The Official Diablo Facebook page currently has 550,000 followers since it’s launch on November 30, 2009. Diablo II sold over 1 million units in the first two weeks after launch back in 2000, shattering sales records and received the “Game of the Year” awards from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences at the 2001 Interactive Achievement Awards.

Over 11 million players clash over, and more join everyday with sales of the Diablo II Battle Chest unbelievably reaching the top NPD Group’s top 10 PC games after a decade.

Yet, only 550,000 players follow the official Diablo Facebook. This is an outrage. Where are the other millions of Diablo players? Are you one of those too busy playing Diablo II: Lord of Destruction to forget something so simple as to click “Like” at the Diablo Facebook?

Wouldn’t you want more delicious Diablo III updates on Facebook? Blizzard Entertainment seems to be ready to show more juice after the fifth class, the Demon Hunter, was revealed this past BlizzCon 2010.

The Diablo III Team will post new and exclusive art and screenshots for every 25,000 additional page ‘Likes’ received. Think of it as the Diablo version of the WoW Battlecry.

I don’t know about you, but doing the math, that’s 18 updates worth of exclusive art and screenshots. Are you up to the challenge? Tell all your family and friends to ‘Like’ the Official Diablo Facebook. Share it in your blogs, and forum signatures and threads. Spread the word. With a new BlizzCon just announced, Diablo III Beta is coming closer into reality. Let’s savor these upcoming months with new exclusive content. Join the fray, and take this upmost quest.

I sense a soul in search of answers. Click the ‘Like’ button at the Official Diablo Facebook page to find them.

Blizzard Quote:
Diablo The Warcraft Facebook page recently hit 1million who ‘Like’ it and rubbed it in our faces. We know there are millions of Diablo players out there, and to take the fight back we have some incentives all lined up. Beginning at 550,000 ‘People Like This’ of the Diablo Facebook page we’ll post new art and screenshots, and …for every 25,000 additional page ‘Likes’ we receive after that up to 1million. Let’s do this!