Gamers are a special breed that gets top performance PC computer gaming rigs, or Gaming Laptops such as the following Intel Core i7 (second-generation Sandy Bridge) Alienware Gaming Laptop models:

Some might go with the ASUS “Republic of Gamers” Laptop also sporting the Intel Core i7 (second-generation Sandy Bridge) CPU.

Regardless of the Gaming Laptop rig these players get, there is one thing a large percent of people forget to buy. The Laptop cooler. Do you have any idea how hot a laptop can get? Especially a Gaming Laptop built to process the most aggressive and CPU-intensive games out there.

I have a three-year old laptop, that was not necessarily purchased with gaming in mind. My parent currently uses it now to play World of Warcraft. It gets really hot. I can imagine how hot a Gaming Laptop could get.

A few months ago, my parent started playing in this laptop while sitting on the bed’s edge, because sitting on the center of the bed, folding both legs in yoga-meditation style, causes her back pain and blood doesn’t flow well in that position.

However, I have noticed something peculiar on the upper area of her thigh, that I hadn’t noticed before. A sort of inner stain or spot several inches wide. Looks like a sort of internal burn.

I was very concerned about her health, and asked her. She had not noticed it. It didn’t take me long to figure out that since she picked up on the habit of playing World of Warcraft while sitting on the edge of the bed, the laptop gets so hot it is literally radiating heat beneath onto her thighs.

While searching online for a good stand to place the laptop on, so she doesn’t have to place the laptop directly over her thighs, I found in some product comments about other people who suffered the same burning on thighs problem.

Now I was not only looking for a laptop stand or cushion to place beneath the laptop, I began doing some searches for Laptop coolers. First thing that came to mind as a keyword was Cool Master — because that’s the brand my PC gaming rig’s computer case is from — the Cool Master HAF 932 case, for the record.

I read dozens and dozens of customer comments for several products from Cool Masters and from other brands. Finally, I came up with one Laptop Cooler that many gamers agreed was the best choice — at the moment. I just ordered it, because I don’t want my parent to continue getting burned by the laptop’s bottom.

Some of the customer comments I read, especially a IT technician, say the laptop can get easily above 100 degrees inside the laptop case while playing video games. This comes off as heat radiation from the bottom, causing severe inner burns on your thighs. You don’t feel like you are getting burned, but it’s a constant heat causing discomfort, and actually cooking up the interior of your dermis. The end result is a dark spot or blackeye-effect on your tight that looks like you were fist-punched hard.

A year ago, I got her one of those $19.99 Laptop coolers ($29.00 after tax and delivery) which she was comfortable with, but because it only uses a USB port to power the fans, over time the USB cord sorta got loose or something and stopped working properly unless you moved the cord around — so she no longer used it.

After thoroughly reading customer comments, I narrowed down my purchase decision to the Cooler Master Storm SF 19 17″ Laptop Cooler.

It has two 140mm turbine fans, and a speed controller, but the one thing that makes it stand out is its power cord and extra USB connectors. It supports up to 19-inch laptops. No USB cord to power the fans. For those of us who don’t really take the laptop out for trips, that comes handy.

One con is the short power cord, but a separate large extension power cord solves that problem. It gets noisy when you adjust the speed controller to max, but it does the job cooling the laptop. Fans can be replaced easily by pressing the side clips to remove them.

I never liked the cheaper laptop cooler because of the USB cord to power it with the laptop USB connector, I guess, that could impact gameplay somehow — but especially hated it because if you don’t have many USB ports that’s another setback, because you won’t be able to plug other devices such as an extra keyboard or a video camera-to-PC cord for those who take video with a Digital video camera and use the laptop for video editing.

Because this rig uses a power cord for continuous power, instead of a USB cord, that means you can plug your cell phone power cord into its USB ports too and any other USB-to-whatever-mini-connector device.

