Diablo III Overthrown Diorama Shipped to Europe Customers

Sideshow Collectibles has issued a notice through their newsletter that all Diablo III Overthrown Diorama orders for Europe are now shipped from their EU Warehouse and are in-transit to your home. Be sure to make arrangements to receive the delivery man, and prepare a special shrin– err place, ready to display your Barbarian with pride. The orders shipped are: #8023 & Ex. #80231.

Submit a photo of yourself with the Barbarian Diorama to post it on our front page.

Jay Wilson Interview at Diablofans

Diablofans has an interview with Jay Wilson about Diablo III. The question about the Monk yielded some interesting tidbits such as the replacement of the Skill Tree by a brand-new skill based system the team is experimenting with. We will learn more about it through the Diablo Twitter in the near future. The female monk is nigh done, and will be announced soon.

Jay teased there are things they haven’t announced yet which allow players to customize their characters’ stats through their items, thus forget about the original Diablo’s elixirs. A level 100 character on harder modes will have unique item / gear models not seen in easier modes — not just a rehash of the same item-model with a different name.

Concerning immunities, my interpretation on Jay’s answer is that in Diablo II certain bosses had a full immunity to a magic resistance (i.e. immune to ice damage) — I remember back in the day when I played single player with a sorceress and focused my skill points on ice-based spells … let’s just say, it wasn’t fun fighting Duriel and running like a sissy. Apparently, in Diablo III bosses won’t have the same problem. You might have other spells or abilities that you usually don’t use much to adapt to every situation. Bosses will still have a certain degree of resistances, but nothing so extreme as in Diablo II where you could be stuck, or forced to play in a group.

Unique items are known in Diablo III as Legendary Items. Vendor NPCs will still be there to offer weapons and armor to fill the gap on the random / luck drop factor. If you haven’t found a replacement for your boots, you can simply buy an item from a vendor while you find something better to replace it with.

The biggest turn off of the interview was their decision to not include Ureh in the first installment of Diablo III to save time in their internal scheduled development. Thus, Ureh is likely getting some development-time in future Diablo III expansions. PvP was completely ignored with no comments.


  • Female Monk animations nigh completed
  • Skill Tree replaced by Skill-based System (no more Wow/Dii Skill Tree)
  • Twitter will be an exclusive source of Diablo III news
  • Unannounced Stats customization through items
  • Difficulty Mode at lvl 100 gives items/models not seen in easier modes
  • No more full resistance immunity bosses or rather unable to beat them. Keyword: Adapt.
  • Ureh won’t make it into Diablo III

Richard A. Knaak Signing in Dallas and San Antonio

Richard A. Knaak continues his journey throughout Texas visiting BORDERS bookstores as part of his book signing schedule.  Today Saturday he will be at the Austin BORDERS, and tomorrow Sunday he is visiting the San Antonio BORDERS. Check out the schedule below and make arrangements. Bring all your Dragonlance, Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo novels and manga for signing, and say hello.

November 14 2:30 PM
4477 S. Lamar street, DALLAS, TX

Phone: (512) 891-8974

November 15 2PM
Ste 350
255 E Basse Rd,
San Antonio, TX 78209

Phone: (210) 828-9496

BlizzCon at Las Vegas Rumor Debunked

Blizzplanet and other fansites listed under their Blizzard Fansites Program (see USA or Europe — Blizzplanet is listed there) have direct contact with the Community Managers, Public Relations and some developers. So we get the scoop pretty fast on things whether we contacting them or they sending us flash news.

I want to alert all of our visitors to halt any flight or hotel arrangements provoked by the rumor that BlizzCon would take place at Las Vegas. It has been confirmed to be a rumor.

Blizzard Entertainment has not provided any details on the next BlizzCon, so you should leave all your planning for the moment Blizzard makes an official announcement either at the Blizzard.com or BlizzCon.com websites.

It would be very saddening to see thousands of players spending in arrangements for something that hasn’t been confirmed or announced officially. This year over 20,000 Blizzcon tickets were sold in less than 30 seconds.

“If you didn’t make it into the queue in those 30 seconds, you didn’t get a ticket.” — said Mike Morhaime a few months ago. For that matter, rumors like this could be devastating pushing thousands of people to arrange flight and hotel right away or to cancel, ever seen how much you get charged for cancelling? ouch.

