Mosqueira: Thanks Zaven, so what do you guys think?

(claps and cheer sounds)

Yeah?! They’re so excited. We cannot wait for you guys to try it out. Get a sneak peek right now here on the show floor, but really looking forward for you guys to getting your hands on the Reaper of Souls. As you can see, we crammed a lot of features into it. I think there’s more features in Reaper of Souls than there is loot inside the Treasure Goblin. So really looking forward to you guys playing it. Right Now. I’m going to take a few moments to say thank you. You guys are the most awesome fans. You guys are what help make the game better and thank you for coming along on this awesome ride of Reaper of Souls. We are shutting down the auction house. With the Crusader. The darker, more gothic Act V, Adventure Mode, Loot 2.0. We’re really excited to see what the future has in store for Diablo III. Thank you guys, and here’s a final treat– our gameplay trailer.

(cheer sounds)

Mosqueira: Awesome! So before the Q&A, I just want to let you guys know that there’s a very awesome Lore panel today, and tomorrow we’re doing a deep dive into a lot of the gameplay systems. We’ll talk about the Crusader, Loot 2.0 and a lot of great new skills; but before we get out of here I’m sure you guys have maybe one or two questions.

Q&A Session

Fan # 1: So what’s going on with the ladder system?

Mosqueira: Ladders… ladders are awesome to climb. (laughs) A little bit more, they have rungs and the whole point is to get to the top, right? Stay tuned!!! (Mosqueira gets an ear-to-ear grin)


Fan #2: So with the closing of the auction house and everybody buying and selling gold, what are you planning on doing to affect the flow of gold that’s going to come in the market just before the auction house closes??


Martens: So, I’ll take this, so the question was, what are we going to do about all the gold that is in the economy essentially? Okay.

So we have a number of new gold sinks coming and again the gameplay panels tomorrow are going to go in very specifically. One of the big ones is Enchanting.

Enchanting is the system that allows you to re-roll any stat on your item, so essentially we re-roll it to make it better for yourself; and that’s a smart drop call as well so very likely to be good. For your character, you can see all the potential things you can, it’s a major thing. You’ve got a new blacksmith, new and better blacksmith that is coming. Also smart drops that when they do roll are again much more likely to be better.


Things like that and those are just a couple of the big features for gold sinks. So we do intend to find ways to get some gold out of the economy, and the bounce that we have to do is that we don’t want to make it so if you’re not already one of the people of 40 billion gold and for some reason you can’t participate in that, so the people of 40 billion gold can probably pull the slot machine a little harder, but ultimately gold is not going to be as big of a delta factor as our character power as it has been for the auction house’s life.

Fan # 3: So first of all awesome, thank you so much. You guys are breathing new life in to it, it sounds amazing, my question though is so you now have this full open Adventure Mode. Are all the previous areas gonna be designed like those maps that you brought up prior?


Wong: All acts will be [EDIT] so every Act is gonna have a map just like the one you saw for Act III, and it will be always opened up for you guys, bounce around.

Mosqueira: I think when you guys get to do Nephalem Rifts, that’s really where we– full throttle on the whole randomization. The layouts are gonna be totally different, that’s really how awesome an engine we have.

Fan #4: Hi, thanks. I actually enjoyed the game, but I had one issue, no Offline Mode. When are we gonna get it?


Mosqueira: So here is the thing. When we decided to design Diablo III, we feel that Diablo is played best when you play it with your friends when you have access to this awesome communinity that is Blizzard.

Like so, when we have BlizzCon, we felt that it was really important for us to have that social connection for you to have access to your friends list. It also allows to make sure your characters are always stored, and it was really important for us to really satisfy that social aspect of the game.

Martens: In fact, we’re adding more multiplayer feautres so groups and clans were teased in the trailer there. Those are coming in, as well; and that’s a feature that makes being online even better. So I think that we can try to make the fact that it is Always-Online a more satisfying experience even more so than joining co-op which is already out there.