While making some changes decided to experiment with a navigation widget you can see at the right-menu.

Looking through the mess that is the categories widget, I unearthed the Diablo II lore pages I had posted back in 2007. Fixed the broken links, and images.

The Diablo II Lore section contains the History of Sanctuary, the history of the Barbarian, Amazon, Necromancer, Sorceress and Paladin classes, and the whole NPC dialogues transcript through ACT I – IV. Worth checking out.

It might inspire some fans to undust and play Diablo II, and newcomers to wish to play the game for the first time. You can still order the Diablo Battlechest which contains Diablo II and the expansion — Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. It’s priced as $19.99.

I’m sure many will appreciate Diablo III a lot more after experiencing the Diablo II gameplay mechanics, and the dreadful potion spam galore at Duriel (chuckles).

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