A few days ago, Blizzard Entertainment put a challenge out there for Diablo III fans. Let your beard grow and take a photo. Submit it via Twitter with the #Diableard tag and via email to Diableards@Blizzard.com

Pity I shaved my goatie … Anyway, the source link below shows several photos of the Diablo III developers who already have impressive beards. Some fans have been submitting their photos too (see below). Are you up to the challenge?!!

It’s time for a challenge… not a challenge of will, or of strength, or to drink a gallon of milk. This is a challenge of follicular fortitude.
It’s time to grow a beard.

Over the past six months, many members of the Diablo III development team have risen to this challenge themselves — and while you may have some catching up to do, the goal remains the same: grow and maintain the most awe-inspiring Diableard you can, and don’t shave it off until the day Diablo III is released.

Some may choose to go the full distance, cultivating mighty mountain-man beards. Others may decide to trim theirs a bit to avoid the protestations of their loved ones. Whether it be braided, forked, or wild enough to house a family of squirrels, your beard will serve as a beacon of hope for humanity in the coming war against the Burning Hells.

Some of the ladies and less hirsute gentlemen out there may be thinking, “But what about me? My facial hair is fragile and wispy, like the gossamer of dreams.” To you we issue a separate challenge: craft the finest mock-beard you can from any assorted objects or substances you have handy, and then model it for the world to see.

With no release date for the game yet announced, the challenge of developing the ultimate Diableard will push you into limits unknown, but we’re hoping you’ll summon the courage to join the Diablo III developers on their quest.

To participate, simply send your Diableard photos to diableards@blizzard.com. We’ll be collecting the most impressive images of your beards and beard-like constructs to show off on the official Diablo III website as the release of the game approaches.

In the meantime, take a look at these epic Diableards from the Diablo III development team for inspiration. — Source