The Diablo III Facebook has reached 950,000 Likes and the goal of a million is right around the corner, approaching fast. As a reward to the community for reaching this new feat, Blizzard Entertainment and its community manager Bashiok have unleashed five extra concept art images.

Make sure to hold your mouse cursor over the image, hold the right-button and choose “Open image in New Tab” to access the high resolution images (to bypass our built-in gallery interface). If you like this images, please visit the official Diablo III Facebook and click “Like” to help Blizzard reach the one million goal.

This is a concept art of a cave system within a canyon. When I see the complexity of this canyon, it is mind-blowing. There are many bridges at different levels of the canyon wall. The lines on the right wall represent paths carved into the walls of the canyon where a character can navigate to reach one of those distant bridges. On the left side, you can see paths and stairs leading to caves.

This is definitely not an isometric environment like what you would see in Diablo II and Lord of Destruction. This canyon would require 3D navigation similar to World of Warcraft in order to walk through. Will players navigate this complex set of caves, bridges and paths carved on the wall of this canyon? Or will we just use one of these bridges, and the concept art shown here is a mere background scene? One to ponder.

A possibility … could it be a concept art about a Diablo III Act cinematic?

Another 2v2 battle arena screenshot showing two Barbarians, and two wizards. The twisters seen in the image below are left behind when the Barbarian uses the sprint ability to charge at enemies. Thanks: Hyliangod@USWest and The_langolier@USEast

The concept art of the female Barbarian wearing a heavy armor set and … dual-wielding two swords.

The Barbarian wearing several armor sets and dual-wielding combos. In this concept art he wields:

  • two small axes
  • one massive two-hands axe
  • One small axe and a fist weapon (Katar claws?)
  • Two big axes

On most of the armor sets below, swords can be seen on his back.

The final concept art shows a Spectral Warrior.