Diablo III Hahnentorburg Timelapse Video and Beta Key Contest

Blizzard Entertainment unveiled the timelapse video of The Making of the Diablo Mural shown at Hahnentorburg Rudolfplatz. It is important to all GamesCom 2011 attendees to attend Hahnentorburg for a chance at a Diablo III beta key. Contest details at the bottom. Additionally, IGN UK nominated Diablo III for the IGN People’s Choice Award. You can vote for Diablo III here.

As part of Blizzard Entertainment’s presence at gamescom 2011, artist Manfred Stader has created a bespoke piece of Diablo III street art. The image depicts Diablo accompanied by demons bursting forth from the very streets of Cologne. What’s unique about the image, aside from the content, is that it has been designed to be viewed in full 3D perspective. As a result, it produces an unnerving glimpse into The Burning Hells themselves.

The artist began production of this very special piece on Monday August 15, situated at Hahnentorburg Rudolfplatz in central Cologne.

Don’t forget we have also organised a competition based on your photographs of this artwork — you can find details about that here.

Diablo’s Burning Hells contest: Win Access to the Beta for one of our Upcoming Games

Attention gamescom goers: a portal to Diablo’s Burning Hells has been sighted at Rudolfplatz in Cologne! To celebrate this terrifying development, Blizzard is giving those witnessing the event a chance to win access to the beta phase for one of our upcoming games.

If you are in Cologne and wish to participate, please follow these simple instructions:

  • Head over to Rudolfplatz, next to the Hahnentor. (map link).
  • Gather up the courage to stand on the brink of the portal and have a friend take a picture of you. Make sure you put on your bravest face to confront Diablo!
  • On Twitter, post a link to the image with the hashtag #D3GC11, and an “@reply” to our @Diablo account.

Members of the Blizzard community team will look over the posted pictures during the weeks following gamescom and pick the best ones. Please consider following the @Diablo account so Blizzard can get in touch with you via direct message in case you’re one of the lucky winners.

For all the details on the contest, please read the rules available here.

GamesCom 2011 – Diablo III Console Now Serious

Diablo III Lead Designer Josh Mosqueira revealed at the press conference Blizzard Entertainment is actively searching for the best console developers in the industry. In short, that sounds like the studio is no longer researching if Diablo III console is viable. Now it’s serious business. It’s still not an official announcement, and it won’t affect the shipment of Diablo III for PC and Mac apparently. Nevertheless, this is definitely an open house invitation to all programmers, designers, and artists to submit video reels and resumes to Blizzard’s Diablo III Console Team.

“Today, we’re trying to build the best console team at Blizzard. We’re looking for programmers, designers, artists who think their dream job would be to bring Diablo to the console. Trust me, it is a dream job. All I can say is it’s going to be awesome. Stay tuned.” — Source: Eurogamer

GamesCom 2011 Round-Up

GamesCom 2011 will be held through August 17-21, and we will try to gather as much links and info as possible throughout the next few days. You can check out the whole Blizzard schedule at GamesCom here.

The first addition to GamesCom 2011 round up comes from Diablo-3.net and it is gonna leave you jaw-dropped. Blizzard Entertainment unveiled a massive poster placed on the ground near the German City Gate of Hahnentor at Rudolfplatz.

IT’S AMAZING! The kind of work to create this poster is staggering. It looks like Blizzard took a photo of the ground of Hahnentor some time ago, painted the photo in Photoshop then printed a real-life sized poster to place at the exact place they planned to put it at. However, it was all painted on the fly over cardboard by an artist. I mean — this thing looks beyond awesome. It is also an optical illusion. It really looks like Diablo and some demons are coming right out of the ground. The art was photographed every 30 minutes, so there might be used later on for a “The making of” or “Behind the Scenes” video later on.

On a second note, rumors that Diablo and his brothers merged into one being seem to take strength. In this new view of the Diablo shown in the Cinematic Teaser Trailer (2008) you see Diablo with four hands. Those hands look like those of Mephisto. Only there doesn’t seem to be much of Baal’s features (tendrils and spider-like limbs). Check out more photos and two videos at Diablo-3.net.

Press Coverage

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Patch 4.3

  • Three five-player dungeons with new models (One in Caverns of Time), and a Deathwing raid dungeon.
  • Ethereal NPCs in major cities.
  • Transmogrify: The NPC merges two armors into one. Say you love Tier 3 set. Place it at the Transmogrify interface and add your current Tier 11 set. Your Tier 11 set looks now like
  • Tier 3 but keeping the Tier 11 stats intact.
  • Transmogrified items must be same type (i.e. mail / mail, cloth / cloth) and stay within the class requirement.
  • Void Storage: A pocket dimension which adds 100-150 item slots obtained with gold currency. Separate from the normal Bank. However, downside is the items lose the gems, enchantments and profession-crafted items lose the text of the player who created it.
  • Raid Finder: Operates the same way as does the dungeon finder.
  • Deathwing fight is the most epic encounter to date including a battle phase over Deathwing’s back while he flies.
  • Patch 4.3 is the last content patch of Cataclysm.
  • New Expansion in the horizon to be announced at BlizzCon 2011 (October 20-21)


Diablo III Inferno Mode – Press Conference (Day 1)

Blizzard Press Conference GamesCom 2011 – WATCH IN HD

Jay Wilson on Inferno mode items and Auction House – Gamespot

Blizzard Booth Tour


Check out the Blizzplanet: GamesCom 2011 News section for more.

Blizzard’s GamesCom 2011 Schedule and Diablo III Beta Hint?

Blizzard Entertainment recently posted their entire GamesCom 2011 schedule. Attendees should find them at the following booths: hall 6.1, B21 – C30. Seven developers will be in attendance to participate in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, Diablo III and World of Warcraft live interviews at the booth. They will also be signing merchandise at a later time. Take note.

