The official Diablo Facebook page has reached 575,000 ‘Likes’ which means new updates as a reward. Keep the hard work and invite friends and family to ‘Like’ the page. Spread the word in all those forums you visit, and tell your guildies to help reach 1 million ‘Likes’.

In this new update, Blizzard Entertainment provided Blizzplanet the high resolution versions of the images posted on the Diablo facebook. Enjoy.

For the High Resolution images, click on the link High Res, then select Open in a new Tab from the menu.

Stinging Winds

The Stinging Winds is an area in Diablo III’s Act II. Here you can see a Monk wearing the common Assassin Katar claws as a melee weapon on both hands charging a large pack of Fallen dogs and three Fallen Shaman.

(Download Hi Res 2560 x 1600)
Witch Doctor’s Firebomb

The art image is a concept of the witch doctor’s Firebomb skill.

(Download Hi Res 1000 x 1292)