The Diablo III Facebook reached another milestone with 650,000 Likes! As a reward, Blizzard released a new concept art and gameplay screenshot. To view the High Resolution images click and hold the mouse’s right-button on the View Hi-Res Link. From the popup menu choose “Open Link in New Tab”.

Treasure Seeker by Vic Lee. He’ll randomly and rarely appear in dungeons, but when he does you’ll want to beat the candy out of him as he’ll drop progressively better loot with each hit. Don’t let him escape!

(View Hi-Res 1950 x 1507)

The Gameplay Screenshot shows the male Monk fighting a pack of Shaman Fallen and the doggie-like Fallen. One thing that catches my eye is the Monk has two Katar Claws hanging off his waist while posing both hands Bruce Lee-like for bragging rights (translation: WTH is he doing?). You can see gold loot on the ground, and … two big health potions? They don’t look like the usual Health Orb.

(View Hi-Res 2560 x 1600)

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