Diablo III Auction House Comes to a Close

The Diablo Auction House is now closed. People have until June 24, 2014 to claim their gold and items.

Diablo III Auction House Comes to a Close

The gold and real-money auction houses are now shut down in the Americas. For more information, including how the shutdown will affect active auctions, items in the Completed Tab, and your existing Battle.net Balance, please visit our Auction House Update FAQ.

Garwulf’s Corner: An Odyssey into Diablo and the World Beyond the Video Game

Diablo fans who followed the Garwulf’s Corner at the former Diabloii.net years ago might be excited to learn something shared with me by its author Robert B. Marks.

Before we get into that, for those who weren’t around the Blizzard community back then — Garwulf’s Corner was a bi-weekly column discussing everything Diablo and Diablo II, as well as life topics in general such as movies, literature, video games, etc.

Robert B. Marks is also the author of Diablo: Demonsbane. Demonsbane was the first Diablo eBook published in 2000 and he is author of the EverQuest Companion. Most likely the first book in the Blizzard novel collection, and likely the pioneer of gaming eBooks in general — at a time where Kindle didn’t exist, and eBooks were just a first-time experiment.

Diablo: Demonsbane can be read in printing nowadays within the pages of the Diablo Archive.

Last night, Robert B. Marks informed me he is publishing a book titled … Garwulf’s Corner: An Odyssey into Diablo and The World Beyond the Video Game.

I’ll keep you updated as details become available. I’ll get a review copy as soon as it comes out of printing. The book is slated to ship on October 2014 from the Legacy Books Press. Robert B. Marks websites: The Dragonmage’s Realm and Garwulf’s Corner (Livejournal)

At the dawn of the 21st Century, the video game industry experienced a period of wild creativity, fighting for recogniztion as an art form while making the transformation into a media juggernaut. And as it did, Garwulf’s Corner was there.

One of the earliest, if not the first, video game issues columns on the internet, Garwulf’s Corner ran every two weeks from 2000 to 2002 on Diabloii.net, Written by Robert B. Marks, author of Diablo: Demonsbane and The EverQuest Companion, it explored everything up to and including Diablo, the birth of artificial intelligence, hackers, literature and movies, and the video game’s struggle for legitimacy.

Collected here for the first time in print — whith new introductions and updates — are all 52 installments of Garwulf’s Corner, along with the three columns written years later for the unpublished Blurred Edge Magazine, the holiday issue that never was, and the author’s final word (so far) on Diablo III and Diablo in general. Insightful, controversial, witty, and thought-provoking, Garwulf’s Corner is a journey into the world of video games that is still relevant today.

ISBN: 9781927537107
Price: $19.99 US



Diablo III – Ladder System might be coming?

Josh Mosqueira Teases more about “LADDERS”

Another day another tweet by Josh Mosqueira about… overcoming obstacles! A few months ago during an interview, Josh Mosqueira joked when he was asked about ladders and asked back if they are are used for climbing. Either the team is playing a collective joke, or Diablo III PvP info might actually be in the near horizon?

Diablo III – A New Ally Has Joined the Game Guide

The Crusader has been added to the official Game Guide.

A New Ally Has Joined the Game Guide

…but the minions of Hell grow stronger.

Lore seekers and theorycrafters, take note: the Crusader class page and skill calculator are now available in the Diablo III Game Guide! Source


The Crusader Class Page

The Crusader class page is a vast repository of sacred knowledge, containing key details about this unyielding champion of the Light. On the page, you will find a litany of practical information including core class mechanics, character background, unique equipment, a resource overview, an armor progression preview, combat screenshots, artwork, and more.


Updated Skill Calculator

In addition to these high-level highlights, the class page also provides a comprehensive breakdown of Crusader skills and abilities. If you’re looking to challenge Malthael’s armies in Westmarch and beyond, be sure to explore the ActivePassive, and Progression sub-pages to learn more about the divine powers your Crusader can wield. We also encourage you to experiment with new builds using our updated Skill Calculator!


For more information about Crusader lore and history, click here. For a sneak peek at the upcoming Crusader short story, “The End of Her Journey,” click here.

To learn about other recent changes made to the Game Guide, click here.