Attendees should definitely wish to stick around the Blizzard booth. Several times throughout the day, there will be Blizzard Quizzes about lore of any of the universes. The winners will get some nice swag from J!NX, Panini, Razer and SteelSeries.

On another note, the official Blizzard GamesCom schedule page has an intriguing last words that has the community thrilled jamming at the speculation/rumor mill. Was it meant as a joke? Or was it a hint that Diablo III Beta starts on August 16? Whoa?

Blizzard’s GameCom page quote: “As a side note, any rumors you may have heard about a gate to Diablo’s Burning Hells opening in Cologne are completely unfounded. Seriously, nothing is happening at Rudolfplatz from the evening of August 16 — especially nothing to do with demonic invasions.” — Oww-Emm-Gee?

Actually, the Schedule (PDF) says that through Thursday-Sunday, all day, fans will “Witness Diablo unleash his wrath in Cologne at Rudolfplatz (Next to the Hahnentor)”. That means Blizzard Entertainment is likely to have some sort of event there with lots of Diablo III themed banners or billboards. Hired Cosplay maybe? Hard to tell.

A quick search in Google shows that Hahnentor is a City Gate located at Rudolfplatz. Hmm … City Gate … Gate to Diablo’s Burning Hells.

GamesCom attendees might have a bit of a hard time trying to reach Hahnentor to figure out what Blizzard has in store there. It’s about 8-10 minutes by car from the GamesCom Koelnmesse Convention Center (approximately 4km). Check out the google map.

Is the choosing of the City Gate Hahnentor (as the Gates of Hell) for the Diablo III event merely a symbolic gesture by Blizzard Entertainment, or does it augurs the launch of Diablo III beta testing on August 16th? It’s definitely hard to stop the mill now.

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Blizzard activities at gamescom 2011

18-21 August 2011

A complete schedule of all the activities taking place at our booth can be found here in PDF format.

  • Blizzard at gamescom Welcome Event
    • Date: Thursday, 12:00-12:50
    • Description: Join us at the Blizzard booth as we commence proceedings with a chance to meet our executive and development teams. In attendance will be Frank Pearce (Executive Vice President, Product Development and Co-Founder), Jonny Ebbert (Senior Game Designer, StarCraft II), Tom Chilton (Game Director, World of Warcraft), Chris Robinson (Art Director, World of Warcraft), Jay Wilson (Game Director, Diablo III) and Josh Mosqueira (Lead Designer, Diablo III) – all of whom will be available for subsequent signing sessions.
      Additionally, there’ll be an orchestral presentation showcasing music from World of Warcraft.
  • Interview with StarCraft II Development Team
    • Date: Thursday, 16:30
    • Description: Frank Pearce and Johnny Ebbert will be on the Blizzard booth for an interview about StarCraft II and the upcoming expansion Heart of the Swarm.
  • Interview with World of Warcraft Development Team
    • Date: Friday, 12:15
    • Description: Tom Chilton will be on the Blizzard booth for an interview about the ongoing development of World of Warcraft.
  • Diablo Performance and Interview with Diablo III Development Team
    • Date:Saturday, 12:00
    • Description: After a dance macabre from the demonic hordes, Jay Wilson and Josh Mosqueira will be on the Blizzard booth for an interview about the upcoming title Diablo III.
  • dance contest
    • Date: Friday, August 19 at 16:00
    • Sign up: If you wish to apply for pre-registration in this contest, send an email with the subject [dance contest] to us at gamescom2011@blizzard.com, including your name, date of birth and the details of the dance you will be performing. Please make sure to read the rules before entering. All selected entrants will be contacted by us via email.
    • Description: Impress our judges with your best rendition of a World of Warcraft dance and you could win fantastic prizes from our partners. In addition to the pre-registration by email, you will be able to sign up for this contest directly at gamescom by visiting our booth, located at hall 6.1, B21 and asking for the Dance Contest sign up. The contest will start at the Blizzard booth at 4 p.m. CEST on August 19 so make sure you are there a little earlier to join in!
  • costume contest
    • Date: Saturday, August 20 at 16:00
    • Sign up: Send an email to gamescom2011@blizzard.com with the subject [costume contest] containing your name, date of birth, and the name or a brief description of the Blizzard-related costume you will be entering. Please make sure to read the rules before entering. All selected entrants will be contacted by us via email.
    • Description: Impress our judges with your best costume inspired by one of the Blizzard game universes and you could win a trip to BlizzCon 2011, with the tickets, transportation, and hotel accommodation paid for by our sponsors for you and one other person.
    • Sponsored by: J!NX, Panini and SteelSeries.

  • Developer Signing Sessions
    • Date: twice daily
    • Description: Your chance to get your very own autograph from members of our developer and executive teams. Please note that special Blizzard 20th anniversary signing postcards will be provided for the occasion.
  • StarCraft II Show Matches
    • Date: each day
    • Description: Come and witness the cutting edge of competitive StarCraft II play as pro gamers battle it out for your viewing pleasure. Matches will be commented by notorious German shoutcaster Homer J.
  • World of Warcraft Live raids
    • Date: Saturday and Sunday
    • Description: The well-known guilds of Ensidia and For the Horde will be fighting the most challenging encounters in Azeroth in exciting live raid sessions.
  • Blizzard Quiz
    • Date: several times each day
    • Description: Show your knowledge of all the Blizzard franchises and win fantastic prizes!
    • Sponsored by: J!NX, Panini, Razer and SteelSeries.

As a side note, any rumors you may have heard about a gate to Diablo’s Burning Hells opening in Cologne are completely unfounded. Seriously, nothing is happening at Rudolfplatz from the evening of August 16 — especially nothing to do with demonic invasions.

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