Would love to get my hands on a beta key to get a taste of it in the meantime.

  • maybe my last chance of getting a key to my beloved game so : thanks for this giveaway !!! 🙂

  • wah diablo 3 keep me getting excited.. i need beta key grr…

  • I’ll try and keep it short. I can’t stop stalking D3 websites ever since the game was announced in development years ago. I think this is a problem because I haven’t even played the game yet, or done anything other then watch gameplay videos. I’m in Australia and no one I know has access to a beta key, I couldn’t get to blizzcon being so far away so I have no way of actually checking out and sampling this game. I’m also on a few weeks leave at the moment and very bored, hours of smashing my way through hordes of undead would be awesome. It’d also be nice to show alot of my friends who are also waiting with baited breath for a release date.
    Barbarian ftw also 🙂

  • Diablo 3 has really made me excited about a computer game again!! The last couple of years I have been playing random free online games to pass my time.. But finally Diablo 3 is on the move! Im sooo excited about the game, and all I can hope for now is to get into the beta somehow. Either through this contest or the 3 others I have joined these last couple of days. I really hope this contest is one.

    And by the way.. Good move on not using the IRC-Lore thing. I am one of those “none IRC non Lore” computer kinda guys, and is really glad Im getting this extra opportunity.


  • Szymon Głowacki

    Brief comment? Comments about D3 bassicly arent the easiest one to keep short 😛 But to get to the depth of my urge to get my own CE copy of it is that hectolitres of blood and flesh XD as long as countless numer of items – i need to have them, i need to collect them! Its in human nature to collect things – so i am predestined to be a D3 player, i cant fight fate 😀

  • René de Hoog

    I can’t wait for Diablo III anymore. Have been waiting for years, have been jumping up and down since it was revealed a long, long time ago. Now with all the contests around, it feels so close can almost taste it!

  • Henry Söderholm

    I have a penchant for hack’n’slash games, reaching from the 80’s NetHack to this day’s action-RPGs. For almost three years I’ve been waiting for Diablo 3 to get my escapism going, but so far nothing has happened on the release front, and so I’ve been forced to grinding alternatives (eg. Torchlight). Opting for beta and vying for keys has been fun so far, but patience can carry you only so far. 🙂

  • I started playing Diablo 1 when it was first released and have been addicted ever since. I have been dying to get my hands on a beta key and I have these horrible dreams that I win a beta key, I am downloading the client….then I wake up 🙁

  • i dont think i’ve ever been so excited for a game that i have tried days upon days with my friends to get into a beta but im glad its this one i think blizzards doing a great job and i can’t wait to get my hands on it weather it be the beta or the full version just can’t wait to play this classic series again

  • Come on! I cant wait to play it….

  • I feel hopeless.

  • I really am looking forward to Diablo 3. Recently I started going through the internet, gathering all info about game changes in the actual beta and even though a lot is being completly overthrown and replaced, I know Blizzard is doing a great job. Let’s face it. When D3 comes out, we’ll ALL be buying it!

  • Oh how I love the diablo franchise! I have been trying for a beta key since this started however many months ago and I feel like this could be it..my birthday is february 21st 1986 so this is fate. I don’t get much in the way of presents at my age and since my girl just left me this would be a fantastic gift and something to seriously spend my timing playing. Thanks for all the contests guys n I hope I’m randomly picked

  • Anonymous

    Lets hope blizzard does take a arrow to its knee anytime soon. Thanks for the chance.

  • I loved D2 and I absolutely cannot wait for D3. So so so excited!!

  • Austin Goh

    Please please pleeeeeeeeeease

  • I loved D2 and I absolutely cannot wait for D3. So so so excited!!

  • I loved D2 and I absolutely cannot wait for D3. So so so excited!!


  • Diablo 3 will be the best PC game for the next 10 years!!! Monk looks awesome and he’ll be my first character to play.

  • Brandon Donovan

    I am a really old school diablo player since 1996 when Diablo 1 came out, I have spent the last 15 years playing the Diablo series mate, and than in 1998 I bought the Diablo 1 expansion, Hellfire, and yes i still have the disc to this day. Than in 2000 when Diablo 2 came out I have been playing every since just hoping that one day Diablo 3 would be released before I leave this world. I am handicapped and cannot do much, I lost one of my legs and my foot on the other leg in the marines when our jeep drove over a landmine in Fallujah, Iraq. I have been hoping and praying that since the announcement of Diablo 3 to be able to play the beta so I can give my 2 cents and experience what others are experiencing the game that I have spent sleepless nights playing, crafting, pvping, and just lvling new characters and socializing with others on what a great series this game has been. This is not a poor me I am disabled, I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me, I chose to protect this country because I love this country and would do it again if i was able. The only thing i ask for is just to consider me when giving away all those beta keys for a oldtimediablo player. Thank you for your time and consideration .


  • Jaakko Ryssy

    I hope Diablo 3 will be as cool playing experience as the Diablo and Diablo 2 are. 🙂

  • I hope the music in D3 is as great as it was in D2, i could just sit in town for ages listening to the tristram song. Music in-game often gets over looked because of what people can only see but the music makes a game complete.

  • I still can remember when I played Diablo for the first time…in 1996, today, with Diablo 3, I feel the same, like if I were 16 again…I cant wait to play it!

  • Diablo series, from 1997. I was configured on the poor notebook, install D1, looks very realistic, very dark terror of the church the moment, the game was destined for the limited lifewill accompany me to spend a lot of time. That moment on, I was doomed as a firm of Diablo fans, Blizzard fans belief. Thus, until now, Diablo, SC, WC, three games, each computer will be installed, and the Diablo series has been playing up to now to get started, is also unable to stop a favorite models. Of course, WOW I from 2005 to the present, but also play six years, in short, Blizzard games, I think that is really easy to use, hard to master, is in the details in the balance, replayability, standing the pinnacle of the game.

  • Diablo has defined and redefined a genre with the first two games. I’m looking forward to D3 to see what they’re up to this time

  • Stanislaus Ferdinandus

    Diablo III is the game that’s I always wanted to play since they released the trailer, I always wanted to try the beta version but I never win the beta key because million of people wanting those beta key, this is my last chance to play/try the diablo 3 beta.
    I like your facebook page, followed your twitter account and this is my last chance
    hopefully I can win 1 of the beta key


  • Thank you for this chance. Although slim, i am willing to try everything just to have a peak on my favorite game of all time!

  • Jeremy Keating

    Diablo 2 was definitely my time sink, and I can only wait to play Diablo III so eagerly since watching the first reveal in 2008. Come on D3!

  • Brad Krick

    In the seventh grade, at a weekly Boy Scout meeting, a group of kids were gathered in a corner, discussing a game. I didn’t know what it was all about, but I made my way over and found out that they were discussing this Diablo game. They’d copied out their character panes onto paper and were showing off to each other. It sounded cool!

    I don’t think my parents would have ever bought this game for me, so I bought my friend’s copy of the game for $20, installed the game on the family PC, and made my way into the ruined Cathedral beneath Tristram…

  • The best part about Diablo III is that it’s Diablo II + I (i.e. awesome).
    Can’t wait, thanks for the effort !

