Diablo III Patch 1.0.5 will be out very soon, and we wish to warn Blizzplanet visitors that datamined information might look like a doomsday full of “Oh-N03S!!!” to many players who read the tooltips out of context.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo III Community Manager, Bashiok, contacted Blizzplanet and several Diablo III fansites to alert us and to get our audience prepared and forewarned.

The upcoming patch 1.0.5 might go online before the actual blog page is posted in the official Diablo III website.

Here’s the rundown: The tooltips will show nerfs right and left all across the board. Those who read the datamined tooltips will likely get a heartstroke of ire. In fact, Blizzard is compensating those nerfs elsewhere and overall all classes are actually going to get a buff in comparison with what we have presently. In short, the datamined patch 1.0.5 will only show half the information and look like the “end of the world”.

The Diablo III developers are expecting to release a blog discussing the class changes to be introduced in Patch 1.0.5. Remember, Blizzard is paving the road to Diablo III PvP — expected in a major content patch not too far away after patch 1.0.5. We’ll update you once Patch 1.0.5 goes live, and alert you when the blog becomes available.