EVGA recently announced their latest Dual-GPU graphic card, and today pre-orders are available.

The EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2Win DUAL GPU, odd as it sounds, outperforms the GTX 580 by 30%.

EVGA is teasing this baby with the marketing slogan: “Is it a GTX 585?”, to demonstrate how this card is rather a better card than the GTX 580.

I’m very confused by this product considering EVGA is competing with itself with a product that nearly shares the same price point.

The GTX 580 costs MSRP: $589.99, while the outperformer GTX 560 Ti 2Win Dual-GPU costs 571.36.

The GTX 560 Ti 2Win offers blistering DirectX 11 performance right off the box, including Tessellation — that thing people are going crazy for nowadays.

The card handles three displays: 3 Dual-Link DVI-I HDCP capable connectors, and HDMI x 1.

NVIDIA 3D surround with only one card, 3D Vision and PhysX ready.

This is also the first time I ever see a graphics card with three integrated fans. Now that’s hot! Err, cool … as in “temperature”, but still cool … as in “zomg, neat!” A YouTube video trailer can be watched below.

GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2Win Dual-GPU

  • Core Clock Speed: 850MHz
  • CUDA Cores: 768
  • Memory: 2048MB GDDR5
  • Memory Clock Speed: 4008MHz
  • Memory Bandwidth: 256.6GB/sec
  • Shader Clock Speed: 1700MHz
  • Bus: PCI-E 2.0
  • Interface: DVI-I, DVI-I, DVI-I, Mini-HDMI
  • Product Warranty: 3 year warranty upgradable upon registration
  • Product Length: 11.5in – 292.1mm

The GTX 560 Ti 2Win Dual-GPU is now a direct competitor of the XFX AMD Radeon HD 6990 which AMD claims to be the fastest graphics card in the world.

Specs GTX 560 Ti 2Win GTX 580 Radeon HD 6990
Core Clock Speed 850MHz 772MHz 830MHz
CUDA Cores 768 512 N/A
Memory 2048MB GDDR5 3072MB GDDR5 4000MB GDDR5
Memory Clock Speed 4008MHz 4008 MHz 1250MHz
Shader Clock Speed 1700MHz 1544MHz N/A
Mem. Bandwidth 256.6 GB/sec 192.4 GB/s 5.0Gbps