Gamespot Previews Diablo III Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise Last Unlockable Content

Eldorian found this breaking news that’s going to wow Diablo III fans. We are counting the hours to unlock the last content of the Diablo III: Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise challenge campaign, but Blizzard Entertainment gave an exclusive behind-the-scenes video to Gamespot of what fans should expect to see once the 100% unlockable video becomes available.

The video that will be unlocked in a few days is totally going to drive fans crazy for the video game. It will show the Angiris Council and the Heavenly Hosts in a way fans never saw coming.


Peter Chung (creator of Aeon Flux) joins Blizzard and Titmouse to create the Diablo III: Wrath animated short — the last unlockable content of the Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise challenge.

The behind-the-scene video featured at Gamespot has Nick Carpenter, Chris Metzen, James Waugh and Chris Prynosk (Titmouse, Inc.) discussing the making of the “Diablo III: Wrath” animated short.

Could you imagine a DVD collection of Diablo III animation? TV series? Films? Looks like Chris Metzen has a dream. I totally want those dreams to come true. Do you?

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