  • I’m looking forward to Diablo 3 because D2 was where my gaming started for real.
    The first time I could play a RPG game with other people / friends was the best experience. So I’m hoping the best for Diablo 3 to follow up. So i can have cool moments with my girlfriend and friends 🙂

  • I’m excited for Diablo 3 since my ex-colleague showed me the Barbarian video in year 2008, I have been waiting for it to be officially release, but till now still no actual release date yet. I played Diablo 2 and I like the game very well. I am from Asia country, there is very little chance for an Asian to get a beta key. First, Blizzard giveaway beta keys to only North America, and soon they will give beta keys to EU region I suppose. I just hope I could be 1 of the luckiest, rare Asian player who able to join the legendary Diablo 3 Beta test.

  • Hello, thanks for your keys giveaway. Its super chance how to get acces into this great game! Diablo 1 was my childhood and i want try Diablo 3 so much! Dear, your Programos.

  • I’m looking for to many sites, to many contests, i hope for this so much …..

  • Paul Dan Nistor

    I’ve been trying to get a beta-key since they where launched.. still no luck. But i’ll give up 2 hours after i’m dead. 😀

  • I just grew with Diablo II .. you can guess what’s my excitement about the third part, even with the growing hunger of Activision/Blizzard for money :

  • I grew up playing diablo, I bound with my brother because of video games, and because of diablo.This game universe is really awesome, we spent so many hours together, playing diablo and diablo 2 that I can’t really wait for diablo 3. I tried all beta contest I found and I’ve been so unlucky that I keep trying…

    So I’m here, hoping to be one of the 2 lucky.

    Thank for every of your contest.

  • Vittorio M.

    I need a key! I am too old to wait anymore! ^_^

  • I played diablo for years. I’m still hoping to win a beta key to test diablo 3. You are my last hope.

  • Josef P.

    Although the Chance is pretty small, I am really hoping to be the lucky one 🙂

  • I have played a few Blizzard games and I’m pretty impressed with them. Diablo 3 looks like it’s going to be a great game. Love the art in the videos!

  • I am really looking forward to Diablo 3 to come out. Diablo 2 was my first ever online game so it has great memories and I made a lot of friends on there.
    Thank you

  • Vincent Gerritsen


  • Oliver Ochsenreither

    I dont wanne see more Youtube videos, please let me in to get my own experiance on the game!!!

    Thanks!! 🙂

  • Allen Young

    I saw my father playing games like Diablo, Duke nukem, and doom on the computer, and that was how I was introduced to gaming.

    Games like diablo helped establish who I am today. Glad to see the franchise is still alive and relevant.

  • Stay a while and listen!

    A couple of the best moments in my life has been with Diablo 1 (what does that say about me? :P). I’ve met some great friends on there. Some I even knew real life.
    Can’t remember how long I have ventured in the depths beneath Tristram.

    Diablo 2 has received a lot less play time. Somehow the fun I had with D1 couldn’t be regained with D2. I recently started up D2 and have great fun playing it and regret I didn’t give it as much love as I did D1.

    D3 looks to be a lot more then D1 and D2. I really would love to be able to play the beta, even though I already preordered the CE.

  • Hey guys!
    It seems, that I don’t have much luck in previous Contests, so I hope, this will be my chance to play this fantastic game! I’m so excited about Diablo 3, it is the best game ever!
    Thank you guys for making it possible to win a Beta-Key here!

  • Ah, Diablo 3, a game which prequels made history. Diablo was one of the first games I enjoyed playing, with Diablo 2 I grew up, and hopefully Diablo 3 will get launched before I feel too old to play it 😛 Other than that, can’t wait to do some beta testing:)

  • Thanks for the excellent extra chance for some Keys. 🙂
    I hope your Medical appointment goes well, and that it’s nothing too serious.
    Looking forward to another shot at the beta! 🙂

  • Pablo Gualda

    It is being really long the time since Diablo 3 Announcement. Waiting for destroying Sanctuary.

  • After all this waiting I’m starting to think Diablo 3 is not real… I hope to find out soon it is!

  • Jacob Westman

    Diablo is definately my favorite type of game. Fast pased, exciting and challenging. Can’t wait to get my hands on D3.

  • D3 will just be the biggest thing since D2 no game has ever made hunting items that much fun it will finally give me the insentive to stop playing D2.

  • George Pourtsidis

    I’m very excited about D3. I’ve always had a thing about hack & slash RPG games and Diablo series is the best representative of them all!

  • Im waiting for this game for more than 10 years!

    I want to open the box carefully, be amazed by staring at the cd and take an hour or so to read the manual and every little detail it brings with the box, before playing the actual game, and even then, the 1st thing im gonna do when loading the game is checking the options menu and other stuff, just to see the awesome job they hopefully did!

    I need a key!!!trust me !

  • Diablo 3, will be game of the year for many years I belive!

  • Andrei Sevastre

    Am waiting Diablo 3 along with all my D2/Wow buddies ,none of us has a beta key yet so we just hang in diablo2 doing mf farms out of nostalgia,even though reset is coming soon there.Diablo 3 seems to cover Diablo 2’s flaws,even though it doesn’t seem so dark any more but it will definitely keep us in a fantasy world for many more years then D2!

  • there will be always hope…gimme gimme gimme !!

  • DO WANT this beta key. Diablo is my favourite game, i want it so badly

  • My brief commet on d3 is that i hope they don’t ruin the game with their fixed wow stats like items. and let the European guy here <== have a chance at this key 🙂

  • Richard Tjerngren

    I’m super excited for Diablo 3, I think I’ve been in every single beta competition yet.

  • I promise I will skip school and work , to play diablo 3 …. ! Can I ? Help !

  • Xuspam Xuspam

    I really want to play that damn game, I hope Im going to be lucky this time, I would kill my daughter for a beta key (I would kill here for a penny too)

  • Hello! I am sure i am gonna love d3, as i do with all blizz games. I am really excited it is going to be released “soon” even though we all know what this might mean with blizzard. In any case, i don’t lose hope and predict a may release. I also hope for an open beta, so the key frenzy can stop!

  • Well.. Maybe I will say Hello first! My name is Rafał and I’m one of Europan users whose as you should know… are almost out of chances of getting beta access..

    Diablo for me .. It’s not just game you know?? Everyday I’m sitting on those lotteries of getting beta key is so exciting me… but still after all those lotteries, comptetitions.. I haven’t managed to get one. For me Diablo is something i grown up with.. I remember nights at my grandma or cousin’s house where I was slaying hordes of damn hell minions.. It was something I’d love to do! I still do! I’d love to enjoy playing beta of Diablo! Even If it’s just short beta, I bet I will spend many days non-stop of using everything there that is just possible!! I hope you can help me.. so much time i have spent on those lotteries.. Well anyway Thanks for reading!! Big cheers to you Blizzplanet for great work and Blizzard which makes such great games as Diablo!!

  • Xuspam Xuspam

    Where is my comment? 🙂
    I was just sayin how much I want to play D3 Beta 🙂

  • Diablo 3 will be the game to set the benchmark for all future online top down rpg games!!

