Bashiok posted an enigmatic photo just a few hours ago in twitter that surely drives everyone insanely disappointed and pissed off.

The image is blurred, and low-res. You can’t read the text, and you can’t make out the monster or the armor.

However, upon close inspection of the photo — it looks like Bashiok’s intention was to show us something beyond the eye, which is right under our nose.

The top image is probably the monster.

Beneath it is a paper with color-coded text: Green, Blue, Orange and Red.

At the bottom of the Blue Text paper you can count 10 images, positioned in a pattern. Some slightly more up or down than the other.

The magic interpretation:

1. lower image (male) and upper image (female).
2. Ten images divided by male and female = 5 classes …
3. Grin

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