The Stealth Runeword can be equipped at level 17 and only consists of two runes easily obtainable. The Stealth Runeword provides 25% faster run/walk and 25% faster cast rate — which makes it perfect for Sorceress, and other fast cast reliant classes.

In addition, it adds Regenerate Mana and Maximum Stamina.

How to make the Stealth Runeword

  1. Go to Act 1.
  2. Purchase a Superior Quilted Armor from Charsi. If she doesn’t sell one, leave the game and start a new game. Rinse and repeat until she has it on sale.
  3. Obtain a Tal and Eth Runes from The Countess boss. The Countess can be found in Act 1. Take the Black Marsh Waypoint and search for the Forgotten Tower. She may be found in the Forgotten Tower Level 5. She is green skinned. If she doesn’t drop any of the runes, leave the game, and join a new game. Rinse and repeat until you loot both Runes: Tal and Eth.
  4. Insert the runes in this order (from top to bottom):
  • Tal
  • Eth

Watch the video below to see how it is done.

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