The Blizzard Tech Support site out of the blue updated the Diablo 4 Beta Access page 11 hours ago. Merely 3 days before BlizzConline 2021. Coincidence?

Checking the Google cache version recorded in February 15 (just a day ago) shows how exactly the page looked like before it was updated.

It is interesting that the new version removed this part: “There have been no announcements regarding a Diablo IV beta at this time.”

Are they signaling that Diablo IV Beta or Technical Alpha will be announced at BlizzConline?

More Updates

Apparently, the Diablo Immortal Alpha/Beta – Blizzard Support page has been updated too. I am not able to find a “before” or cache version in Google or Yahoo. It is possible the page was created 1 day ago. Thanks, MrMesli for finding it.

The World of Warcraft Alpha/Beta Access – Blizzard Support page was also updated 1 day ago. Might be hinting at the Burning Crusade Classic Alpha/Beta.

This is the cached version for WoW. They removed this part: “Beta access isn’t guaranteed. We send out a limited number of invitations, based on several criteria.”

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