  • So excited to finally be able to play the game that has been stuck in my mind ever since the 2008 gameplay trailer was released. Hopefully blizzplanet can give me that opportunity! 🙂

  • Aaron Maui

    What is it that makes us want Diablo III…
    •Is it the thirst for custom character creation?
    Monk, Wizard, Demon Hunter, Witch doctor & Barbarian…
    •Will it be the Items and drops that make us drool…
    New and old Items (some we loved and remember from the first games.)
    •Maybe it is the spell and rune system that allows for spell diversity?
    Being able to make a Giant frog that ate your enemy…spitting out items and gold.
    (I may be wrong, this might be changed for the witch doctor)
    •Or will it be the competition of Pvp…”we will miss in game fighting…
    I hope the multi player matches will make up for the lack of duels”
    •Ah or alas is it the beautiful graphics and movies of the story that moves us and makes us appreciate the Lore of Sanctuary, and its Heroes.

    *Hey were you one of those people back in the day who would play at the local internet cafe’…. we were those kids (at that time) who would duel, quest, and just have a good time. I remember the chat channels back in the day were a way to connect with others like us, same passion for competitive play and specific quests.

    I look forward for a polished and comfortable experience, as we all should not hate them for making us wait. Look how much closer the community has become since… they made us check Battle .net like every firkin day, this allows for people to talk about stuff and get the fire lit under Blizzard.

    -Stay on the right road, and don’t be lead off with too many side quest. Stay on the right path in life and you will go far. This goes for real life too… Peace

  • Alexander Hufnagel

    Well i think you found a nice way to give out two more keys. We all thank you so much.

    I hope I get picked so I have the oportunity to use my semester break wisely 😀
    I’ve beed watching some D3 streams and I can’t wait to lay my handy on dat beta =) I’m so pumpt to play this awsome game

  • I’ve been a huge Diablo fan ever since the first game. I still remember seeing the trailer for it on Warcraft 2, and getting way too excited! I’ve been playing D2 since the day it came out, and would love to get a chance to play D3 before it comes out.

  • always do that do that ….for nothing ….maybe with you…

  • Özgür Can Kaya

    Well, I love Diablo so much because it was one of the first hack and slash games I’ve played and continued to play all these years. In fact, I can honestly say it’s the only game that has managed to grasp my attention after all this time.

  • 君 张

    I’m waiting for this game for more than 10 years!

    I want to open the box carefully, be amazed by staring at the cd and take an hour or so to read the manual and every little detail it brings with the box, before playing the actual game, and even then, the 1st thing im gonna do when loading the game is checking the options menu and other stuff, just to see the awesome job they hopefully did!

    I need this game! I need a Key! trust me !

  • its hard to wait for the game release, sp beta key could be nice to have until the game comes.. to true the awsome diablo 3.. i played diablo 2 for so long time, and really want this new diablo 3..

  • Hello all , as i know we have to talk about Diablo 3 .. thats the most expected game for 2012 for sure. Im trying to get to the beta from november till now but like many of you thats like mission imposible.
    However this will not change my mind of buying this game and playing it, cuz im old Diablo fan. I have played Diablo 2 for about 10 years… i have tryed diferent MoDs and stuff just to try to get back in time when Diablo 2 was kind of new.. Me and my friends have spend so many hours.. weeks years of this game, and its always was fun.
    In good old days i enjoyed to play Amazon, cuz i like range based characters ..after expansion poped i picked Assassin cuz of the skin type or something .. and then i released that im good as Assasin. So for Diablo 3 im realy waiting to see the Demon Hunter cuz its like Amazon and Assasin in one :), or maybe im wrong.. Back in 2006 i stoped to play Diablo 2 becouse i started World of Warcraft there ofc i picked Rogue cuz its remind me for the Assasin .. i still play WoW but i dont enjoy it like i did in last few years.. the things now are so diferent.. im like a Vanilla fan.. if you understand me.
    So Diablo 3 is the game that im waiting for , it can give me something unexpected for me and my friends. I like that they put some WoW things in there like AH , Rune system and more. And i was happy to seee that the Nightmare difficulty will be hard to pass thats i like in these games, ppl to be focused and play together to get ahead in the game.
    Well beta key or no… for sure il play Diablo 3 , its just will take more time in waiting.
    For all other ppl here wish you guys Good Luck and cya in D3 when its release :))

  • Diablo to me has been an enjoyable ride
    Played from dawn to dusk and to the next sun rise
    Mobs and bosses I show them my might.
    Hope and pray towards what might
    drop a rare, a rune that cannot hide
    My lust for them like the highest tide.
    Now it seems a time to decide.
    What u give will beat most bribe.
    How I wish for the pretties bride.
    A beta key would be that bride.


  • I hope I win one of those Diablo III Beta keys because I really need a fix (lol) until the full game releases.

  • I am by far Diablos #1 fan! I can prove it too! I have tattoos from Diablo 1 & 2, the bonet of my brand new car has got the Diablo 3 logo, I have a massive collection of Diablo gear including all original figurines, books, towel, cd, headset, mouse, etc… I would do anything for a D3 beta 🙂 I’ve been following diablo since I was 7 years old and I’m now 22! Oh and I’m from Australia so collection Diablo gear wasn’t easy!

  • we all love it , we all want it ! but today only 2 can get it! :), diablo 3 will be just awesome same as 1 and 2

  • I love diablo since diablo II came out . definitely the best rpg game ever . can’t wait to try diablo 3 . it’s gonna be awsome.

  • Thanatos NET

    I’m waiting for Diablo 3 for so many years. I’m dying to start playing this amazing game.

  • I think Diablo 3 is one of the most exciting and beautiful game.. i really want to try it now!

  • I don’t understand this giveaway 🙁

  • This is my last chance of winning a diablo 3 beta key so that’s it, Good Luck guys!

  • Jesper Thirup Larsen

    I liked the new comment by bashiok where he tried to “downplay” the hype – kinda hard not to laugh at that… 😛

  • Perhaps Diablo 3 premiere will take place when our first child will come to the world (End of Q2). Diablo 3 Beta is the only possible way to feel like first time when I run Diablo2 and plunge into the abyss in peace and solitude …

  • Joseph Chandler

    It’s going to be fun getting reacquainted with all of the veterans I used to play with and meeting the new generation that are willing to struggle with me in Hardcore.

  • I’m waiting 10 years for this game, I can’t wait any longer. I need this game!

  • Christian Storbeck

    I would love to get an beta key invite 🙂

  • This is jut another way to start the sentence with the word “this” and ending it with words “Diablo III”.

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing more cool than being proud of the things you love.

    And I love Diablo 3, but I need key to play 🙂

  • I hope Diablo 3 won’t disappoint us with all those changes that came in the patch and i hope it will be really fun game to play 🙂

  • I have been waiting for diablo 3 so long, getting the beta will make it all worth while

  • Steffen Roßkamp

    I’m as excited for Diablo III as I were for the other parts. Luckily it seems I don’t have to stress my comp with this instalment as I had with the others.

  • Robert Mellink

    It is total madness these days with all those beta key give-aways. Yesterday i was one of the 5000 crazy guys and girls that was waiting for 5 hours on Facebook until that final comment came on which we all had to comment. Ofcourse Facebook couldn’t handle the traffic and so again a lot of people got upset. In my opinion it is just a fantastic way to see how many people get excited because of Diablo 3. Lets just hope that blizzard uses his time wisely to deliver the best Diablo game until now!

  • Diablo is my heroin pls give me my dose!

  • Lets see if I can win a key here 🙂

  • Thank you for this new beta key giveaway.

