The Diablo Immortal Japan website has a separate ad campaign site showing gameplay video with at least three Cosmetics not seen before (outside datamining circles). These are the visuals of how your Legendary Item looks like with Awakened Legendary Gem Resonance. What I know about Resonance is that there are four stages for each Legendary Item. Each stage shows a step up upgrade of visual effects on your gear’s appearance.

In addition to their own infographics report about the beta testing, they have a section that can’t be read in other way than some sort of media countdown. There is this graphics:

Five of these classes are non-interactive when you click, but the one with the japanese text is interactive showing you Monk gameplay. The detective mind in me tells me there will be more videos. First, the video opens onscreen, instead of opening in a new tab. But it is a YouTube video. I opened the video in a separate tab, and the Japan YouTube channel only has 1 follower. The video is set as “Unlisted” and you can’t see any other videos uploaded by the account. You can’t even see this Monk video in their Video section. Only people with the Unlisted link can watch the video.

This is a special behavior meant to hide other videos. So this can be speculated and categorized as some sort of media countdown, where maybe each week a new Class video will be unlocked starting from the image shown above.

The Monk image being the only one interactive, while the other classes were not interactive, caught my curiousity. I compared the Monk image versus the other class images, which are separate images by the way.

The Monk image can be found at – OR class_01_af.png (the af makes it an active image linking to a Youtube video)

Whereas the other classes end with URL class_0x_bf.png (the bf part means it is a non-interactive image with no links)

Looking at the images as interactive or non-interactive, I edited the URL of each class image changing the “b” to “a” — and that revealed the hidden images that are not public in that website.

The URL to the non-public images are located here:

As you can see, the Monk image also has the same japanese text on the left side of the image which stands for: “open now or available now.”

This tells me that there will be a class centric video teaser for each of the 6 classes.

In this speculation, let’s pretend that each week a new video is unlocked. There are six classes, and one was shown in the week of March 28, 2022. Let’s follow the timeline down the rabbit hole.

  • Monk – March 28
  • Class 2 – April 6
  • Class 3 – April 13
  • Class 4 – April 20
  • Class 5 – April 27
  • Class 6 – May 4

So that sequence leads us to the last class video to be unlocked on May 4.

Is something happening hours, days or weeks after May 4? Well, it is just speculation. Nothing more than that. But then again, does this sound like a media countdown to you? Visit the Media Campaign Japan website and make your own conclusions.

UPDATE (Tue, April 5): This is indeed a weeekly Class-centric video teaser countdown. Today, the Diablo Immortal Japan campaign site posted the Barbarian video teaser.

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