Cheapest 2020 Android Tablets for Diablo Immortal

Many Diablo fans complained about Diablo Immortal for various reasons, but one of them is because they don’t own a smartphone. To a degree, very understandable. The latest smartphones with Android 10 can be as expensive as a laptop, but some have dropped down in price or are cheap from the get-go.

The cheapest one is the Google Pixel 3A for $399 (Android 9) or the Google Pixel 4 around $549. There is also the newest Google Pixel 4a for $349 (currentlly, pre-orders are open. Launches on August 20, 2020).

But if you don’t want a smartphone and its monthly carrier service fee, you can go with a more productive solution.

This article will mention the cheapest tablets, and the best in the industry in terms of quality and brand. Always go with Samsung or Apple.

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