15th Anniversary of Diablo

Blizzard Entertainment celebrated the 15th Anniversary of Diablo on December 31.

    15 years ago today the fight against Hell itself began in the world of Sanctuary. Now with the third installment knocking at the door of 2012, we thank you for making Diablo III one of the most anticipated games of the year.

    Wherever you are and however you choose to bring in the new year, we at Blizzard Entertainment hope you make it a good one! Bold new adventures are on the horizon.

Bashiok hinted recently via Twitter there might be a surprise lingering in the next few days. Could it be the official announcement of Diablo III release date? Could it be a preview of new features? Did Bashiok just say “doorstep of 2012”? Diablo III before Summer 2012? Teenoo-nee-noo, Teenoo-nee-noo!!.

    15 yrs ago today the fight against Hell itself began. Now with #D3 on the doorstep of 2012, we thank you for making this possible. — source: Twitter

    ManuCampora: There was no super news for today? — source: Twitter

    Bashiok: It’ll be ready early this week. 🙂 — source: Twitter

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