Something very wrong must be going on in the Emerald Dream.  Ysondre the Green dragon in Feralas yells:  “The strands of LIFE has been severed!  The Dreamers must be avenged!”.  The animation of Green dragon breath is no longer a green steam.  It is now a multiple-spitting of neon-green liquid that looks pretty cool.  If you have the curiosity whether you can enter the Emerald Dream by running past the dragon,  you will be surprised to go through the portal to find nothing on the other side.  A new discovery made, however.  After the green dragon killed me, my ghost form had a buff icon named Mark of Nature—“You have been weakened by death!  Susceptible to Aura of nature for 15 minutes.  In fact, every dragon has a special attack.  It will be fun to experiment each dragon until a strategy can be found for subsequent farming.  Test Server is plagued by debugg error messages on the left side of the screen.  And some people reports the screen is stretched inwards slightly.  NPCs are not targetable.  Both issues are fixed by turning off all shaders and glow effects at the MENU>Video Settings until a permanent fix is implemented.  I will update soon most of Silithus new stuff and some screenshots.