Players can talk to Yakin to open up the Rarities & Antiques shop UI. All transactions are paid to Yakin in gold currency.

This Diablo Immortal feature works similarly to Kadala, where each time you buy, you get a random item with random stats.

  1. You can buy mystery items from Yakin that vary in quality.
  2. As your level increases, Yakin’s equipment will also increase in power.
  3. The price will rise for each subsequent item purchased on the same day.

The Rarities & Antiques Shop is located in Rakkis Plaza at the city of Westmarch, next to The Market.

There is RNG involved when you buy the same item from Yakin, and each time there is chance for a different type of item quality. If you don’t need an item, you can just salvage it for scrap materials at the Blacksmith. So in essence, this can be a Gold to Scrap Materials converter (for normal items), or Gold to Enchanted Dust (for rare items).

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