Someone with username Azimuthus posted in Reddit an image of what he claims is spotting the Diablo 4 downloader in the Blizzard Launcher. The download isn’t possible with a decryption key — which means this build is only accessible by Blizzard employees — most likely only the Diablo 4 team.

If this truly happened, it was very likely a mistake by someone at Blizzard who flagged it for public view, accidentally.

Mistakes like these come with consequences. People like you and me get the speculation spider-sense tingling: “Is Diablo 4 Beta near?”

Well, I kinda doubt this is the case — but I could be wrong.

Rhykker covered this redditor’s find in his latest video, where he adds his own speculation idea: “Is a Diablo 4 demo coming to BlizzConline?”

Rhykker doesn’t favor that speculation. I have to differ here. A couple years ago, Blizzard Entertainment shared a survey to a certain amount of players. One of the survey questions — and I will paraphrase here — asked if you were interested in playing BlizzCon demos online.

It seems to me that with BlizzCon forced to go online due to COVID-19 — this feels like the best opportunity to push the engineering team and other teams into working on this feature.

BlizzCon has always been about the community coming together to celebrate Blizzard games, as well as panels — but BlizzCon is also where current in-development projects come to the demo stations to be played and tested by attendees. That feedback is very important to Blizzard to continue reiterating and polishing their internal build — long before it goes into public invite-only Technical Alpha.

Will Blizzard have a playable Diablo 4 demo ready for BlizzConline? I can’t guarantee you this will happen. All I can say is playable BlizzCon demos from home was a question in a past survey, and just a year shy later Blizzard launched the play-at-home World of Warcraft Classic demo.

So a play-at-home Diablo 4 demo is a toss of a coin away, true-believers! Not a 100% no.

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