Master Necromancer Ordan Dialogue at Pandemonium Fortress

When reaching the Pandemonium Fortress Level 2, Master Necromancer Ordan talks to the female Necromancer Celsa. He reveals that, retroactively, he trained the other masters how to guide the Wizard, Monk, Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, and Crusader apprentices how to defeat Malthael. It all makes sense now how they knew something so critical, considering necromancers have better knowledge about the Balance, and how to deal with life and death.

Master Necromancer Ordan

Master Necromancer Ordan: At last, I have found you.

Celsa: Master? Why are you here?

Master Necromancer Ordan: We are reunited at our most dire hour. Many of our priests have fallen.

Celsa: Even you, master.

Master Necromancer Ordan: It is as it should be. I have come to aid you in defeating Malthael. You must wield a power beyond what you have ever dreamed possible. But first, you need to free us from our prison deeper in the fortress.

Celsa: I swear it will be done.

Master Necromancer Ordan: This angel commands a power beyond his understanding.

Celsa: Surely he possessed great knowledge as the Archangel of Wisdom?

Master Necromancer Ordan: Yes, but he sees virtue only in the light, not the Balance. Without some measure of harmony between both these forces, we are all lost. The victory he imagines for himself could never come to pass.

The truth is that you were not finished with your training when you left us. But I knew that if you’d stayed, you would have died in Malthael’s attack.

Celsa: You said many perished. Why was I spared?

Master Necromancer Ordan: Your life serves the Balance, as it always has, but perhaps you see it more clearly now. There is still a great deal you must do before your journey ends.

Celsa: I see now! This is what you spoke of… I feel as though I am on the edge between life and death, and both will bend at my command…

Master Necromancer Ordan: You are closer to the Cycle than any of us have ever been. Use this power to bring us peace.

Celsa: You have given me a great gift, master.

Master Necromancer Ordan: I give you a challenge. Do not fail.

Master Necromancer Ordan: We studied the Cycle for years, but we did not see the extent of this disaster. There were dark portents after the Worldstone shattered. The masters spent years trying to decipher them. It was clear that something was coming.

Celsa: If only we had better prepared.

Master Necromancer Ordan: My apprentice. If we had not made these preparations, you would not be standing before me now.

Celsa: What if I had been defeated, and could not reach you?

Master Necromancer Ordan: There are many spirits here… great and small from across the lands. I have instructed them on how to aid their allies, much as I have aided you.

Celsa: Of course. You consider everything.

Master Necromancer Ordan: It is a trait I would like to see in my apprentices as well.

Celsa: When this is over, I shall return to the necropolis. Deathspeaker Jurdann will know of your actions.

Master Necromancer Ordan: That is impossible. He was one of the fallen.

Celsa: Then who leads our numbers?

Master Necromancer Ordan: You must show them the way. Ensure that our traditions survive.



Diablo III Necromancer Novel or Comic in the Horizon?

In case you missed the Diablo III: Necromancer Q&A (May 3), there was a question that prompted Lead Technical Artist Julian Love to reveal there are plans to release some kind of story-driven project that will explain why the Necromancer has white hair. It is unknown if this will be a new novel, or a digital comic (similar to the Overwatch and StarCraft ones), or a graphic novel (assuming by Dark Horse), or a Short Story.

Julian Love opened the possibility for any of these to be the in-development project to tell us more about the Necromancer’s history. Read the full Diablo III: Necromancer Q&A transcript (or watch the video). This quote can be found in page 4 of the Q&A.

Why is their hair white?

Julian: (whispers: “artists!” laughs) Well, it turns out this is a super hardcore legitimate reason for this, that is explained by lore; and I am not going to answer it today, because that is going to be answered in the future by some other media that we are going to release. So if I tell you today, it would be a huge spoiler. So you will have to wait for that one.


Diablo III Necromancer Campaign Mode Video

I have recorded video of the Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Campaign Mode playing as a female Necromancer level 70 through Act I and V (Normal Difficulty). The sole purpose of these videos is to share most of the dialogue interactions between the Necromancer and the NPCs. There won’t be much else to see in the video beyond that, so I recommend jumping forward through the idle parts where there is no dialogue. You are warned. The sole purpose is to make the dialogues available to those who are exclusively looking that up.

Videos available in 1080HD. Make sure to switch to 1080 by clicking the gear icon within the video UI.

