UPDATE: The release date of this eBook has been changed, but fans can still pre-order. The new release date will be updated by Amazon and Simon & Schuster Digital soon™. I’ll update you when the new release date is decided.

I have seen this product listed for a while with curiousity, and have kept daily watch on it. It’s the first time since Diablo: Demonsbane (2000) that Blizzard Entertainment and Simon & Schuster publish an eBook-only product. No physical printing seems to be planned yet.

I had not mentioned this product for lack of an author, a front cover and observing if the product page was updated. With the cover now live, I’m delighted to see something akin of the Warcraft Legends, and StarCraft: Frontline format.

Diablo III: Heroes Rise, Darkness Falls is not a manga like those two products, but this book is a compilation of short stories by different Blizzard Entertainment authors. It is co-written by Blizzard Entertainment’s Creative Team members: Senior Writer and Voice Director Micky Neilson, senior story developer and writer James Waugh, story developer and transmedia consultant Cameron Dayton, staff writer Matt Burns, quest designer Michael Chu and fiction writer Erik Sabol (2009 Blizzard Global Writing Contest runner-up).

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A collection of terrifying tales based on the award-winning video game!

A bold demon hunter risks becoming her own worst enemy while tracking down her sinister prey…A haunted barbarian returns to his shattered homeland to face a harrowing past…A lone monk scours evil from an ancient forest where the line between friend and foe has vanished…A gifted but impetuous wizard finds out that great knowledge and power come with a price…A proud young witch doctor makes a chilling discovery that shakes his faith to its core…A desperate playwright embarks down a dark path of madness and depravity in his quest for fame…An unscrupulous wagon driver learns that his sole passenger is harboring a terrifying secret…

These are stories from the world of Sanctuary, a land of mystery and dread that serves as the backdrop for Blizzard Entertainment’s award-winning Diablo video game series. Although these narratives focus on different characters and settings, they are bound together by the web of horror and suspense that is intrinsic to the Diablo universe. In this gothic fantasy realm, terror is a constant. It comes in many forms, from grotesque horned demons to the deepest fears of mortal hearts and minds. Brace yourself for this collection of exciting and frightening tales that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Product Details

Pocket Star, September 2012
eBook, 288 pages
ISBN-10: 1416550909
ISBN-13: 9781416550907


Update: I pre-ordered my copy of this book, and plan to read it via the Amazon Cloud Reader (in my browser):