My laptop only has two USB ports, so basically I had to use one port for my previous cheap laptop cooler pad, and the other one for the mouse. So I couldn’t plug my keyboard or my video camera — forcing me to remove the laptop cooler.

Not only does this Master Cooler SF-19 Laptop Cooler has the power supply option, it also has four additional USB 2.0 ports onboard which serve as expansions for your laptop. You can plug a keyboard, a USB hard drive when your laptop is running out of Hard drive space, a headset, and whatever you wish. It even has a carrying handle and an anti-slip rubber cable slot. Cool, ain’t it?

    One comment says: “It actually cools unlike the other cheap coolers ive tried, It has 4 universal fan connectors inside, so you can plug in any fans and up to 4 of them. the metal mesh top stays cool, the rubber bumpers keep it in place, built solid yet still light wieght, built in handle is also handy.”

It allows upgrades to up to four fans? That’s not bad at all. Stand-alone fans aren’t that expensive if you wish to upgrade to four.

    “Keeps the CPU and GPU’s in my Alienware M17x 10 to 15 degrees (Celsius) or more cooler even when playing games like Crysis 1 & 2. Adjustable fans are awesome.”

Hmm, that’s a killer comment.

    Excellent cooling ability. Keeps my HP DV7tqe, a notoriously hot running laptop’s i7 about 10-15 cooler while gaming. My over clocked ATI 6770M would hit 96C, now it usually maxes around 80.

A comment from an overclocker. Woot! If his overclocked laptop goes down to 80 degrees, then a non-overclocked laptop might do good temps. Another person mentioned this product was 21*c cooler under load with the fans at max rpm.

There are two versions of this Laptop Cooler. The more advanced version supports four USB 3.0 connectors which also accepts USB 2.0 connectors. The four USB 3.0 connectors are a good option for those mindful who think about upgrading to future devices with this high-speed technology such as USB 3.0 External Hard Drives.

Specs – Cooler Master Storm SF 19 Laptop Cooler

Mammoth cooling surface

SF-19 is constructed with an enormous heat-dissipating surface plain, made capable to endure critical temperatures from all laptop sizes, it is the state-of-the-art laptop cooler for all 19″ gaming laptops and beyond.

4 ports of USB 2.0

4 USB 2.0 ports

Structurally enhanced mesh surfacing

Cold-forged polygon mesh surface plains allows maximum air flow from high rotating fans, structured to efficiently normalize thermal formations, effectively cooling and alleviating tough spot-thermal build ups.

Swift carrying handle

Built for mobility, the SF-19’s swift-carrying Handle is build with an intuitive design and sturdy construction, made for quick LAN-party relocation and fast mobilization. The SF-19 is stealth and ambitious.

Anti-slip rubber cable slot

Reinforce with premium anti-slip rubbers, the SF-19 safely secures all laptop in place even under rigorous gaming. The rubberized areas also protect the SF-19 from damages, adding shock absorbing fortification to protect the hardware under transport. In addition to the anti-slip features it also act as a cable management system, assorting various types of cables for your laptop and peripherals.

2 removable 140mm S shaped blade fans

SF-19 is equipped considerably with 2 turbine fans, fully customizable and positioned to dissipate heat from the heat source directly. S shaped blade facilitates and exhale more cold air, providing unprecedented airflow.

Multi-light shader

Multi-light shader displays 7 changeable led colors, personalized with breathing effect, formulating the ultimate customization and ambiences for your favorite gaming rig.

Model: SGA-4000-KKNF1
Dimension (W/H/D): 500x340x75 mm (19.68”x13.38”x2.95”)
Fan Dimension (W/H/D): 140 x 140 x 25 mm
Fan Life Expectancy: 25,000 hours
USB Port: USB 2.0 x 4
Power: DC 12V / 2A adapter (required to power the fans)
Weight: 1.98kgs (4.37 lbs)
Compatibility: up to 19’ laptop
Other: Stepless fan speed controller, Color switchable led light, Led on / off.