Since the last job openings report (Oct 9), two new job openings have been added to the Diablo Immortal Careers page:

The Senior Concept Artist position has been removed. So either it expired and will be re-posted later, position no longer needed (if an existing artist within the company got promoted to fill the position), or someone got hired post-virtual interview.

The two new job openings: Senior Game Producer and Lead Content Designer.

Senior Game Producer: This job opening has a very steep requirement. Needs 8 years of experience in a production role.

Lead Content Designer: Conceptualize new zones and dungeons using backstory, reference art, and culture kits to align the team. Help drive the vision for new storylines, zones, and theming of game systems.

These bunch of recent job openings don’t mean that Diablo Immortal release date is a year or longer away. Not necessarily.

As a Technical Alpha and Beta tester I can tell you right off the bat that not all content is available on Day 1 of Beta testing.

For Shadowlands, as an example, Alpha testers started only with the Bastion zone. Later, Oribos. Then we slowly got more zones in intervals of every 2-3 weeks: Revendreth, Ardenweald, Maldraxxus. Only the Alliance version of the Exile’s Reach was available for a very long time.

Later in Beta, the Maw was opened to test the Shadowlands Intro questline. But many of the systems were still missing or incomplete. Not all of the Covenants were available for testing.

We don’t know how far in development Diablo Immortal is, but it is enough that an internal Alpha was opened for playtest outside of the Diablo Immortal team — into Diablo 4, WoW, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft II, Hearthstone, Overwatch teams and everyone at the headquarters to be able to play Diablo Immortal; and even opened to Blizzard employees around the world: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Texas, New York, Paris, London, Shanghai, Taipei, Sydney, Tokyo, Taiwan and Japan.

Once Diablo Immortal Beta starts — we still won’t have all the zones, all the systems available on Day 1 of Beta. Many of those content features will still be in development, and some of them half way done or going through iteration.

So I am positive these job openings will focus on helping the team iron out those while Beta testing continues until new systems and features are flagged to be distributed in a beta patch for testing.

Then after an ample time of Beta feedback, there can be re-iterations, scrapping, and other cycles before the game is gold for launch. So don’t worry too much about the release date.

If something previous Blizzard games and expansions have thought us is that Beta testing lasts between 4-6 months. Sometimes longer — as Shadowlands has proven after the release date was postponed.

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