Diablo III Beta Patch 6 – v.
Released 11/17/11


Auction House

  • Stackable items can now be purchased and sold on the gold Auction House. These items can be purchased in any quantity, provided that the quantity is available for sale, and will pull from multiple auction listings if needed.


  • Player profiles have been added! These profiles will display important statistics for each of your characters, as well as 3D models featuring their current gear.
    • Player profiles will only be viewable while in the main, character select, and party screens. They will not be viewable in-game.
    • To access your player profile, click on your hero or press "P."
    • To view other players’ profiles while in a party, right-click on their character. Player profiles for Real ID friends can also be accessed by right-clicking on their names in the Friends List.

  • Achievements are now available for testing. Please note that for the beta launch of this system, only a limited number of achievements have been included.
    • To view your characters’ achievements, click on the "Achievements" icon located in the lower right or press "Y" at any point while playing.
    • To view another character’s achievements while in a party, right-click on their character and select "Inspect."



  • Active Skills
    • Blinding Flash
      • Spirit Cost reduced from 30 to 10
      • Blind duration increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds
      • Now has a 15 second cooldown

    • Crippling Wave
      • Damage reduced from 135% to 110%

    • Dashing Strike
      • Damage increased from 65% to 160%

    • Exploding Palm
      • Explosion damage reduced from 40% to 30% of target’s max health

    • Fists of Thunder
      • Damage reduced 120% to 100%

    • Inner Sanctuary
      • Spirit Cost reduced from 80 to 20
      • Now has a 30 second cooldown

    • Lashing Tail Kick
      • Damage increased from 180% to 225%
      • Cooldown removed

    • Lethal Decoy
      • Damage increased from 110% to 330%
      • Duration reduced from 5 seconds to 1 second
      • Decoy is now summoned directly on top of the Monk
      • Ability now plays a casting animation


  • Active Skills
    • Magic Weapon
      • Damage bonus reduced from 20% to 15%



  • Monster affixes “Die Together,” “Powerful,” and “Ghostly” have all been removed from the game