    And let’s hope the recent changes in the skill system are fine and will satisfy hardcore gamers. I need to check it out with a beta key… 😉

  • Thanks for another chance to win a beta key! I was at lore giveaway also, and it wasn’t THAT bad… Don’t be too hard on yourself.

  • What can i say about Diablo III without having a key…
    I almost tried everything to get invited to the Beta because i want it so much. You can’t imagine. But i thing I’m going to like D3 as much as D2.

  • Darren Gibson

    Desperate for this. Diablo 3 is the continuation of an epic saga, millions of people strive to get their grubby mitts on it before it’s even launched. This is my attempt. Attempt of many Beta contests.. If I had to plunge the soulstone into my forehead to get my hands on the Beta I would!

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait until the release of Diablo 3. This is going to be the most excited game in history. Let the item hunting and bashing begin 🙂

  • Jakub Z

    Diablo III will be best game ever.

  • David Laundav

    I sincerely miss the spirit of actually playing Diablo, which most certainly brings me back to thinking of my childhood as I played it since I was merely a smurf, and no older than 8. I remember waking up ever day, wanting to do nothing else than playing Diablo; getting closer to release by now, I feel that childhood spirit awakening! 🙂

  • Bartek Tyrakowski

    Waiting for the f-ing beta since September. ;_;

  • I’ve waited a few years for this now. Can’t wait to play the Monk class and unleash some holy power on the demons that prefer to fight for the other side! The Beta would be a great way to get a feel for the game, so i won’t feel like a complete noob when starting it up for the first time 🙂

  • Diablo3 will be the new top end PvE and PvP RPG due to awesome fight mechanics and great skill oriented play 🙂

  • I love the community of Diablo,i love everything this game has to offer! I’m not a lucky person,but i have hope.Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Greg Myers

    Really looking forward to the diablo 3 beta. Hope you give me a chance!

  • I think Diablo 3 will be the best game ever!

  • Looking forward to the IRL cash auction house in D3 🙂

  • I would kiss Deckard Cain to gain acces to this beta 🙂

  • I had a dream about Diablo last night. There I was with Deckard Cain and asked him if anyone ever told him he sounds like Sean Connery. That made him little bit cranky.

  • I am so exitet about diablo 3 since i saw the scene from blizzcon where the guitarist started to play the first cords of the tristram theme. I had a very strange feeling and ever since i am waiting for the game…this was in 2007 lol…its like waiting for a girl to say yes ^^

  • another give-away… awesome! <3 blizzplanet

  • <3 Diablo 3 – short 'nuff?

  • Diablo is all about community. It was the first game I ever played online, and I’m hoping communities will be strong.

    I hope the only difference inbetween the hours of enjoyment given in this game and the last are that my balls have more hairs on them. <3

  • I cant wait anymore for Diablo 3. I hope this is my chance for a beta key

  • I am extremely D2 players for years, since September 2011, I’m so hot on D3 by the oracle and Mike Bashiok Morhaine that make me crazy with their messages daily that I hardly could stand to play D3. I would like to have a D3 beta gain access so that my life is back to normal.

  • I love the Diablo series and would love to be able to test the game.

  • Johnny Goss

    It’s going to be playing with my brother that is really going to be fun and what I’ll enjoy the most. He’s not a big fan of competitive play (because he loses to me obvs ;D), so killing hordes of demons together in the Diablo universe is perfect <3

  • Daniel Díaz

    I remember enjoying D2 for hours and hours. I had a lot of fun trying different o characters and searching for good equipoment. The enviroment created by D2 was pretty unique.

    Now I’d like to be able to try D3 before it comes out. I need to check if it will run smoothly on my mac, and give feedback to blizzard to make it better. I played D2 on a pc, now it would be great to experience the same quality experience.

  • I would love to get my hands on a beta key, because I want to see for myself how everything works in the third piece of this series after playing every prequel too.

  • Why must Blizzard make it so god damn hard to get a beta key. 🙁
    Can’t they just kick out the old guys and add new ones? The beta’s only an hour or so long and they’ve had like 6 monaths to test. That would only be fair wouldn’t it?

  • Emil Wiell

    im still playing diablo 1 and diablo 2! but i need something new now!! it would be great to be able to try out the beta! just for fun and help with bugs!

  • The two games that I grew up playing were Age of Empires II and Diablo II, can’t wait to see the 3rd installment of my beloved Diablo franchise <3

  • I really expect Diablo3 release date (SOON ^^). It will be the game of the year !!!

    Thanks to give them another chance to get the BETA.

    (Beta key maybe :p)

  • sebas.r

    I’m so exited right now, that i can’t even think straight. I wish i could play my witchdoctor right now – but thats just a dream…

  • sebas.r

    I’m so exited right now that i can’t even think straight. I just want to start my Witchdoctor so bad – but it’s just a dream until now 🙁

  • Diablo III it’s not only the most anticipated game these year but it’s a hole community that care for the games that they play.. I think Diablo III is going to be a must-have game like the other three games of the series.By the way nice changes with the rune system..

  • Can’t wait for Diablo 3 to come out! Gonna be awesome like hell

  • Lawrence Wong

    There is a reason that Blizzard keep letting D3 not-released.
    They not only want D3 to be great, they want it to be the greatest!
    And I believe D3 will be the greatest game ever released!

  • Been waiting for Diablo 3 to come out for over a decade. Love the diablo series, can’t wait to play/test the third one in the series!

  • Diablo 3 will conquer my throne of “Best game ever played” which is still occupied by Diablo 2.

  • I like your idea a lot, beta sweepstakes without having to register will please many people. About D3, I’d say that this game is not just a game for me, it’s a family hame. My whole family plays it : my mom, my dad, my brother and many of my cousins. So, as a fellow Diablo slayer, I’d say “Nothing better than demon’s ass kicking in life” !

  • Thiago Lopes

    Diablo franchises has an unique system, that make the previous games my favorite ones. So i’m waiting Diablo 3 that has a system even better with better graphics and all, like everyone else i know, but i just can’t wait more.

  • Thiago Lopes

    i just love Diablo 3, good luck for me 🙂

  • Time to die! Not really; I need you alive so that I can possibly be in with a chance of winning a beta key 🙂

  • I love diablo and the whole setting. I have both diablo´s on my bnet acc, so i wish i can play the third. All i have seen, is verry nice about the game.

  • Abdulrhman arram

    lol i really tired for following everything on Diablo 3 and checking everyday for my email for beta key i hope if i could get it from here and my last chance cuz am really tired now .

  • Roy Hagen

    Always loved Diablo 3 for the fact that playing with friends and family that live far away is only a button click away ingame.

  • I play all Blizzard games i like that, i hope i can test diablo 3 beta. Ty for Contest

  • I’m excited about spanking the Butcher again in Diablo 3 🙂

  • jake s

    I cant wait for D3! the first computer game i really got into was D2 and iv spent countless hours over the last half of my life just playing that game! and believe me…i am sooo ready to enter the world of Sanctuary again to fight off all that would like to destroy it!

  • Well, I’ve been waiting for D3 sice 2004 more or less, and finally the time has come, actually im playing again D2Lod but i cant wait to try D3. It finally will be the WoW Killer, at last for me 😛

  • Going insane without a key. Diablo III looks like the exact game for me! I so can’t wait it’s silly :[

  • Dear Blizzplanet, this is your chance! Your chance to help a bro in need! In exchange of a Diablo 3 Beta key I will pledge my eternal loyalty to you guys. Ty

  • Kaka Tatakaa

    Hello. Some time ago, when I first saw Diablo 3 it really blew my mind! The art style looks cool and the co-op should be very fun,which is why I would really like to test the Witch doctor’s and Barbarian’s skills, because me and my friend are planning on playing with these classes.

