Blizzard released a new preview for Silithus, promised to be a major quest hub on patch 1.8—this looks promising. Ah’Quiraj instance will open on the next release in patch 1.9.  Based on the World of Warcraft storyline from Blackfathom Deeps down to Molten Core, everything points toward the Expansion having something to do with the awakening of the Old gods. Patch 1.8 finally introduces the long lost Explorer’s League Prospector Brann Bronzebeard as an NPC near the Scarabl Wall of Ah’Quiraj leading an expedition to study relics.

“Since the beginning of recorded history, Azeroth has seen the most terrible conflicts imaginable. The War of the Ancients and the Sundering of the World. The coming of the Tides of Darkness. The return of the Burning Legion, the Scourge of Lordaeron and the rise of the Lich King. Yet all this time, deep beneath the shifting sands of Silithus, an unspeakable horror has been lying in wait, ever patient, and ever enduring. Mortal hands are at work awakening an ancient menace that, once set lose, will shake the very foundations of this world. Evil is stirring where mortals were never meant to tread. The world is waiting for a champion to step forward and stop the coming darkness before it is too late.

The time has finally come for the hero to assume the role fate has bestowed upon him.

To learn more about the changes coming to Silithus, take a moment to read the Introduction to Silithus…”

Ancient forces stir in the heart of the Silithus desert – forces that have not been seen or felt for thousands of years. When the next content patch releases, adventurers will take note of a foulness that has seeped into the land of Silithus. This zone has been overhauled and is now major quest hub with episodic storylines that will send adventurers into its depths and past its borders. The redesign of this zone includes high-end outdoor quest areas for solo players, 5-man groups and mini-raids. Silithus is loaded with repeatable quests and bosses, providing a more casual alternative to dungeon raiding. Will you uncover the secrets of Silithus?

  • Advance the story of Silithus through a brand new and exciting quest chain!
  • Engage in solo, group and raid-level content as you fight the Twilight’s Hammer cult and their elemental masters in the Abyssal Council!
  • Cenarion Hold – a brand new quest hub for both Horde and Alliance!
  • All new triggered outdoor raid content!
  • Repeatable quests which allow players to build their faction with the Cenarion Circle!
  • Brand new Graveyard and Flight point for both factions!