Blizzplanet is a strong supporter of Blizzard pocketbooks and RPG Books.  Chris Metzen is the father of the Warcraft Lore.  Many fans do not know what most of the RPG Books are about.  Although they are based on D&D / D20 system—it was Chris Metzen who worked on the RPG Books as Creative and Rules Design Assistant besides additional content provided by him.  Therefore, the RPG Books are 100% Warcraft Lore.  There is a great deal of info revealed by Chris Metzen in the RPG Books, that can’t be found on the Official Website.  I personally own all the RPG books and Pocketbooks, and I want to share a glimpse of what Warcraft RPG: Shadow & Light has to offer fans.

Shadow & Light provides details of the Ancients, Dragon Aspects, Elemental Lords, and also information on how the Elemental Plane looks like.  Each have its own illustration and drawings, including the Titans and Elemental Lords.  One of the prelude stories shown in between sections reveals a small story set after Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, nearing the time-frame of World of Warcraft.  The story reveals how a group of Alliance soldiers and a Shadowhunter Troll prepared for seven years the ascension of Nazjatar from the depths of the Maelstrom with a device that would make the land rise above the water.  Their goal … to kill Azshara.

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