The Diablo Immortal technical alpha officially ended in January 5 at 3pm PST (Android) and 5:40pm PST (iOS).

However, there was a sneak update in the Google Play a bit over 2MB in January 7. Check below for the datamined images.

An alpha participant and WoWHead content creator going by “stiven” datamined the patch and discovered partial data for the Necromancer and the Crusader — who were absent from the technical alpha. Stiven shared the images in the Diablo Immortal reddit discord channel.

If you read the file names in the image above, you can see Yanqiu and Toufa. These are chinese words. Yanqiu means eyeball and Toufa means hair in chinese.

But that is not all. At some point throughout January 7, there was yet a second app update. This one merely 0.02MB in size. It changed the server from REGION 2 to… chinese text.

The question that is going to pop in the back of our minds is simple. Is Blizzard Entertainment preparing for Diablo Immortal Alpha in China?

Blizzard Entertainment already answered that question in plain sight. Go to the Diablo Immortal technical alpha FAQ at the bottom of this page … and you will see this short sentence: “Mobile game development can often benefit from multiple rounds of public testing.”

I think we should be very vigilant for the possibility of multiple tests in different countries — in a similar fashion as the Call of Duty: Mobile Beta.

WoWHead posted datamined images of the Wizard gear sets, Barbarian gear sets, and Monk gear sets.

Update (8:05pm EST): TossedSalad in the discord channel spotted the servers reverted back from chinese to English. The Alpha servers are listed again. Login is Non-accessible. Curiously, our characters haven’t been deleted. (the 15 stands for Paragon 15)

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