Diablo III New Crusader Fan Art

Gorgeous Art for the upcoming Crusader Class in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

New Crusader Fan Art

The brave, though mysterious Crusaders have always been a source of inspiration for those fortunate enough to witness them in combat. From their unmistakable silhouette of shield and flail to their unrelenting fervor on the battlefield, they’ve captured the hearts and quills of many artisans throughout Sanctuary. And throughout our mortal realm as well! Source

In celebration of this blessed champion of the Light, we’ve collected several samples of fan art from all around the globe featuring the newest playable class in Reaper of Souls™. Feast your eyes on these wonderful works below, and be sure to visit the artists’s official pages to show your support!


Female CrusaderMay the Darkness be Consumed by Light, and Female Crusader 2 by Vablo

Crusader – Unbreakable Warrior by István Dányi

First Crusade by Hide the Insanity [LEFT] | Crusader by Dehong Yu [RIGHT]

Crusader by reh-kitz

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Crusader by Calvin’s Customs

The Crusader by alexdromero

Diablo 3 – Crusader by vincentowo [LEFT] | Crusader fan Art by FedericoAG [RIGHT]

Be sure to stay tuned to diablo3.com for more information regarding the Crusader, and for the results of our Reaper of Souls Fan Art Contest hosted by deviantART—which conludes this week!


Diablo III Auction House FAQ Updated

Blizzard has updated the Diablo III Auction House Update FAQ with new information about the upcoming shutdown of the gold and real-money auction houses on March 18.

Auction House FAQ Updated

We’ve updated our Diablo III Auction House Update FAQ with new information about the upcoming shutdown of the gold and real-money auction houses on March 18. Please read below for these additionals details, or click here to view the full FAQ.


Q. On what day and at what time will the gold and real-money auction houses be shut down in all regions?

Answer: The gold and real-money auction houses are currently scheduled to shut down in all gameplay regions at approximately 3:00 a.m. PT on Tuesday, March 18. Please note that this schedule may change and that the auction houses could be shut down a little earlier or later on March 18.

Q. Will the shut down process require maintenance?

Answer: No, the shut down will not require maintenance. However, the current shut down time will overlap with scheduled Tuesday maintenance for the Americas gameplay region.

Q. What will happen to my current auctions when the gold and real-money auction houses are shut down?

Answer: All active auctions will expire as normal following the shutdown of the gold and real-money auction houses on Tuesday, March 18. Once the shutdown is complete, items will either be delivered to the current highest bidder or returned to the seller, appearing in each player’s Completed tab. Unclaimed gold will also appear in the Completed tab. Players will be able to claim gold and items and from this tab until June 24, 2014.

Successful transactions involving Battle.net Balance and/or PayPal will be processed normally and all usual fees will apply.


Q. What happens to my unclaimed items and gold in the Completed tab after the shutdown?

Answer: Players will be able to claim gold and items from the Completed tab in both the gold and real-money auction houses until June 24, 2014. Items and gold not claimed by this date will be consumed by Treasure Goblins, never to be seen again.

To avoid any unintended loss of gold or items, we strongly recommend that players clear out their Completed tabs prior to March 18, 2014.


Q. How will I be able to access the Completed tab after the gold and real money auction houses are shut down?

Answer: The auction house window will remain available for all players until June 24, 2014; however, the ability to Bid, Buyout, and list new auctions in the gold and real-money auction houses will be disabled on March 18, 2014.

To access the Completed tab after the gold and real-money auction houses have shut down, simply click on the gavel icon and select which auction house (gold or real-money) you wish to access. The Completed tab will appear in its normal location on the far right of the auction house window.


Q. My Completed tab is already full! What will happen to outstanding items after the gold and real-money auction houses are shut down?

Answer: Each Completed tab can display up to 50 items at a time. If a player has more than 50 items to claim from the gold or real-money auction house, those outstanding items (including unclaimed gold) will remain in the Completed tab “backlog.” As items are removed from the Completed tab and additional space is made available in the UI, items in the backlog will begin to appear and can be claimed as normal.

Please note that items and gold in the backlog will be removed permanently from the game after June 24, 2014.