  • Tyson Junkers

    Diablo 2 was incredible. the new look and feel to Diablo 3 is something I just can’t wait to try!

  • I know alot have there problems with patch 13 on the beta 😉 But I for one as I have seen alot of videos like the new changes 🙂 and I also understand why they went that way with the rune system! Its gonna be such a great game and its just sad that there is alot of people whining about the changes.. cheers 🙂

  • Can’t wait to grind again!

  • I have been trying very hard to get a diablo 3 beta key and I really look forward to trying the Witch Doctor. I hope that my freinds and I have as much fun playing diablo 3 as we did playing diablo 2!

  • I’ve been waiting to play this game all my life, hook me up with a beta key so I can give my input. 🙂

  • I cannot wait to play Diablo 3…I have already begun preparations. I have built a new computer, got a new Razer Mouse and a new Logitech Headset. I am now trying to pick the best Gaming Keyboard…any recommendations? Oh yea, and the Collectors Edition is pre-ordered!

  • Marko Rajaluoto

    i have been waiting this for years now, and i have everything ready for the great grind, exept the game itself 🙁

  • Anonymous

    All my attempts to win A Diablo3 Beta Key so far have been unsuccessful most likely due to the UK time difference by the time I had answered the questions asked (among other technical difficulties experienced) they had been answered by a multitude of other people. Still the whole contest experience has been fun and It’s likely I’ve enjoyed this process more than I would have playing the Beta. If I don’t win any of the keys given in future it just means playing the full game will be a more rich experience.

  • Charlie Wong

    I have been waiting all my life for Diablo 3 (okay maybe that was a bit exaggerated), I really hope I’ll win the beta key!

  • I bought Diablo 2 there is not long and I’m really looking forward to playing at 3

  • Grzegorz Ostrowski

    diablo is the best game i ever played and i want try a beta : )

  • I’m waiting for Diablo III for so long that I decided to play some more Diablo II, but did not find anyone to play on Battle.net, everyone should be playing the Beta. I’m looking forward to play Diablo III.

  • The story in diablo is sweet! love it. But the building the character from start to finish is one of the elements in diablo that drives me to this game, also the hack and slash ofc! and loot! lol alot of things that makes this game awesome. When they announced Witch Doctor i jumped in joy! the character looks cool with voodoo gear and all! even the spells looks so awesome! cant wait to lvl up and slash some badguys.. I love everything and i want that key as all here? Thank you for this opportunity..

  • cant wait for diablo 3, how old is cain?? i mean hes been old for decades

  • For my it would be like to return to be a child. To remember the sensation of not knowing that to do, of not knowing what is going to happen after happening for this dungeon or the illusion on having seen a new object that has just fallen down of this infernal insect that you have just killed.. All that I have lived through it playing Diablo II and I want to do too in Diablo III.

  • Joonas Aarnio

    Diablo 3 is going to be one of the best games (if released) this year. The new skill system seems interesting, being able to change the character build without creating a new one is definitely a good thing.

  • ive played diablo since its orgin, read all the literature they have put out to enrich the story. I love the mythology of this series, honestlt what could be more epic then a battle between heaven and hell. I bought a new computer specifically for this game and cant wait to get my hands on it. I truely hope i wins this beta key. cheers folks

  • Anonymous

    I played d1 and still play d2 I can’t wait for d3.

  • I desperately need the beta test, please make my day sir admin

  • Jared Gilson

    I am here I am here don’t start without me! Diablo 2 was the first real pc game I ever got to play and It changed the way I thought about games. I will enter every single contest available to win this key and I thank you for the chance.

  • Joe Kaufman

    Looking forward to playing Diablo III.. eventually! Thank you for the chances at playing.

  • Emir Lara

    I hate/love Blizzard for making me addict to something is not even at stores yet… what can I say, the strenght of memories of D2 is strong in me.

  • I hope this is my chance for a beta key…:D

  • Adam LaBare

    Here’s hoping today is my lucky day! I’ve been a Diablo fan from the beginning and am anxious to try out D3. Would be very appreciative for the opportunity.

  • Visca Visca


    The wait is killing me. I have so many questions about D3 🙁


  • I really want to play Diablo 3. I’ve played the first two and loved them and want to see the new changes in the 3rd from the other 2. Diablo was the first computer game I ever played. So I can’t wait to play the 3rd. And would love to try it out before buying it! 🙂

  • It seems like i’ve been waiting for Diablo 3 for years now and been doing lots of crazy contests to win a beta key to hold me over until relsease. I would LOVE if you guys could help me out with a key! so pick me!

  • Anonymous

    Since the videos/screens of D3 is giving me multiple orgasms… I really wanna know what a beta could do 😀

  • Due to my boredom on WoW I’ve been busy checking diablo3 vids, screenies, gameplay etc. I really have to get a beta key somehow, that’s why my last 3 days have been filled with entering contests, like I’m doing again now! Hopefully some luck!

  • Patrick Vega

    I have been waiting for Diablo 3 since after Diablo 2 came out! I have seen some of the videos and they look awesome and I have also been reading the comic books which are really good. I am ready to go back to the world and fight new and old evil a like! Trying to get a beta key these last few days have been keeping me on my toes with all the contests going on and I hope to get one eventually.

  • Anonymous

    The thing that really gets me about this game it that it is pulling more and more people together. I have never seen a game have such an impact on its fans like this before. Regardless if i get a key or not, it is nice to see such loyalty and dedication towards it. If I were Diablo 3 I would be feeling pretty special right now…

  • Kelly Shannon

    Beyond excited for Diablo 3. I remember running lan cables with my cousin throughout the house before we had access to internet back when D2 came out. Loved playing my skelemancer!

  • Dale Thomson

    I am sooo excited for Diablo 3, I really can’t wait!

  • Still waiting for the release, need the beta to endure. 😛

  • With all the random draws around, it might seem hopeless. But someone is winning ultimately. Might as well be me ^^ Really looking forward to this epic by blizzard!

  • Steve Sullivan

    I noticed that the latest Nvidia drivers have added ambient occlusion support for Diablo 3. It looks like it improves the shadow quality quite a bit. I hope I get a key so I can try it out.

  • I cant wait anymore for Diablo 3. I hope to get a beta key !

  • 1 decade waiting for D3, a little longer won’t kill us. Then again, if we can try the beta to get used to it and somehow “mitigate” the waiting, it’d be awesome. Best of luck to everyone and just enjoy. <3 Diablo, <3 Blizzard. (Y)

  • Jason Thibodaux

    I’ve been looking forward to this game since I finished Diablo II back in high school. My biggest reason to get in the Diablo III beta is to see how it runs on my aging laptop to see if I should build a new PC now or if I can wait. If it can’t run it smoothly, I would build a new PC immediately to finish out my beta testing. I’d also be as active in the beta community as I can.

    I sure hope I get it. Thanks so much for the opportunity, either way!

  • Sara Virtanen

    I have not played Diablo games before and I am dying to get acquainted with the franchise. D3 Beta would allow me to be comfortable with the game before starting in earnest once it is released.

