I had read Diablo: The Kingdom of Shadow already twice, but I spent the past three days both reading again the Diablo: The Kingdom of Shadow novel by Richard A. Knaak, and filling the Diii.net wiki at Diablowiki.net with a rough summary of the novel.  I’m pretty bad with english grammar, and summarizing, but if you don’t mind spoilers go ahead and read it.

Diablo The Kingdom of ShadowFeel free to make corrections, or adding stuff that is missing.

Those who look forward to read the novel, if you don’t find the stand alone book, I recommend buying the Diablo Archive which contains four Diablo novels: Demonsbane, The Kingdom of Shadow, The Black Road and Legacy of Blood.

What is the importance of Diablo: The Kingdom of Shadow? That’s where the events of the fabled lost ruined city of Ureh take place.  When Blizzard took me to Paris to attend the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals 2008, I had a big hunch they would announce Diablo III.  They did.  As the Cinematic Intro played on the huge screen, I saw a ruins embedded on a mountain.  I immediately recognized this.  The cinematics showed Ureh. That means it will play an important role in the Diablo III storyline.

Thus, to those living outside United States who do not have access to the novel, I guess the summary will be very useful.  Of course, residents of United States and those with access to buying the book won’t cheat and read the spoilers. [grins]