Exploiters busted and ready for a Smackdown.  Blizzard announced all servers will be restarted on Wednesday as a measure to stop a new discovered exploit.  No further details about the exploit was mentioned, but promised to offer details at a later time after they have dealt with coding to counter it.  All offenders will be suspended or banned from using
World of Warcraft.  It is interesting how fast Blizzard detected the exploit and
acts quickly just after today’s Maintenance Schedule.

Tseric: “We will be issuing rolling restarts to all realms beginning at
4:00 AM PDT on 9/28/05. This will be done to close an exploit which we will
provide more information on at a later time.

In the meantime, our current GM policy, in terms of intended exploitation,
still stands and those in breach of said policy will be handled accordingly.”

Update: On Wednesday, Eyonix revealed the exploit was happening within Blackwing Lair:

“This morning we issued rolling restarts for all realms in order to apply a hotfix which closed an exploit in the Nefarian encounter located in Blackwing Lair. Each of the realms has been brought back up, and the hotfix successfully applied. We thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

To clarify from previous posts, Last night we hotfixed part of the Nefarian encounter. Specifically, you should no longer be able to stand on various parts of the geometry and cause the Drakonids, Nefarian or the skeletons to go into evade mode.  Forcibly trying to put creatures into evade mode is considered an exploit, on any encounter.  As for crediting serverwide first kills as legitimate or not, that’s not something that we’ve ever done. If we felt a specific guild was exploiting an encounter or had exploited an encounter to defeat it, our GM staff would contact them and take appropriate measures.”