Q. What will happen to my existing Battle.net Balance?

Answer: Your Battle.net Balance total will not be affected by the shutdown of the gold and real-money auction houses on March 18, 2014. In addition, players will still be able to use their Battle.net Balance to purchase a variety of services and Blizzard games from the Battle.net Shop. For more information, please visit our Battle.net Balance support article.


Q. Can I convert my Battle.net Balance into cash after the real-money auction house is shut down?

Answer: No. Funds added to Battle.net Balance are not refundable (except as otherwise provided by law) and cannot be converted into cash. For more information, please visit our Battle.netBalance support article.


Diablo III Patch 2.0.3 – Hotfixes 3/12

Yesterday, Blizzard Entertainment applied hotfixes for Patch 2.0.3 for the Demon Hunter and Wizard classes. Other general fixes for items and monster abilities.

Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks.

These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued.

Previous hotfixes can be located here: [2.0.1] [2.0.2]

Last Updated – March 12th. Items with an asterisk (*) are most recent.

Demon Hunter

  • Vault
    • Resolving an issue where Demon Hunters with the Danetta’s Hatred set bonus were able to use Vault without the required amount of Hatred.*


  • Teleport
    • REVERSION - The following hotfix is being reverted:
      • Should now properly allow Wizards to pass over walls created by monsters with the Waller affix.*
        • This hotfix had unintended consequences and this issue will instead be readdressed in a future patch.


  • Resolving a number of issues related to powers that apply stacking damage shield buffs, such as Spectral Blade and Magic Weapon
    • These abilities should now provide the appropriate amount of shielding, absorb the correct amount of damage, last the appropriate length of time, and will no longer break prematurely when hit by multiple enemies at the same time.
  • Reduced the amount of damage reflected by certain monster abilities.*
  • The “Swing That Bloody Hammer!” achievement no longer requires crafting an item with Life Steal to complete.
  • The “Gorging the Forge” achievement no longer requires crafting an item with Magic Find to complete.
  • Projectiles reflected by Sokahr the Keywarden should no longer crit.
  • Players should no longer be incorrectly informed that they have earned a bonus chest after failing a Cursed Chest wave event.
  • Players matchmaking for Any Quest (or All Acts) games when no existing games are available should no longer receive an error.
  • Skills that deal Physical damage should no longer benefit from items that increase elemental skill damage.
  • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally be unable to complete the Skeleton King fight, which would block progression.


  • The Grand Vizier:
    • This weapon will now appropriately drop with Intelligence for Wizards and Dexterity for Monks.
  • Blackfeather:
    • Now properly has an internal cooldown on its Legendary affix proc.
  • Homing Pads:
    • No longer makes players immune to crowd control effects while channeling Town Portal
  • Unity:
    • Damage prevented by Talisman of Aranoch, The Star of Azkaranth, Mara’s Kaleidoscope, or Xephirian Amulet no longer splits to party members via the Unity Ring.

Demon Hunter

  • Vault
    • Resolved an issue where Demon Hunters are unable to Vault if the mouse cursor is beyond maximum range.*


  • Mirror Image
    • Hydras summoned by Mirror Images should now deal the appropriate amount of damage.
  • Arcane Torrent
    • Skill Rune – Power Stone
      • Only the Wizard who created the Power Stone will receive Arcane Power when the Power Stone is picked up.*


Diablo III Live Q&A on March 24!

Community Manager Nevalistis shares with fans the first-ever live developer Q&A for Diablo III.


Some of you may have heard we’re hosting a little shindig in Los Angeles on March 24 to commemorate the launch of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls™. While this launch event is somewhat different than those we’ve hosted in the past, we’re committed to making it fun and engaging for everyone in the community—whether you’re celebrating on-site or online!

As part of the evening’s festivities, we’re inviting players around the world to join us at Twitch.tv/Diablo for our first-ever live developer Q&A. The Q&A will kick off on Monday, March 24 around 9:00 p.m. PT, shortly after Reaper of Souls goes live in the Americas. I’ll be joining Game Director Josh Mosqueira and Senior Technical Game Designer Wyatt Cheng from the altar of the Vibiana to reflect on the evening’s events, discuss some of the trials and challenges in developing the expansion, and answer questions submitted directly by you, our players!