  • I hope i will win a beta key.

  • Dave Germain

    I’m so excited for this game! Every time there is a new Beta patch I run and check my Bnet account to see if I was invited. This game is going to eat up alot of my time when it comes out.

  • I hope Diablo will be hard to kill 😀

  • Diablo III will be the best game ever, but with my bad karma I can not play it until release…

  • I think it is fair enough, since the issues that happened Sunday at #diablo. But as I said before, that kind of thigs happen to the best!

    Cheers, and keep up the good work!

  • Ricky Davis

    I have looked around for months trying to find something else to pass the time with but no game draws my interest as much as Diablo does. I have even upgraded my computer for just this one game but it’s sitting idly wondering why it came into this world if I’m not going to be using it properly. I know chances of Blizzplanet giving me a key is very slim, and once again am just cautiously optimistic that I will get lucky this time

  • .<
    I want my Wings and to be able to play my DH and pwn all the monsters and get all D3 Achievements inside the game.

    I need to get an exact date when its out so I can skip school/work for next 2 weeks 😛

    I plan on playing the CRAP out of this game and droping WoW, SWTOR, and SC II for Diablo III. I am a HUGE fan of the Diablo series. lol I am so depressed that I haven't gotten a beta key for Diablo. I cannot wait to see what changes they are making to part 3.

  • the release date is always too early to tell. I never played the game, but I’m very experienced in waiting for it to be released. help!

  • Camille Allard

    What a nice idea !

    Need to play Diablo3 so badly, so sir MedievalDragon, please pick me up, before you go go…

  • ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) y u no give me a key?

  • I’m tired of losing. Diablo 3 to me means winning, and I want to win. plz.

  • Anonymous

    I played diablo when I was 7 years old, and it has been one of my favorite franchises since then, and Im 21 today. I have obsessed over getting into the beta since the first F&F giveaway. Diablo 3 looks amazing, and I can’t wait to play it.

  • Diablo III is heaven and hell in the same game. I, and many with me, will most likely love the game from the bottom of our hearts, and yet the game will surely destroy our lives.
    I want it. I want it now.

  • Valerio Chieppa

    im so tired from f5ing everything : / your my last hope

  • Not gonna waste too much of your time by writing sth too long, because in fact I don’t think I have a real chance of winning anyway. But I know that I would be happy as hell, so I am gonna try anyway. So I hope thaht whatever random or other sort of picking the winners you have, is gonna make me as one of them ^_^ !
    (and I wish you to get well soon, because dealing with this sort of thing like Diablo beta keys giveaway is not gonna help you with your health I think.)

    btw from my point of view the Lore IRC Chat giveaway wasn’t so bad, but actually fun (except for the spammers), after all it was “beta keys giveaway” and nobody was forced to participate, so they have (almost) nothing to complain about. 🙂

  • i want beta key plz

  • Anonymous

    I think I originally posted on the wrong thread. So I’ll repost:

    I’m as excited about Diablo III as my wife will hate me for playing it so much. Believe me that is A LOT! The intense battles, teaming up with people, and of course the loot are second to none!

  • Anonymous

    Im excited for diablo 3 because ive got a group of friends who have discussed and talked about playnig, how, who, what, when where. everything about it. and now its coming extremely close!! Thats why i like it, The PVP looks like a fun thing also!

  • I want to play Diablo 3 beta, please! ^_^

  • i cant wait for diablo 3!!! i love the awesome replay value of the diablo series and really want to get in on this next installment’s beta version. this game is going to further revolutionize dungeon crawlers as know it today.

  • if i get my girlfriend to pose advertising your site can i have a key?! she one sexy ass girl lol pleeeease

  • I’m addicted to Diablo 2 (and 3).

  • Justin Macdonald

    Sweet thanks for making this contest easy and changing it for the eye’s of the contestants. D2 has meant a lot to me and my brother, we would spend countless hours playing the game. We dealt with have one computer and taking turns playing right after school. Even today we still talking about diablo 2 and our high hopes for diablo 3. I’m getting tired of video games… I’m just not getting that feeling anymore. But I know a game like D3 will take me out of that drought. I need beta because it would be one of the greatest achievements I acquired in my life time.

  • I’m so excited for D3 and im so happy that its close, but i need a damn beta key! 😡

  • The new skill slot restrictions/guides does seem like a good idea for new players. But when you’re in elective mode, the headers that tell you what goes in that slot should be invisible. It sends mixed messages to the user. You /can/ put anything you want in, but the UI is still telling you what to put in each slot.

  • I’m going to make a pact with Diablo and we’ll go to Blizzard Headquarters and take a betakey to play Diablo III and i’ll defeat him after. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (mad laugh)

  • Matthew Goldstein

    I can’t wait for D3 to come out so I can re-live the good old days and smash some mobs. Here’s to hoping for a key!

  • I love this game,pls take me in to beta.

  • Can’t wait for Diablo III, it will be the best game ever, as Diablo II was on its age, I have no doubts!!
    I really want the beta key, be able to try the game a few months before its release would be fantastic!!
    Thanks for the chance!

  • Medievaldragon. Years ago you served my father in the Sin War. Now he begs you to help him in his struggle against this Evil. I regret that I am unable to convey my father’s request to you in person, but my carriage has fallen under attack, and I’m afraid my mission to bring you to Tristram has failed. I have placed information vital to the survival of Sanctuary inside this enchanted envelope. My father will know how to retrieve it. You must see this letter safely delivered to him at Tristram. This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Medievaldragon. You’re my only hope.

  • Jon Mårtensson

    I can’t wait for Diablo 3, I don’t really mind if I don’t get a Beta – that’ll only mean I will get all the goodies when the game come out for real. Though, it wouldn’t hurt spending the hours between work/workout – bedtime with some Diablo 3 though – the game looks kickass and I, as everyone else is anxious with anticipation!

  • Pick me or I’ll set myself on fire.

  • In spite of myself, I am getting excited about D3 again. I can’t wait for info on a release date and then finally getting my hands dirty with some of the characters.

  • Diablo is awesome. Enough said.

  • Bergur Páll Gylfason

    oh my god, i just love diablo, it is so great, i have been dying to try the beta, but without any luck :(:(
    I hope my girlfriend will forgive me when i get the game 🙂

  • I’ve been playing D2 for years, here’s to a bunch more with D3!

  • I’m looking forward to updated graphics and awesome gameplay that Diablo III will bring to the table! Can’t wait!

  • diablo 2 played a big part in my youth, i remember my friend told me about this game so i went out and bought it when i was 12, started playing it at my grandma’s house along with my cousin… well id get about 19 hours of gameplay in then it would end up about 5 in the morning id go to bed finally give it to my cousin and my grandparents would come down and yell at him for being on that early. /win

  • I’m looking forward to listening to the new Diablo 3 music, and arena/the story.
    I’m happy that they got the Diablo 1 and 2 music composer back for Diablo 3.
    Also Diablo 3 arenas could be very fun, I’m hoping that monks will die when I hit them though. I think I’ll probably play Barbarian mostly. And of course I’m sure the story will be very good if it’s anything like the first two games.

    Here’s hoping for beta,

  • Here’s to the best upcoming game of the decade. Can’t wait til it comes out.

  • Diablo 3 rocks, and I am legend on Diablo 2. Looking forward to Diablo 3. Need a beta key to play with my people! Thanks in advance! Hope you pick me!