Necromancer Beta 2.6.0 (45499) – Patch Notes

Blizzard Entertainment deployed today a new Necromancer Beta patch. The past week, the Necromancer was disabled, and this new patch reincorporated it with new changes, and new items for testing.

The Necromancer Sets have been given a proper name: Bones of Rathma (Bone set), Trag’Oul’s Avatar (Blood Set), Grace of Inarius (Saint Set), and Pestilence Master’s Shroud (Plague Set). The Set Bonuses were changed slightly.

The items tab shows 32 new Legendary Items exclusive for the Necromancer. These have some insane stats. Check them out:

Necromancer Bone Set Hands-On Review

For a bit of a background, I played a lot of Diablo III when it launched, in those nefarious days when elite packs felt like today’s Torment V and you died a lot. I got tired many months later and retired to focus on World of Warcraft.

Then, Reaper of Souls came out and I leveled a Crusader to level 70, and played for another length of time. Then Hearthstone came out, Heroes of the Storm came out, Warlords of Draenor, and Overwatch. My time got split between the other five games, and I barely had much Diablo III gameplay until now.

I attended the PAX East 2017 Rise of the Necromancer fansite summit, and played for about 15 minutes. It was a Greater Rift as the female Necromancer, and I got enamored. I mean, 10 minions, a Blood Golem, and Blood Nova. That was awesome.

Nowadays, in beta, Blizzard Entertainment added four Necromancer sets on Tue Apr 25th, and I decided to go with the Necromancer Bone Set. At first, it was bit difficult, and changed around some of my skills and runes to benefit from the Bone Set Bonus. You can view all the Necromancer Sets here.

Just before the Necromancer Sets were introduced for testing, Necromancer players had to craft the Cain Set to benefit from the intellect (which is its main DPS stat). I could only go as far as Torment III with the Cain set.

Then I started upgrading my legendary gems, and stacking Thorns. Today, out of the blue I was one-shot’ing elite packs. It took me a bit to figure out what happened. I started observing elite pack fights, and nailed the source. My Skeleton Mage was critting for 15-24 million damage, my pets were hitting stronger, and my last two enchanting thorn upgrades started to wreck without even lifting a finger. So a combination of all these choices made a big difference.

Before the sets were introduced, I would die nearly instantly in Torment IV. I decided to test-ride my Skeletal Mage in Torment IV. Wrecked. Greater Rift guardian died in less than 5 seconds. I cranked up to Torment V. Now I was dying if not too careful, but the Skeletal Mage was wrecking everything. Finished Greater Rift Torment V in under 6 minutes.

I was not satisfied yet. For giggles, I cranked up Greater Rift to Torment VI (Level 25). I died a few times to mobs that jump toward you or that shoot you from range, but overall the Skeletal Mage didn’t disappoint. I played Torment VI (level 25) 3-4 times, and deemed it a success.


I am not by any means an expert. Most of these systems didn’t exist last time I played a Crusader when Reaper of Souls came out. Right now I am using the Enforcer Legendary Gem (Rank 24 of 25), and Boyarski’s Chip Legendary Gem (Rank 11).

Necromancer Sets available in Beta Test

Blizzard Entertainment added four placeholder Necromancer Sets in today’s patch, and also drop as individual set items in Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts. These four sets can be purchased for 500 Blood Shards from a giant Khazra NPC vendor in Tristram (or any other base), standing between the Haedrig Eamon the Blacksmith and Covetous Chen the Gem Artisan.


Diablo III Necromancer Skills

The Diablo III Necromancer is a commander of the dead, leading a fearsome army to battle and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice of life when necessary. The Necromancer balances essence and health to power his unnatural abilities over blood and bone. The Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Pack is arriving Summer 2017. All skills shown below might defer from the released product. These are seen in beta test servers.


Necromancer Primary


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*Work in progress

Diablo III Patch 2.5.0 Live: Seasons 10 in Consoles

Diablo III patch 2.5.0 is now live in the Americas for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! That means Season 10 has begun! The first major feature introduced in this patch is the Armory, which allows you to save 5 different build loadouts per character (including gear, gems, runes and skills).

Crafting materials are now saved in a different UI interface within your character inventory. When you login, all materials in the stash will be moved there automatically.

Primal Ancient gear is unlocked after playing a level 70 Greater Rift. After that they drop anywhere, including Kadala.

Finally, Seasons 10 has arrived to Consoles (PS4/XBox One!

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