Speaking of questions, if you’ve got any for Josh and Wyatt about Reaper of Souls, its development, or what’s next for Diablo III, be sure to tweet them to @Diablo now using the #D3QA hashtag. We look forward to addressing as many as possible during our half-hour show.

We’re positively stoked to share this exciting evening with you and hope you’ll join us as we celebrate such a Legendary milestone in Diablo history. See you on Twitch!


Diablo III Short Story Sneak Peek: The End of Her Journey by Robert Brooks

Community Manager Nevalistis shares with fans a sneak peek into Robert Brooks’ latest Diablo-themed short story featuring the Crusader class: “The End of Her Journey”.

Stay tuned. The full story will be posted next week.

While some players might revel in the nitty gritty of combat skills and techniques, others like myself have an insatiable taste for the flavorful histories that round out (and give context to) the heroes of Sanctuary.

Our newest champion is no exception, and story developer Robert Brooks has been hard at work weaving a tale of intrigue about the Crusader and her mission. His narrative will not only give you an inside look at how this nephalem’s journey comes to pass, but also an understanding of who she is as an individual.

To give you a glimpse of the crusade to come, we’ve prepared a special sneak peek of “The End of Her Journey,” available below. Enjoy!

Anajinn was reading through a thick tome when he entered the library. “Anajinn, or whatever your name is, you need to leave now.” She glanced up at him and turned a page, tracing along the text with her gauntleted fingers as she read.

“I heard some angry words out there,” she said.

“There’s a man… a paladin. He says you’re a heretic,” Reiter said.

She laughed. “I suppose he would.” Her eyes never left the book. Reiter stammered incoherently for a moment. “Did he threaten to kill me?” she asked.

“Well, not… Yes.” Reiter tried to make his voice firm. “He’s waiting outside for you now.”

“Nice of him to send you to warn me.”

She continued to read. Reiter shifted uncomfortably. “Aren’t you going to… face him?”

“Eventually. If he’s still there,” she said. “I have a lot of reading left. Maybe he’ll find something better to do.”

Reiter felt utterly helpless. Dragging her out seemed like a bad idea. Still, he pressed forward. “Anajinn, I want you to leave my inn. Right now.” She didn’t immediately respond, and Reiter exploded. “What is wrong with you? What is in that book that’s more important than a man trying to kill you? Why in the Hells have you come back to my inn?”

Anajinn sighed and set down her book, sitting up straight. Her armor clacked together lightly. “Your father asked my master—”

“The real Anajinn? The first one?” Reiter interrupted without thinking.

She didn’t seem to take offense. “Her, yes. But she wasn’t the first. Anajinn began her crusade a couple centuries ago,” she said. Reiter blinked at that, but she moved on. “Your father asked all about our crusade. He didn’t share that with you?” Reiter shook his head, lips pressed together. “Then I’ll be brief. I’m searching for something to save my faith.”

“From… what?”

Anajinn’s smile was sad. “Decay. Corruption.”

“So why does this paladin hate you so much?”

“Would you be happy to have someone tell you your faith is flawed at its core? Doomed to rot and cause untold suffering and pain?” She sighed. “I don’t think this paladin outside is of high rank. Knowledge of the crusade is suppressed to all but the leaders of his order. If he were one of them, he would not wait patiently.”

“What would he do?”

“He would level your inn to kill me.” Anajinn’s expression hardened. “I don’t know whether I can talk sense into him. If I can’t, I’ll likely need to leave town. So until I’m ready to leave, I’m going to finish my reading.”

“But he threatened to kill me too!” There. It was out.

A pause. “Did he?”

“Well, not in so many words…”

Anajinn cut him off. “But you felt threatened.” It wasn’t a question. Anajinn closed her book. “Then I will leave immediately. I don’t want you to feel at risk because of me.

“But this book,” she said, holding it up. “Would you be willing to sell it? I can pay a fair price.”

Reiter stared at her.

Are you excited to read more? We are too and look forward to releasing “The End of Her Journey” by Robert Brooks in its entirety on diablo3.com next week!

In the meantime, be sure check out the other class short stories we’ve published (if you haven’t already):

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