    Been trying to get a key for awhile now, and this seem to be the best chance so far.

    <3 You!

  • I really like Diablo III because when Diablo II came out I didn’d had a PC back then… and I couldn’t play until the game was +5 years old… now with Diablo III I can play it from the release and I love this game 😀

  • PunKZ

    I remember me an my best friend(who’s now dead) were playing Diablo 2 like crazy all those years ago. We talked about a follow-up to the game already back then. We couldn’t wait for it. Now when it’s near I’ve been hunting for keys everywhere, but no luck so far. I can’t wait to play Diablo III. All the memories I’ve got with the second game…I wonder what new amazing memories I’ll get with this game.

  • I want to get into the beta to test a game that I have been waiting for over a decade. This game is simply going to be amazing!

  • ahha I hope I win, I’ve been a dedicated player for more than a decade.

  • Diablo 3 will be worth the wait. Trust Blizzard!

  • Gabriel Cherescu

    The golden gate bridge took 4 Years to build , even for the eiffel tower was just 2 years… diablo 3 still breaking records

  • I played Diablo 2 since it came out, then the Exp and now a long wait for D3!

  • I’m so excited for D3 cuz I’ve been playing the series since d1 and read all books. just wanna play this art.(can not just state as ‘game’ cuz there are a lot of common games)

  • I’ve never played the first two and would love to try the beta first.

  • As soon as I finished Diablo 2 LoD I’ve been anticipating the release of Diablo 3. Wooo it’s been sooooo long ago since then, really need D3, i miss it, just like millions of other people probably 🙂

  • Joe Crick

    oH PLEASe oh PLEASE I just want to summon some toads!

    Pick me pick me!

  • I have been waiting for D3 for many years now! Diablo has been a big part of my gaming world. I absolutely love the franchise, and just cannot wait to buy the game! (Or hopefully play the beta! )

  • Diablo 1 was one of first games I played. Then Diablo II. And now, I’m still waiting for Diablo III. Really can’t wait. Just release it. Hurry. Or just give me beta key to get to the game 🙂

  • Tomasz Danus

    Diablo in old days was my favorite game – Diablo himself died 50+ times and my Archer many times more… Diablo II never got me exited to that level… but everything i see and read about Diablo III remaind me that feeling i had when new level was loading in Diablo I ( and it took ages on Pentium II ;]]] ) and i hope that when it finally arrives will be worth the wait;]

  • I can’t wait to play Diablo3, have been playing Blizzard games for a long time. Diablo 1,2 , Warcraft series, Starcraft series…
    Diablo 1 was my very first online experience. The release of D3 is sooo far away, need to take the opportunity to win a beta key!

  • Beta keys going out everywhere and yet still haven’t managed to get one. All I want is D3 beta to finally get to grips with what will probably be the game of the year. I cannot wait to play and even if it was out in a week i’d still want beta now …. so please just one key this way?

  • Please Please Please choose me

  • Brad Crummy

    Diablo III will do more than success its predecessor :D.

  • I am so ready for D3 I can taste the key and it taste like victory. Getting Ready I am playing D2 to starve off the envy of those who already have keys.

  • I’m really looking forward to Diablo 3, the first game I ever played that I remember was Diablo 2 and I’ve been looking forward to a new Diablo for many years now 🙂

  • The environment, the graphics, the atmosphere, the music,the distress,the war with evil, and more more more more… can i have a beta key?
    Imperius waited me and i need a key to enter the door can i have it plz??

  • I look forward do Diablo 3, because the former game Diablo 2 is actually the first game ive ever played. It was love at first sight, i have been playing it on and off in 10 years time, and it’s still my favourite game. I remember back in the old days when “Grandfather” (Sword) was the best thing that has happened to me. I’m hoping that Blizzard will release it as soon as possible, because every day that goes by, it feels like I have less to live for without Diablo in my life.
    If I were choosen for the beta, it would probably be the best thing that has ever happened to me (except for diablo 2 lod)

  • I have to win a key before or at the same time as my friend Joe or I will be forced to move into his house with his wife and kids to watch the game play.

  • Private draken

    Im exited about diablo 3 because its all more or less online. So every person you end up meeting in RL who plays Diablo 3 will end up being on the same server etc. Makes it feel more prestige 🙂

  • As every1 else I’m too waiting for the release. Even getting my hands on the beta would be like a gift from heavens. Playing co-op through dark and scary dungeons, gearing heroes up and killing hard bosses, man what could be better! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Well Lets see, Diablo 3 looks amazing, and the fact that it has an auction house now makes it so much better. I can’t wait to dive in and just go nuts on loot runs.

  • Anonymous

    Diablo III looks like the best in the series. Their attention to user experience, character customization while being noob friendly, and the ability to both hand out ass-whoopin, and receive it, roll together into a glorious bundle of awesome. I’d love to play the beta as both a Diablo series lover and a developer myself, where hopefully I can provide insight to the game for the blizzplanet community, as well as attempt to find bugs and give feedback to Blizzard on my experience.

  • Helio Borges

    I love Diablo, Blizzard and I can’t wait for diablo 3. I have already decided on the names of all my characters (and few other options if those names aren’t available) and prepared myself to break the gates of hell (or heaven) in the first minute of the launch day.

    Oh Blizzplanet, share some love for a long long long time fan 🙂

  • Does anyone get the same error message as me when trying to send the email? I get a delivery status notification failure. Ive tried to email them from both my hotmail accounts and also my gmail account. Same problem on both, this shit drives me crazy.

  • I can’t wait to take on the rest of the Lesser Evils. I’m still not sure what class I’ll play though. I was a diehard necromancer in D2. Several of them look interesting though. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Takkie tdc

    Once a week I tell my kids their bedtime story about the adventures of a hero that forces evil back in it’s lair. For 780 weeks, the same old story. My kids are getting bored with it and hunger for a new chapter of this epic saga. The demand it!
    Please Blizzard and blizzplanet, I am begging you to feed their ears with demons and gore, before they turn in most fearful night-creatures and have their ways with my limbs torn off my loving torso.

  • mike gillogly

    The reason I’m so excited about Diablo 3 is because it really brings back memories of 1 and 2. I still remember rushing to Best Buy after work to pickup my reserved copy of D2-LOD and sitting down at my computer for the nest 3 days lol. I’m so psyched it’s not even funny. If I never get a key it will still be ok because release day will be that much more exciting 🙂

    Thanks for having this contest and good luck to us all.

  • Anonymous

    I really like D2 and i hope D3 will be also very good.
    Hope to win a key.

  • Patrick Martonfi

    I’d like to be a part of the beta testing for Diablo 3, as well as enjoy the game itself of course. Thanks for that chance.

  • The best thing about Diablo 3 is a continuation of the pseudo-Christianity storytelling that all began with Diablo. Azmodan and the seven deadly sins, Diablo the prime evil, it will be amazing. I also cant wait to try out the new PvP and the improvments from the old D2 system such as auction house and especially the rune skills.

    Also Demon Hunter –> Van Helsing

  • Fred Hohman

    As someone who wasn’t allowed to buy Diablo II when it came out (too young), I can’t wait to play Diablo III. Been keeping up with the news, and I’m also a long time Blizzard fan. I have no doubt this game will be great. It would be awesome to be able to play it early. Thanks!

