Maccree: Hello, BlizzCon. I’m super excited here to talk to you about the Nephalem Rifts. Previously, we were referred to them as “Loot Runs”, and what they are — are randomized dungeons. So what we have done is we have taken all of the tilesets, all of the dungeons in the game, and we organize them in new and interesting ways. So we have taken the cathedral, all the exteriors and all the monsters and shuffled them up.

So every time you do one of these, it’s random. Since they are self-contained areas that you go into, we can do things that we wouldn’t normally do in the campaign mode.


Maccree: For example, we do combinations of monsters that you wouldn’t normally see. We take monsters from different Acts and put them together. We’ll take multi-type of “Summoner” and put them together so you get quickly overwhelmed if you don’t deal with those threats.


Maccree: We play with the monster density, so this is the place where things get a little out of hand; and every time you go in, the monsters randomize the number of monsters randomized. So every floor can be different. Some will be a little sparse, some will get really out of hand, for example — the picture behind me.


Maccree: So like I mentioned, they are randomized dungeons. So what we have done is, these are 1 to 10 level deep dungeons.


Maccree: In the game right now, the deepest we go is 2 levels. So every time you transition from one level to another, it can be a different dungeon and it will have a different combination of monsters and we mix up the type of dungeons you are going through.

For example we’ll start with the cathedral, we can go into a root cave after that, go to crypt, or you can go to just one level which is just a big exterior zone. Or you can go from exterior into a Zoltun Kulle dungeon or something like that. So there are all kinds of different ways we put this together and every time you do them it is different.

So like I mentioned, these are self-contained and we can do things that we wouldn’t do in the campaign mode like give you crazy buffs. So in the exterior world we’ll give you little buffs; but in the Nephalem Rifts, we do things like give you AOE lighting that will one-shot everything.


Maccree: We’ll give you no-cast-cooldown. or vulnerability — and that really helps when you come across some of these really crazy populations that are hard to deal with. You get some really exciting kind of buffs happening. Now to cap off every Nephalem Rift, we have a boss; and what we’ve done is that instead of fighting them in an arena, we actually spawn them in the dungeon with you, and this is more similar to Diablo II.


Maccree: So you have to deal with the monsters that are in the dungeon, as well as, the boss that spawns, and these are random bosses. We take the existing one’s and we’ve created new ones — and we have randomized their power and abilities; and what I’d like to do now is show you a quick video of some Nephalem Rifts in action what you gonna play with the Crusader.

Alright, in the new expansion we got a lot of new monsters and what I’d like to do know is bring up Joe Shely to start talking to you about those.

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