You are now an Immortal. To become fully anointed, first report to the Hall of Ascension and present yourself at the statue of Daedessa the Builder.


  1. Go to the Hall of Ascension.
  2. Complete Daily Goals.
  3. Contribute to increase Dominance.
  4. Speak to the Honor Merchant.

Note: When you accept the quest “A New Recruit,” it gives you the objective to talk to the Historical Archivist. You have to immediately go to the yellow portal in front of The Immortal statue to enter the Hall of Ascension. Inside it is the version of the Historical Archivist you must talk to in order to continue the questline.

Historical Archivist: This is the Hall of Ascension — where we gather and plan our defenses. You’re welcome here at any time. I will take you to speak with someone about what exactly goes on here.

Mission Advisor: The land is beset. The Immortals are needed everywhere, every day. I now set you against your enemies. With your victories, you will elevate us all.


As a member of the Immortals, there are daily Goals you’re expected to accomplish to help grow the faction.


  • Different Goals are assigned to you each day.
  • Completing Goals provides rewards, including Activity Points that lead to special chests. Activity Points are reset at 3am every Monday.
  • Among the rewards is Raw Essentia, which increases a Reign’s Dominance when contributed.
  • Completing Goals is also a great way to gain Prestige and credit towards your Weekly Ranking.
  • Daily Goals are reset at 3am every day. If you’ve completed a Goal, be sure to collect your rewards from it before that time because they will be lost when Goals reset.

Whenever you wish to access the Immortal Daily Goals, tap this icon in the quest tracker. This will open the Daily Goals UI to keep track of those quest objectives.

INSPECT THE WALL OF HONOR: The Wall of Honor in Westmarch has chronicled the rise and fall of Immortals throughout history. The names and deeds of each Immortal Reign are emblazoned on its surface.

Rewards: 10 Activity Points (Completing daily goals grants you Activity points, which earn you rewards), 10 Immortal Contribution (Improves Prestige and Weekly Ranking), 5 Essentia (Precious resource used to launch Kion’s Ordeal), 1 Raw Essentia (An ancient power source that can be contributed to an Immortal Reign to enhance the Eternal Crown.), 39,132 EXP, 611 Gold, Random Equipment (Yellow).

COMPLETE A CHALLENGE RIFT: When Immortals test their strength in Challenge Rifts, they prove their worthiness for Daedessa’s blessing — and earn power besides. Go to the Rift entrance located at the top right area of Westmarch and complete one Challenge Rift.

Head over to the Challenge Rift and complete it.

SALVAGE AN ITEM: If you improve your gear, you will be better able to guard Sanctuary and resist the Shadows’ tests. Visit a blacksmith and salvage items to gather materials for upgrading your equipment.

COMPLETE THE DUNGEON: DESTRUCTION’S END: The most elegant training for an Immortal both challenges you and destroys evil. Long ago, two mages of the Horadrim began to seal away Baal, Lord of Destruction. Learn from their struggle. Complete the dungeon “Destruction’s End.”

Go to the Library of Zoltun Kulle, and queue to a Hell 1 Destruction’s End dungeon. Complete the dungeon.

You will earn a Treasure Chest that rewards 100 Honor when you earn these amounts of Activity Points: 210, 350, 490, and 700.

Note: Once you complete the 4 Daily Goals, go back to the Hall of Ascension (shown in the Immortal Trials objectives in the quest tracker).

Mission Advisor: It is by our deeds and our contributions that others come to rely on the Immortals. Contemplate the tasks that lie before you, then empower the Eternal Crown with Essentia.

Historical Archivist: Now you can view new Immortal-specific activities. As your training progresses, you’ll unlock the ability to undertake even more.


Supply Officer: Our reign holds against every attempt to tear it down. Let us arm ourselves with Kion’s might!

  • The Immortals store powerful equipment and Gold in the Vault. Each week, the Supply Officer distributes treasures to all Immortals based on their contributions.
  • Individual Immortals’ contribution ratings are derived from the completion of daily goals, defending the Vault, and contribution of Raw Essentia.
  • Every week, you’ll receive rewards based on your contribution. A higher contribution rating brings better rewards.
  • The rewards are Gold, Honor and high-level equipment. You may acquire up to 3 items; Immortals with higher contribution ratings will be prioritized for item distribution until all players are rewarded.
  • Rating rewards are prioritized as follows:
    • Immortals with contribution ratings 1-3 will obtain Gold, Honor and up to 3 items.
    • Immortals with contribution ratings 4-20 will obtain Gold, Honor and up to 2 items.
    • The Immortals with contribution ratings 21 and above will obtain Gold, Honor and up to 1 item.
  • Every week, 30% of the Gold and Honor in the Vault will be distributed among all Immortals as rewards.


Objectives: Talk to the Honor Merchant.

Talk to the Honor Merchant, and click the “Immortal Trials” button.

Lieutenant Fizriah: I’ve heard things went decently well with the Mission Advisor. Nicely done. I’ve got some stock that you might appreciate. I’ve a few additional offerings for Immortals only. Check and see if there’s anything you need.

Note: The Immortals only purchase tab is based on specific Immortal Ranks.

  • Raw Essentia (50 Honor) requires Immortal Age Bronze IV to unlock.
  • Rare Crest (500 Honor) requires Immortal Age Iron IV to unlock.
  • Mystery Legendary Item (3000 Honor) requires Immortal Age Iron IV to unlock.
  • Ca’arsen’s Invigoration Legendary Gem (3000 Honor) requires Immortal Age Silver III to unlock.
  • Legendary Crest (3000 Honor) requires Immortal Age Gold III to unlock.


Historical Archivist: You’ve completed the first leg of your training. A promising start, all told. Meet me tomorrow for the next test.

1. Being an Immortal2. Phase 1: A New Recruit3. Phase 2: Immortal Vault
4. Phase 3: Kion's Ordeal5. Phase 4: Rite of Exile6. Phase 5: A True Immortal

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