It’s Negan whack-a-mole time! Not directly related to Diablo, but heck … it’s Zombies! AMC revealed the latest The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer which presents the outcome of Negan killing a member of Rick’s team. The person killed is not spoiled in the trailer, but Rick is pretty pissed and shocked. He threatens he will kill Negan. Not today. Not tomorrow. But he will kill Negan.


Going back to the Season 6 Finale: Episode 16, “Last Day on Earth” — Negan’s men line up all members of Rick’s team on their knees, and Negan came out to debrief the prisoners. Unable to decide who to whack with Lucille (the barbed-wired bat), Negan begins to chant an adapted version of a children’s lullaby to pick his bat’s target:

Eeenie… (Rick)
Meenie… (Maggie)
Miney… (Abraham)
Mo… (Michonne)
Catch… (unseen: maybe Rosita)
A Tiger… (Daryl)
By… (unseen: maybe Abe or Maggie)
His Toe… (unseen: maybe Rick)
If… (Sasha)
He hollers… Let him go… (Aaron)
My mother told me… (Carl)
To pick the very best one… (Eugene)
And you… (Rosita, then Aaron, then Glenn)
Are… (Maggie, then unknown, then Darryl, then Abraham, then Carl)
It… (smack!)



In the NYCC 2016 The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer, there is a big clue on who possibly Negan killed. At least, the clue narrows down who Negan didn’t kill. Check out Rick’s medium force velocity spatter on his cheek. The images below show Rick’s cheek before and after Negan swung his bat: Lucille.

NYCC 2016: The Walking Dead Season 7 Negan Outcome Trailer



It is evident that the medium force velocity blood spatter on Rick’s cheek came from his right side. The members on his right side are Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, and Maggie. Considering the spatter hit Rick’s right cheek, it is possible that the person Negan whacked with Lucille is closest to Rick. That narrows down the target to either: Maggie, Abraham, or Michonne as the three closest to Rick in terms of positioning for medium force velocity blood spatter.

The big one here is Maggie, because she is pregnant. This might line up with a comment by Robert Kirkman about more than one dying. The baby counts as #2. It would be shocking, crude, cruel, and that would affect viewers (and of course, Rick’s team) tremendously.

On the other hand, there are two quotes by Negan that makes you wonder if it was Michonne or Abraham…

The first quote happens when Negan lands his first whack:

Negan: “Look at that! Taking it like a champ!”

Abraham is the toughest looking in the group with his military background. So he might be confused by Negan to be Rick’s right-hand.

The second quote, however, is misleading too:

Negan: “Simon is my right-hand man. Having one of those is important. I mean what do you have left without “him”? A whole lot of work. You have one? Maybe one of these fine people still breathing? Ohh!…. Or did I… (tongue noise: “plop” — while moving his bat in a whack motion)”

That makes one lean to think Michonne (right-hand of Rick and his lover), because Maggie in her fragile pregnant figure doesn’t fit a right-hand man for Rick. She was in severe pain prior to that scene.

In the Comics, Glenn is killed; but the TV Series doesn’t always follow the canon; and he is positioned in the farthest edge for medium force velocity blood spatter to have reached Rick.

VERDICT: All hints and clues might be red herrings and misdirection. Leaning on physical evidence on this one.

Evidence #1: The camera focused on the RV’s door. Negan dragged Rick to the RV from the left side of the screen, and the camera moves downward to a pool of blood and gore. The fact Rick came from the left side of the screen means whoever died is to the right of Rick.

Evidence #2: Among the pool of blood and gore you can clearly see Maggie’s Ring




NYCC 2016: The Walking Dead Season 7 Negan Outcome Trailer