After the recent patch, the developers added sort of LFG Tags to Diablo III: Reaper of Souls in Adventure Mode only.

Basically, choose the Adventure Mode. Then choose Public Game. At that point, the LFG Tag shows up at the top with a dropdown menu which says:

  • Monster Slaying
  • Brawling
  • Key Warden

Now, I understand that Adventure Mode is aimed to be end-game content where the player chooses the bounties and locations he wants to go to instead of the unflexible Campaign Mode which binds the player to a specific Act.

Do you think there should be a LFG tag for Campaign mode? Or do you think only end-game Adventure Mode should have it? Do you like the idea of LFG tags?

Now don’t get too excited yet. These tags might be there exclusively for beta testing purposes as the drop rate for the Key Warden was tweaked to 100% for testing the level 70 Infernal Machine. I’ll ask a community manager. Stay tuned.