WowVault from IGN, interviewed Jason Hayes—Blizzard Music Composer about his role in World of Warcraft’s music.  You can join Jason Hayes’ Forum Community here

WoW Vault: What tools and instruments do you use to create your music?

I generally use Emagic’s ?Logic? software on a Mac workstation, and have 3 PC computers on the side that act like instruments, because I run a software program called “Gigastudio” on them. This software basically turns each PC into a powerful sampler. Into each of the Gigastudio computers, I load instruments from various libraries, such as: * Miroslav Vitous Symphonic Orchestra (for solo instruments- especially winds- and some percussion) * Peter Siedlaczek’s Advanced Orchestra * Garritan Orchestral Strings * Vienna Symphonic Library

…And some others, too. Just lately, I’ve also been using the “EXS24” software sampler, which allows you to load in many of the same types of instruments directly in Logic on the Mac, which is very convenient because everything is located within the same environment, and you avoid the complication of all the extra cables smile

I?ve also had the good fortune to record with live orchestra and choir a few times, which is a real joy! Most recently, I recorded with the 80-voice Long Beach University Chorus for the World of Warcraft Intro movie, and they sounded absolutely beautiful.

Another tool I find very helpful is a small digital voice recorder, which I?ll carry around with me to sing ideas into when I?m away from the studio. It?s a great way to get in touch with the creative side of yourself, because a roomful of gear can sometimes feel a little oppressive when you?re trying to be imaginative.