Yesterday, the Google Android Developers blog posted an update on their latest Android GPU Inspector tool that entered Open Beta. This graphics profiler tool is available to game studios developing for the Android platform.

The Android GPU Inspector (AGI) tool finds graphic bottlenecks to help fine tune and optimize the game’s performance.

The AGI tool closed preview was available only to a few game developers — including Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase — and compatible with Pixel 4, Pixel 4XL, Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10 running Android 11.

Now that the tool is officially in open beta, Google is looking into expanding support to a wider range of devices.

About Blizzard Entertainment, Google said the following in that blog:

What devices can I use it on?

AGI relies on updated firmware and video drivers to get information it needs; the first devices to support it are the Pixel 4 and 4XL running Android 11. While we are working with device manufacturers and SoC vendors to enable more supported devices, the key insight we’ve learned on our journey is that being able to look into the GPU—even on a single device—creates a lot of value.

Working with Blizzard Entertainment Inc. and NetEase, Inc., AGI helped pinpoint 45% vertex bandwidth savings for the upcoming Diablo Immortal, a dark gothic action RPG game.

Source: Android Developers Blog

The AGI tool allows developers to detect the following performance problems:

  • GPU or CPU Bound
  • Excessive Geometry
  • Overly Complex Vertex Shaders
  • Non-visible Geometry: triangles that should be culled.
  • Excessive Overdraw
  • Potentially Oversized Textures

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