It’s unclear if there was an approach; if the Las Vegas convention administrators accidentally leaked too early — you know dates can change at any time specially rushed this early; or if it was a publicity stunt. Whatever happened here, just ignore it. Blizzard might have other plans for location or date, and it would be too risky to make reservations this early under those nebulous terms. Blizzard always gives fans a four months window in advance to make arrangements after they make the official announcement.

Blizzard Quote:
“We haven

Blizzard Wants Your Ideas For Diablo III Class Resource System

Blizzard wants your feedback for possible resource systems for each of the announced classes.  The Witch Doctor uses mana and the Barbarian uses Fury. What would make sense for the Monk and the Wizard to use instead of mana? Simply log in to your twitter account and send your ideas to @diablo #DailyDiablo

Blizzard Quote:
#DailyDiablo We

Diii.net Interviews Jay Wilson: The Monk

Flux from diii.net—where I am staff member at—had a one-on-one interview by phone with Jay Wilson to discuss some details of the Diablo III Monk.  I gathered some questions from the community a few weeks ago, some of those questions were added to this interview. And those who didn’t get answered will go to Bashiok to reach their proper destination while Jay focuses on his work.

Join Blizzard on Twitter

Nethaera invites all Blizzard games communities to participate in their Twittler Mania discussions, contests and challenges. You should also become a follower to have daily updates on your Twitter account.

Blizzard Quote:
Follow all of your favorite Blizzard Entertainment news on Twitter. ( https://www.twitter.com/ ) Just head over to @Warcraft, @StarCraft, or @Diablo for all of the news, events, contests, and more. We

Female Monk to be revealed later

Many fans wondered why the female Monk was not available in the Diablo III demo at Blizzcon 2009.  There have been a few speculations that there would be only a monk male.  We do know that a female monk was planned.  Ever since Diablo III was announced the developers said there would be two genders per class, but Jay Wilson reinstated what was obvious and confirmed at the press-only Q&A in room 208a that there would be a female monk.

At that point they were still discussing how they would handle her.  The monk is bald, so one of the questions among the team was if the female monk would be bald.  The night after the Monk class announcement, Flux and I were talking a bit about the monk class, and he laughed while joking … how’s the female monk going to be called? A nun?

Next day at the press-only Q&A, I asked the same to Jay Wilson, is the female monk going to be known as the Nun?.  The whole room laughed.

Don’t worry guys. The female monk will be unveiled at some point. It’s not just a matter of putting together a model and some textures. There is much more to it. Months of work.  Bashiok mentions some of the process to create a custom female class. The female monk was not ready for the demo, thus we only saw the male Monk.

Blizzard Quote:
  • Bashiok: It requires a new model and new texture. And our class models/textures are very carefully crafted.
  • It requires a new rigging and all new animations. Everything from idle animations to a complex skill to how they hold a sword.
  • It requires custom armor sets and alterations to fit weapons and other item types.
  • Skills may be the same in general appearance but all of them have to be altered or customized in some way to fit each gender. Sometimes dramatically.
  • Every gender requires it’s own voice actor and full dialogue recording.

Those could potentially sound trivial until you realize that any one of those things would be weeks to months of work. In some cases the work never stops on ensuring things adapt to fit all classes, and then separately each gender.

To answer the OP, the only big question I think we ever had on creating genders for all classes was how to best handle the female monk. And that’s been solved.

Sooooo…..enlighten us! smile

Bashiok: Pixie haircuts are hot.
That is all.

All-New Blizzard Entertainment Website Released

Blizzard has two new announcements today.  First, the launch of their new Youtube hub showcasing all their cinematics.  Blizzard also launched their all new Blizzard.com Website.  It looks gorgeous cool.

Browse through all of the sections to get acquainted to the new Blizzard site.

Blizzard Quote:
Welcome to the newly redesigned Blizzard.com! Featuring a brand-new design, this website is the focal point for all official Blizzard Entertainment news, press releases, and much, much more.

Games section: The updated games section includes links to our current projects as well as detailed information for all of our previously released games, including trailers, screenshots, concept art, wallpapers, and more.

Company section: This section is all about Blizzard Entertainment as a company

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