  • Celik Sert

    “I can see what you see not.
    Vision milky, then eyes rot.
    When you turn they will be gone,
    Whispering their hidden song.
    Then you see what cannot be,
    Shadows move where light should be.
    Out of darkness, out of mind,
    Cast down into the Halls of the Blind.”

    I need a Beta Key as well 🙂 cheers all

  • Been a diablo fan for a very long time now, I am really looking forward to playing the story line, RMAH and trying the new classes!

  • I can’t wait wait to get my hands on this game. I’ve been playing diablo games since i was what… 8? kicking my brothers’ asses with my paladin… dem good ol’ days. So yeah, it’s time to move on to the next diablo game in the franchise, diablo 3!

  • Diablo 3 in a few words…end of social life. Am i doing it right? Would also provide some awsome conversations with my friends haha.


  • John Railton

    I remember my first Diablo 2 LAN when I was 14 years old. We stayed up 3 days straight playing the game and it was one of the best LAN’s I have ever been to. I am sure D3 is going to provide many more great memories and I hope to one day get a chance to experience it. And, thanks for one of the less demanding ways to enter a competition.

  • Fingers crossed )

  • Anonymous

    I really am looking forward to Blizzards latest game, built a computer for this! This is going to AWESOME!!

    Thanks for this giveaway.

  • Chris Schreiner

    Diablo 3 looks AMAZING! I’ve been following it ever since it was announced, and have been trying to get a Beta key for some time. The gameplay graphics, and story all look stellar, just like in Diablo 2, so I am super super excited.

  • I hope D3 will be as addictive as D2 was. Had such a great time with my friends doing boss runs !

  • So I have at least three copies of Diablo II and the expansion, due to loses, switching between Mac and PC, and friends just leaving them. Thankfully, I will only have to buy Diablo III once, and technically, I already own it. Blizzard’s Diablo III delay got me back playing WoW.

  • Todd Peck

    I am so glad I found this. I have been desperately trying to grab a key from here and some other sites as well. I have been waiting for this game to come out for so long now, and to have it just over the horizon and not yet be able to sample its demon slaughtering goodness is driving me nuts. Even my son got a key already, so please consider my entry. xD

  • Andres Munoz

    This is the most incredible oportunity!!! I PROMISE to be as chaotic as possible!! I cant say I waited 10 years but Ive spent countless hours playing (Specially LoD). This key, will NOT be wasted.


  • Demico Sanchious

    I grew up playing the Diablo series and like everyone else here, fell in love with it. It’s lore, the baddies and the quests were what heavily immersed me into the series. That on top of being able to hop online with friends and family for a time where we could all hack n slash together and fight everything that was thrown at us. Loved jumping into the fray on my barb! Like everyone else here, I’ve waited patiently and tried signing up for all of the contests held and f5ing like crazy to even have an attempt to key to help test out the game. Crossing my fingers that I get lucky enough to have the chance to try it out. And if not, I wish everyone good luck as well and hope to see all you hack n slashers and adventurers in a few months via game release!

  • Anonymous

    can’t wait for d3….i need beta key bad

  • Anonymous

    my marriage depend on a beta key 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Being the youngest of 4, I never had my turn to play Diablo II. However, the time we did share… Well it was magical, please let me experience that feeling again with Diablo III. Thank you 🙂

  • When I started Diablo 2, I remember playing through act one late at night feeling the fear of the unknown, with monsters running at my poorly geared sorceress. I remember my rogue merc with a gemmed bow owning face, and charged bolt being the coolest skill on the planet…

    I killed Andariel (it was tough back then) and freaked out thinking she was Diablo. Why? Because she was pictured on the d2 installer with an amazon of course. After being explained in an online game that I had only completed a fourth, or possiblty fifth of the game, my mind was blown, and I was hooked.

    – That feeling of awe and adventure, new disoveries and friends… that’s what I’m waiting for with Diablo 3! I want to feel that feeling that I got from d2 after the loading screen and cinematic I got from clicking “go east.” More demons and evils to kills! It continues!

  • Diablo 2 was the best game of its time and I can’t wait for D3 to come out. I still play D2 to this day. Im excited for the ever-so-waited-for release of Diablo 3. It will by far replace every other game on my computer!

  • Diablo 3 is gonna rock more than the last 2 for sure……I can’t wait

  • Robert Conrad

    Diablo 2 taught me the basics of LAN networking and 13 years later I work in the IT field professionally! This obviously means that in time the beta access to Diablo 3 will allow me to become the CEO of Google.

  • I can’t wait to play Diablo 3. Been playing the series since the first game, from the Butcher all the way up to nightmare Baal.

  • I’ve been eagerly anticipating Diablo 3 for quite some time now and would love to be able to do some testing (which may last quite a while it seems!)

  • Dylan Honardoust

    Really excited for Diablo 3 been following it since it’s announcement, a beta key would really make me happy.

  • Its been about 8 years since i kicked my addiction to D2.
    Of course you want to fuel my next addiction right???

  • Bret Castrinoes

    This game is going to revive Blizzards Diablo Series and I hope to get a close up look at this, in and all I’ve read that this is going to be one of the best games of the decade, plus this is one of the first game series I’ve played starting with the first one playing as the hero, but become the “Dark Wanderer” 😀

  • why do i feel like tyrael’s a fuckin’ traitor and he’s gonna backstab us when we finally get to play diablo! so long, so good

  • Okay short and sweet. I’ve played Diablo as far back as i can remember. Early on I was engrossed in Hardcore and the consistent challenge it brought. To this day i’ve tried every game i could trying to get that feeling again but nothing can hold a candle to it. I have high hopes for D3 and hope to finally retire my D2 account with it’s revival.

  • Carson Keng Seng

    diablo 3 is what RPG games should be

  • Jeff Carter

    I can’t wait to play the sequel to one of my favorite games!

  • Sean Delfin

    Diablo 3 will be the game I will play for days on end.

  • gimme my key!

  • Cody McCaw

    It has been a while since I have played any of the Diablo series, until i decided to play the first one again. What a difference it was when compared to the second one. Still it was fun getting through it. Cant wait for the third installment!

  • You are the one who makes me happy 😀

  • Dariusz Kosiek


  • I want a keyyyy

  • Pavao Ivancek

    I’ve destroyed two mice (yes, computer mice) clicking my way through diablo 1 over and over again. Diablo 2 was a refreshment with mouse hold and running (YAY!). I can’t wait to see what Diablo 3 has to offer. Spare me the torture of this demonic waiting.

    Oh btw, I dont live on earth so on my planet its still before 21. February 🙂

  • Oscar Walters

    I´m looking forward to D3 cause skill based games like D3 were you control the skills your self a quite rare. I think i can give Blizzard some good feedback and i´m thinking about sharing a few clips of it on YT so more people can see 🙂

  • Диабло 3 Реально крутая игра, давай ключ пожалуйста!
    Водка, Медведь, Балалайка!

  • Диабло 3 реально крутая игра! Дайте ключ пожалуйста!
    Водка, Медведь, Балалайка!

  • Anonymous


  • Paulo Sales Gomes

    I remember the days that me and my brother spent hours smashing demons and collecting items :D! Being a fan for so long, I would really love to try the beta.

  • another chance to win fast..

  • irc is alittle rough.;-( its old school goodness though.