The Black Soulstone | Act II

Note: The Black Soulstone quest doesn’t start at the Hidden Camp like other quests in Act II. This quest commences when you have collected both Blood of Zoltun Kull — completing the quest: Blood and Sand.

Use the Town Portal at the Vault of the Assassin. Then use the Waypoint at the Hidden Camp to teleport to the Desolate Sands (if you unlocked it earlier).

Blood and Sand | Act II

Zoltun Kulle: I will give you the Black Soulstone, but in exchange, I must be made whole once again.

Tyrael: You were treacherous before. How do I know you won’t be an even greater threat once you’ve been fully revived?

Zoltun Kulle: You don’t. So you must ask yourself… how much would you risk to save this wretched world?

Tyrael: Everything.

Zoltun Kulle: Ah, so be it. To begin, you will need to retrieve my blood from the dungeons where it has been hidden away. You will find them in the Desolate Sands beyond the aqueducts.

Betrayer of the Horadrim | Act II

Leah: The guards were asking you about this… Black Soulstone. I remember reading about it in Uncle’s journal, but it didn’t seem important.

Adria: Oh, but it is. It is the key to defeating evil forever! It was created by the mage Zoltun Kulle to trap demonic souls.

Leah: Yes! He was a renegade Horadrim, dismembered by his brethren before he could activate the soulstone. His head was sealed away in the Dahlgur Oasis.

Adria: We must retrieve it, because if we’re to use the soulstone to defeat Belial and Azmodan, Zoltun Kulle must live again!

Templar: I do not like this. We can defeat Belial without using a wizard’s foul magic.

A Royal Audience | Act II

Necromancer: I killed Maghda. While we fought, she claimed that Belial used the Imperial Guard to capture Leah.

Tyrael: Then they must be holding the emperor against his will! I tremble to think what Belial might do with Leah and her growing power. The only chance we have to rescue Leah is to wrest the emperor from the grasp of the Imperial Guard.

Necromancer: We need to get into teh city. Asheara might be able to help.

Speculation: Diablo Immortal Timelines

During the BlizzCon 2018 Diablo Immortal panel, Wyatt Cheng said something that has been poking the back of my mind ever since. Something that has made me think that Diablo Immortal is not just to tell the story of what happened five years after Diablo II’s Worldstone destruction, but also serve as a primer for Diablo IV.

That thing poking at the back of my mind is that there is not just other worlds out there — as revealed to the dragon Trag’Oul in Diablo: The Sin War (Vol. 3) — but there are also other timelines. If you are into DC Comics or Marvel Comics — you know what I mean: a multiverse of alternate timelines.

City of Blood | Act II

Necromancer: Now that the little deception is out of the way, I can finally reach Alcarnus. This time, Maghda will finally meet her death.


  • Travel through Khasim Outpost’s east gate
  • Find Alcarnus

Kadin: The Imperial Guard was infiltrated by demons? Or are they all demons?

Caliem: The demons came disguised as members of the Imperial Guard. They controlled our minds, drained them to create their illusions.

Aleran: I wonder what happened to my son…

Templar: The air is thick with magic.

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