As reported few months ago, World of Warcraft music will be played on Wednesday by the Prague Filharmonic Orchestra during the Game Music Symphony Concert in Leipzig, Germany.  The tickets sold out within few days of the Concert announcement as we mentioned back on June 16.  The link provides the full listing of game songs to be played.

I contacted Jason Hayes, and he told me that he arrived last night at Leipzig, Germany.  He is preparing for the Concert, and having fun.  Hopefully, he will provide Blizzplanet some photos and material of his experience in the concert.  For all our fellow fans that paid the tickets and are going to Leipzig, we want to inform that Jason Hayes will be signing autographs.  If you got your Wow Collector’s Edition, poster, or other World of Warcraft and Warcraft III product, feel free to bring it to the concert for an autograph.

2005 GC: Game Music Symphony Concert
Date: Aug 17, 2005 at 8:00pm CET
Location: Gewandhaus zu Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany

Additionally, reveals that the 2005 Symphonic Game Music Concert will once more be enriched by an autograph session with famous game composers. Chris Huelsbeck (Giana Sisters, Turrican, Star Wars: Rogue Leader), Rob Hubbard (Human Race, International Karate, Nemesis the Warlock), Jason Hayes (StarCraft, Diablo, World of WarCraft) and Gustaf Grefberg (Enclave, Knights of the Temple, Chronicles of Riddick) have confirmed their attendance. Tthe autograph session will be accompanied by a video game music CD sale from synSoniq.

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