The Diablo III Facebook reached 875,000 Likes and Blizzard Entertainment has another ransom reward for your continuous support.

In today’s update, we have the concept art of a risen Khazra (not official name) and a gameplay screenshot of the Witch Doctor.

The concept art seems to be a risen Khazra from what Bashiok hinted: “While this … thing resembles the Khazra, its form is twisted and distorted. It would only be one of many instances where the denizens of Sanctuary have been risen or reformed for demonic purposes.”

Lore: The Khazra Tribe is the name given to the Umbaru race. Commonly known as the Goatmen. They come from the Torajan Jungle in Teganze. Visit the following page to “Like” this image in Facebook.

Note: To view the high-resolution images hold down your right-button and choose “Open Link in New Tab”.

The gameplay screenshot shows the Witch Doctor casting the Tier 4 skill: Firebats. It’s a one-directional fire-spray with an awesome bat swarm animation.