Diablo fans who enjoy the works of Robert B. Marks (Diablo: Demonsbane), also known as Garwulf, might be interest to hear the writer has published today the short story titled “One Final Game” on Kindle.

If you missed it a few months ago, Mark published a short story titled The Traveller on the Road of Legends.

One Final Game

Johann Grueber is about to play the ultimate game.

For decades, Johann has been one of the world’s foremost chess players. Chess has defined his life, from his childhood hiding from the Nazis in Austria to his career as a Grandmaster. He has never lost a game when it counted.

But now, Johann Grueber must play the most important chess game of his life. The board is set. The pieces stand ready. All he awaits is the greatest opponent of them all: Death.

It is time for one final game.

Publisher: Legacy Books Press