Blizzard has just closed more than 36,000 accounts for cheating on More than 28,000 CD keys tied to these accounts have been disabled from Realm play on for one month, and more than 3,000 CD keys have been permanently disabled from Realm play due to repeat offenses. Players should check out and read the FAQ for details on Blizzard’s anti-cheating procedure. As a reminder, the news window that Diablo II players see after logging in has had a long-running warning against the use of hacks, clearly indicating that if Blizzard detects that cheating is taking place, the offending accounts may be closed without notice and the CD keys tied to these accounts may likewise be disabled without notice. The account closures reflect Blizzard’s zero-tolerance policy against cheating, as well as their effort to prepare the Realms for the new ladder season. Blizzard: “We appreciate the support of the thousands of legitimate Diablo II players in helping us keep a secure and fun place to play Blizzard games”.