A letter to Archbishop Lazarus written by Sankekur, Que-Hegan, Supreme Patriarch of the Zakarum Church.

Faithful Lazarus,

I write you to address my growing concerns regarding your recent petulance and that of your fellow Archbishops.  For the past few months, I have witnessed a certain darkening of your spirits that I can hardly account for.  You and your brethren are First amongst the Chosen of the Light.  If our retainers and followers so much as suspected a rift in authority between us, I fear we would lose much of the control we have gained over this ancient, troubled land.

Our line was charged, long ago, with watching over Kurast and its peoples.  As you well know, it is our duty to spread the glory of the Light to all corners of the known world, whether it be welcomed or not.  But most important, the Horadrim trusted our Church to maintain the wardings, that keep our dark guest chained beneath the Temple City.  Since it has been your sole responsibility to safeguard Mephisto’s Soulstone.  I wonder if perhaps your dread task isn’t affecting your noble spirit in some malign way.

Whatever the cause of your recent rebellions against my will, I wish to see you and your Archbishops in council immediately.  If you have not the strength of heart to perform your duties like a true Servant of the Light, then I will find someone to replace you.  The binding of the Lord of Hatred is paramount to the safety and future of the Zakarum Church.  I will not see the Church threatened by the pettiness and jealousy of its servants.  I will be expecting you.



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