Josh Mosqueira dropped a tease for Diablo III (PC) players via Twitter. Is Blizzard announcing new features that will make it to the game in an upcoming patch and that hasn’t been announced yet? Are we going to learn about those before BlizzCon or at BlizzCon? Or did he mean Reapers of Soul beta is close?

From the point of view of Reapers of Souls, if Blizzard had plans to ship that game by June/July, taking in mind a beta testing lasts an approximate time-frame of six months, beta would start between December 2013 and January 2014.

If they targeted September 2014 (a year from now), beta would start around March 2014.

This is entirely a speculation. No dates have been announced for Reaper of Souls beta.

Just leaving that bowl of food for thought.

Release day!!! Welcome to Hell console players… stay a while and button mash. Fret not PC loyalists, lots of surprises inbound… soon.