We got word from a fan that Nefarian—black dragon from Blackwing Lair has been defeated for first time by Drama Guild from Shatterhand Realm(US Server).  The item drops were very juicy as you can see below.  Mcfizz, a level 60 Hunter Elf from Drama Guild said the following:

“One thing is for sure.  We are a much stronger guild than we were when we first stepped foot into Blackwing Lair. The zone was difficult enough to make us better players by conquering it.  As for the itemization, I know a lot of items were made with the hope of future improvements, and just me personally, don’t feel that the item loot reflects the difficulty of the mobs.

Compared to the Molten Core, only real point of reference, the zone and the boss fights are very creative and unique. It was not the old fashioned “tank it ‘n spank it” of Molten Core.  All in all, I feel that Blizzard did a good job on the zone and have faith that Ah’Qiraj will release a lot smoother when Blizzard releases patch 1.9. Looking forward to it and Good Luck all in Blackwing Lair!”

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