The Jace Hall Season 3: Espisode 1 hit the airwaves around 3:30pm EST. The Blizzard Entertainment scene started at minute 03:52. Jay Wilson is addressing the Diablo III team and introducing Jace Hall to them. This video was brewed on June 23, 2009.

The camera view shifts to a portion of the chalkboard where we see the words: The epic adventures of Turd, the Barbarian. Another words: Unicorn Count: 65.

I don’t know why in the world Jay Wilson is wearing some kind of Musketeer hat or Pirate hat or bard hat. Maybe it’s part of the joke drill, or the fifth class is a Musketeer … with swashbuckling dual-wielding swords … [cricket].

The Jace Hall Show: Season 3, Episode 1

Jay Wilson proceeds to talk about their agenda. They can talk about the fifth class or about the chat gem. The team all talk at once agreeing on the chat gem.

However, he ends up saying he doesn’t want to talk about the Chat gem. Everyone makes faces, and look pretty bored. Jay says he wants to talk about the fifth class. And thus he asks for suggestions for the fifth class.

Boyarski suggests a … bard.

Everyone agrees with a bard. Suddenly, one of the devs asks: “How do you spell that?”

Jay Wilson shifts his eyes on his direction with a /facepalm expression.

The scene ends at minute 4:30.

The next Blizzard scene starts at 07:35 with Jace Hall saying: It’s an honor to be able to sit here with the Diablo III team and be part of the design situation here. Jay Wilson gets back to topic with the Bard class.

Mark Choy (3D Legel Designer) comes up with an idea about a Guitar Hero-like thing with dancing revolution thing, a mic and a combo system — Man, I don’t even entiendo what this guy is talking about. Anyway, while alllllll this joke is playing, hey — It’s a Jace Hall show after all, who take this guy serious anyway [sorry, Jace, Felicia has been one of my crushes. Go Felicia!] — I can’t but stare at that image in the background behind Jace Hall at 07:43.

It’s an artwork of the Druid, which I guess we should discard as the fifth class, because so far we were told in the past that only the Barbarian class would make a comeback at least on Diablo III. Other previous classes might return in future expansions.

Half-way Jace Hall interrupts and asks Jay if Mark Choy is serious with this bard thing. Jay Wilson snaps back: “Are you arguing with the Blizzard devs? You know more about games than us ….”

Leonard Boyarsky (Lead World Design) starts talking about the Bard. They can sell three peripherals: “You know how much extra money that’s gonna make us?”

This scene ends at 08:20.

You know, Jace Hall. This was total disappoint. You infiltrate the Diablo III offices, and you don’t get us any juicy stuff? I despise you now. You know, I just wish Felicia had used that lightsaber at 08:55 to slice off your [beep].

Ohh, and if I ever, EVAH, watch another Jace Hall episode again — it’s because Felicia is in it. [raspberry]